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I am not the worlds best shopping buddy, I can admit it. I just get really bored looking over racks of crap and start getting... well too honest about the clothes.

Tonight I managed to get through half an hour before I saw this

I was shocked and appalled.
1) why would anyone do this to fabric
2) how could anyone think they could inflict this upon the unsuspecting public.

Ans this was in Myer, who are meant to know fashion. Admittedly this was in the maternity section and pregnant women are treated poorly by fashion designers. If you are not a yummy mummy with more dollars than sense then your only option is to look like a hot air balloon.

We left Myer, which was a feat in itself. We came out at Forrest Chase but couldn't get down to Forrest Place because the down escalator was out. We turned to the lift, which looked in a sorry state. I tried to call the lift up but I feared that if it arrive, Freddy Krueger would be in it so we found another means of escape.

This lift exemplifies the issues Perth has. There are too many vacant shopfronts and nothing to buy. retailers move in and then (like TopShop) quickly leave because there is nothing to keep them in and everything to make them want to leave. The escalator and lift at Forrest Place have had issues ever since I can remember, and I remember going through there over 20 years ago...

But I digress.

When we escaped Forrest Chase my friend and I went into H&M where we were confronted with this

My friend saw it first and she pointed the mannequin out, but the one she intended to point out was the one in the blue ruffle dress that was paired with ripped denim. All I could see however was the Clownpants.

There was worse yet to come.

As I walked through I spied and Alfoil-look spaceman jacket. When I went to take a picture of it, I inadvertently paired it with the perfect skirt

If there was anywhere in Perth worth going, I would have continued this expedition. It is amazing the crap people buy. Why? Why would you buy this? The only reason would be is that you go out wanting to buy Something and in desperation you end up buying crap. You get it home, never wear it and then decide you need somethingelse and end up with more crap. You know it is going to end up in landfill, but you buy it anyway.

I honestly don't get why they bother even taking it into the store. cut the middle man and take it straight to the tip. It would be better for us all.

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For Australians playing along at home who are watching the delayed telecast of the second semi, this has spoilers.

The Music World's Night of Nights begins in under 12 hours. 26 songs have been decided from a potential 43 (if you include Russia, which I do) and now we have to decide what is the best song in Europe.

The Favourite changed this morning from Italy, who have been top of the pops for 2 months, to Portugal. Personally I am still gutted that Finland and FYR Macedonia did not make the cut and I am going for Denmark and Armenia. Long shots, but I don't come easy.
So here are the 26

Israel: ($201) Was a bit shaky around the choruses in the semi, but the good looking boy in the sheer top trying to act butch was always going to get through.

Poland: ($251) Potential Barbara Dex, only because the other favorites didn't make the final.

Belarus: ($251) How the fuck did this qualify. Even if they had got the notes in the semi, this would still be the most annoying song in the competition

Austria: ($251) Nice song but not a threat. cannot get over the fact that he is 25. looks older

Armenia: ($81) Ticks most of the boxes. Wont win, but could take some votes from the more favoured songs

The Netherlands: ($101) The dutch WilsonPhillips wannabes, this is even structured like a WilsonPhillips song. Nice to listen to though

Moldova: ($81) Epic Sax Guy is back. So is the running man. Ok song, well staged, fun dance and complete with a gimmick or two. This will steal a few votes.

Hungary: ($201) less deserving song have won Eurovision.

Italy: (2.75) favourite until this morning. I think the Ape comes out too late. You have to get the most out of your gimmick.

Denmark: ($151) Freaking nailed it at the semi. Some of the camera angles are a bit strange. I would love to see this get up.

Portugal: ($2.50) Favourite since this morning. Can the kid wearing the jacket from his dads good suit win?

Azerbaijan: ($151) The camera angles do this no favours and neither does the draw. this was never going to win, but the draw gives it no chance. After Portugal an after the break. many people will miss this song all together.

Croatia: ($51) people have put money on Jacques love song to himself. A fool and his money...

Australia: ($201) Over sung and pitchy towards the end in the semi. Was lucky to qualify

Greece: ($301) Another song that was off key in the semi and was lucky to get through.

Spain: ($501) this would have not got through either Semi. Spain is lucky that it automatically qualified. I predict this will finish 26th.

Norway: $251)  really flat feeling performance. needs more energy.

United Kingdom: ($34) staging reminds me of San Marino in 2014. well sung though

Cyprus: ($301) only got through with 12 points from Greece. pitchy at the end in the semi. Good performance though Backdrop reminds me of Russia from last year... but in Kyiv we don't walk about Russia.

Romania: ($41) Surprisingly well done. still don't get the cannons

Germany: ($201) where is the performance? needs a performance. Germany is boring. 

Ukraine:($301) will be popular with the crowd in the venue until the laser beam eyes start taking people out. this song is the Ukrainian call to war.

Belgium: ($17) this got through only because it was a favourite. it was certainly not on the strength of the performance in the semi, which was dire. On that performance, this should not have qualified and Belgium took the place Finland should have got.

Sweden: ($31) more old school dance. It is just another Swedish pop song though and Eurovision is filled with those.

Bulgaria: ($4.33) The youngest performer this year could take this away. When you can't vote for Russia, you must vote for the Russian...

France: ($67) all things considered, well staged and performed. too little too late though. The Top three have gone through and everyone has decided their winner.

And that is it.
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With about 30 hours until the second Semi, it is time to go through the 18 songs with artists who were allowed to enter Ukraine.

Spoiler alert

Serbia: This years fashion statement is no pants. Now featuring Hungrybum.

Austria: He is mooning us

FYR Macedonia: She does seem sing the truth. she will dance alone.

Malta: White is he preferred colour for dresses this Eurovision. I hope this does not qualify.

Romania: is that her dress? did she pick it up at Supre? and what is with the penises on the stage... oh they are canons...

The Netherlands: Sister Act. it is a bit of a snore.

Hungary: Bottom 4.

Denmark: Where I am is on a couch at 3 am. Where you are is a nutjob nation. Don't get them confused.

Ireland: Showing that this is the weaker semi. If he was dying to try, maybe he should... just a little harder... try that is.

San Marino: Not the worst outfit Valentina Monetta has ever won at Eurovision, but close.

Croatia: The backdrop is Jacques singing a duet to himself. Maybe thats the secret of the song. he is his only friend.

Norway: This song is looking like an easy top 10 entry from this semi, and not on its merits...

Switzerland: Some Eurovisions this could be the Barbara Dex, but there was stiff competition from the first semi.

Belarus: Better than last years Belorussian song, but that was not heard. There is so much stage going to waste here

Bulgaria: This guy was an X-Factor runner up. remember that with every note he misses. He got that far...

Lithuania: besides blending into the backdrop, the vocals are well executed and this will likely get through.

Estonia: interesting white dress. Hope at least one of them can get the notes in the semi.

Israel: ouch stop the high notes... quit, please, give up.... please get the backing singers to sing the high notes...


I think only 6-7 songs deserve to qualify from this mess going by these rehearsals. the other 3-4 slots should be given to countries from the first semi like Finland. who were better than at least 88% of these songs



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With a little under 30 hours until the start of the first semi (the one we can vote in Australia), Don't have high expectations

Spoiler alert

Sweden: Skivvies are back. Still dated.

Georgia: She's not on fire, but one could hope.

: Treadmill borrowed from Sweden because SBS did not want to put any money into this performance

Albania:Trainwreck waiting to happen. When you are power-ballading it you have to hit the notes...

Belgium: Albania is going to crash into Belgium and take them out too. Energetic song with no energy.

Montenegro: Would be better without the reveal. not much. Oh wow. this makes the last two look good...

Finland: This might get through just because the previous three were so bad. Also she can get her notes. I liked this from the start though

Azerbaijan: What the actual fuck. This might be just fucked up enough to qualify for the final

Portugal: Salvador's sister has stood in for most of the rehearsals. I predict technical issues

Greece: a lot of missed notes. we just got beyond the last lot of trainwrecks...

Poland: Doing her best to sing away the bland made her sound constipated in rehearsal.

Moldova: These guys will have the sorest right legs in history. not a bad performance though

Iceland: Deserves to qualify for the final more than most of the songs this semi, but it wont.

Czech Republic: That fucking treadmill. Sweden is making a fortune from rentals on that thing. Also I hope that's not the stage outfit...

Cyprus: some of the background effects look like Russia's from last year. In Ukraine we don't mention Russia though....

Armenia: The dancing is interesting.

Slovenia: The Andrew Lloyd Webber inspired version doesn't make him more likable. Even the tone of the stage manager at the end...

Latvia: I am glad that is the last song because there was really nowhere to go after it.


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In 6 days we will find out if Italy has won Eurovision 2017.

There has been a few shifts in the odds over the last week as rehearsals take place in Kyiv. The current top 5 are

Italy - $1.70
Portugal - $8.10
Bulgaria and Sweden - $11.50
Armenia $19.80


The odds for winners from the semis are (main number is Grand final odds, number in brackets is odds to win their semi):

Semi 1
Portugal - $10.20 ($3.50)
Sweden - $11.50 ($4.33)
Armenia - $19.80 ($3.25 - Favorite to take out the semi)
Azerbaijan - $29 ($10)
Australia - $51 - around double what they were 3 weeks ago ($13)
Finland - $52 ($15)
Belgium - $70 - they were top 5 three weeks ago. ($15)
Greece - $121 ($10)
Poland - $151 ($41)
Moldova - $151 ($67)
Iceland - $151 ($126 - equal longest)
Latvia -$211 ($81)
Georgia - $211 ($81)
Cyprus - $261 ($101)
Montenegro - $321 ($126 - Equal longest)
Slovenia - $321 ($101)
Czech Republic - $321 ($101)
Albania - $421 ($101)

Semi 2
Bulgaria - $11.50 ($1.72 - Favourite to take out the semi)
Romania - $24 ($6.50)
Denmark - $52 ($8)
Ireland - $67 ($51)
The Netherlands- $82 ($11)
Estonia - $121 ($10)
Hungary - $121 ($26)
Macedonia - $151 ($34)
Norway - $151 ($11)
Israel -  $151 ($13)
Croatia - $156 ($51)
Serbia - $261 ($41)
Austria - $261 ($41)
Lithuania - $261 ($201 - equal longest)
Belarus - $261 ($41)
Malta -  $321 ($101)
Switzerland - $321 ($67)
San Marino - $501 ($201 - Equal longest)


What does all this mean. Not much.

In the first semi there are more songs that are highly rated. The top 4-5 songs in that semi are almost definitely through to the final and the bottom 4-5 are almost definitely going home. The middle 8-10 countries are pot luck who makes the final, but wont be a threat.

In the second semi will probably go along with what the bookies think for the most part. The top 6 are through and the next 4 are probably through, again though beyond about the top 3 they are just there to make the numbers


As for the songs already through the to the Grand Final, the odds are

Italy - $1.70
France - $52
UK - $82
Germany - $151
Ukraine - $201 - possible political backlash
Spain - $301 - which is generous.

Most of these will probably lengthen once the semis are over.


the three I would put money on are Italy, Portugal and Armenia (as a roughie-ish).


The ones I would probably vote for.... I will get back to you on that...

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Semi Final 1
Artist: Isaiah
Song: It Don’t come easy
Odds: $51

Word of the day:

Isaiah won X-Factor Australia last year and even before he won he was already the popular choice for Australia’s Eurovision entry. He is and good singer and a great story but this song has rightfully dropped in the odds in the last week because the package is not right. The singer, the look, the story, the song and the performance don’t gel. It is almost an epic fail.

The biggest issue is this song. SBS internally selected Isaiah and the song writers DNA. DNA provided a song that was perfect for Dami last year or an artist in their late 20s or early 30s. Isaiah is 17. How can he sing about multiple failed relationships when he is 17.

SBS appear to think that resolve this year’s glaring issues they should case internal selections and hold a national selection. On SBS, who is going to watch that? There will be more hard-core international Eurovision fans watching it than domestic viewers. On top of this no genuine artist will take part. At least with internal selection SBS can get a brown paper bag from a record company.

Dami was a good artist to song match. SBS should not get her back, but they should look artists who can provide their own song. Forget this year happened and thing of the good times of 2016

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Semi final 2
Artist: Imri
Song: I feel Alive
Odds: $151

Word of the day
נראה טוב - Good looks
Alone are not enough to win Eurovision

After doing his apprenticeship as a backing singer for two years at Eurovision, Imri is now the lead performer after winning הַכּוֹכָב הַבָּא (The Next Star). Not bad for a failure from The Voice.

This song is a typical gay anthem dance track that you would have expected to hear at any Pride after-party around the world for at least the last 10 years. It is a little dated. Even for Eurovision, this is dated. It will get some votes but not many if the odds are to be believed.

Is this song a love song, a stalker song or a victim anthem? Is the subject a narcissist or a reluctantly accepted substitute? English teachers unite and dissect this song for the benefit of disengaged and ungrateful students everywhere. It won’t make them less ungrateful or disengaged but it would give you a sense of achievement, surely.

In 1981 Israel sent an apparently heavily pregnant singer wearing a tent. Tents were the fashion in maternity wear back then. Thankfully fashions change and so do AV equipment. Luckily no one tripped on those cables.

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Czechia/Czech Republic
Semi final 1
Artist: Martina Bárta
Song: My Turn
Odds: $301

Word of the day
drzý - Sassy
well for Eurovision anyways.

Martina Bárta is a singer and French horn player. She plays the French horn both in a classical context as well as improvised, like the sassy jazz artist she is. Eurovision won’t care for her sass and this song may not get out of the semi.

This song was written by Kyler Niko and DWB (Paul Drew, Greig Watts and Pete Barringer). Pete Barringer also co-wrote this year’s entry for Poland. This song is possibly the better of the two but it feels wrong. It feels more gospel than jazz. It is Ok though because if DWB are the new SAW then Martina Bárta can be the new Rick Astley. Her low tones might even complement his….

Since returning to Eurovision after a five year hiatus, the Czech Republic changed from national finals to internal selections to determine who to send to Eurovision. These have been more successful, but then they could not have been worse. Czechia/Czech Republic has only made it to the final once in 6 attempts and even then the finished second last. Maybe Czechia needs friends, either that or better entries.

2015 was the first internal selection. It was not terrible, but it wasn’t great either. This years song is probably better. They are learning but baby steps.

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Semi final 2
Artist: Timebelle
Song: Apollo
odds: $301

Word of the day
Dieu - Dio - Gott -God
The only thing god-like is the title.

Timebelle were formed as a boy band and that they remained until they added a female singer Miruna Manescu and Timebelle made it to Eurovision after their second attempt in the Swiss national selection, Die Entscheidungsshow. The only hope that Switzerland can realistically have for this song is that it won’t finish last in its semi like Switzerland have the last 2 years, and even that there is not much hope of.

Timebelle could have had Yodel It! as their song for the contest. They chose Apollo and Yodel It because Romanaia’s song for this year’s event. Timebelle could have been a Romanian entry. There are 2 Romanians in the group and their producer is also Romanian. It was Timebelle’s Producer who wrote the Romanian song.

Dovas, the writing trio who wrote this song (Elias Näslin, Alessandra Günthardt, Nicolas Günthardt) are possibly best known for writing the 2013 winning song in Swedish Idol and it shows. This song sounds like an Idol winners single. It is not a real song. Perfect for an event that is not a real song contest

Since Eurovision started in 1956 Switzerland have been to Eurovision 57 times, this year will be 58 and this was their song in 1959

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Semi Final 1
Artist Kasia Moś
Song: Flashlight
Odds: $81

Word of the day
mdłe – bland

‘Must be the music. Only music’. That was the name of the Polish talent show that Kasia graduated from. Her bio is blah, blah, blah about how she is talented and all these famous people she has apparently worked with but that is really the stock standard bio for Eurovision. It just makes the artist seem blander.

The writers of this song are almost as bland as he singer. Their bios are mainly filled with “look at who we have worked with. The only interesting writer is Pete Barringer who is one third of DWB (Drew Watts Barringer), who are like the new SAW but crapper… if that is possible. Pete and DWB also co-wrote this year’s entry for country formerly known as the Czech Republic. We are all looking forward to that one.

This song could potentially not be bland. It could be amazing, atmospheric and thunderous. Here’s hoping it will be because there is too much bland in pop.

Poland finished 2nd in their first Eurovision in 1994, which is still teir best result. Their second best was Ich Troje in 2003 who finished 7th. Hard to believe really….

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Artist: Alma (Alexandra Maquet)
Song: Requiem
odds: $41

Word of the day
Masse - Mass
of the dead...

Singers and songwriters from all francophone countries were invited to submit potential entries for this year’s Eurovision to represent France. An internal selection was used to select Alma and Requiem. It could have been worse, but with all the francophone countries involved it should have been better.

Alma says her mentor for Eurovision is last year’s French Representative Amir. Her song was also co-written by Nazim Khaled, who co-wrote J'ai cherché last year which finished 6th.They may hope this will perform better, but it needs quite a performance to achieve that.

A prerequisite for the French entry this year was that it was at least 80% in French. The remaining 20% could be any language, which generally means it will be partially English, as Alma says in her intro, "to reach a larger audience". It is bloody Eurovision, you cannot reach a larger audience if you tried. The Italian song sung in Italian is going to win, that's reaching a larger audience.

All of France's Eurovision winners have been sung in French, French and only French, going back to their first win in 1958. Dear France, Stop trying to hang with the cool kids and just do what you are good at.

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Semi Final 2
Artist: Nathan Trent (Nathanaele Koll)
Song: Running on Air
Odds: $151

Word of the day
Laufen - Running

Nathan appeared in German X Factor in a group called Boyz II Hot which got knocked out before the top 10 after performing ‘When Will I be Famous’. Nathan was also in the top 33 for Unser Song 2017, the German Eurovision selection but had to withdraw after being announced as the Austrian representative. Germany’s loss has not helped Austria much.

The odds less reflect the song than it does the fact that is it pretty much a forgone conclusion that Italy will win this year. Running on Air will get votes and should make the final as it is a simple tune that is likeable and the singer a good looking little rooster, but something crazy would have to happy for this song to win… which is possible because Eurovision is in Ukraine and that is a nutbag nation.

This is not a mindless love song by a former ‘talent’ show contestant. Love isn’t mentioned in it all. No love, peace or hand-waving… why would this be sent to Eurovision.

This year’s entry was chosen by internal selection; however that is not always the case. In 2004 Austria had a national final called song.null.vier which included the 1976 winners, Robinson and Waterloo. When Robinson and Waterloo came second they tried to take it to court to challenge the result. Even if the 2004 was better than the 1976 one, it would have probably been best not to send it.

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Semi final 1
Artist: Dihaj
Song: Skeletons
Odds: $41

Word of the day:
qorxu ruhlandırıcı - Awe Inspiring
Not particularly

Diana Hacıyeva, the lead vocalist of DiHaj, attempted to go to Eurovision in 2011 and lost in the national final, despite having the backing of the 2008 (and now also 2015) Azeri entrant Elnur Huseynov. Dianna lost but Azerbaijan went on to win. This year there was no arduous national selection and we have DiHaj (Diana, Anar and Ali) though internal selection.

The songwriters are credited with being involved with a number of Eurovision entries, including Azerbaijan’s 2011 win. They were also involved with Azerbaijan’s entries in 2010 and 2015 as well as Ukraine’s in 2014. None were particularly awe inspiring, not even the one that won Eurovision.

DiHaj is meant to be indi-pop, but the indi appears to be lacking in this song.Diana said "it's crucial for me to stay true to myself", but if she is indi then why is she singing something that sounds like it is from a major US movie sound-track. Maybe the recorded version just lacks the soul of the live performance... but it will need a really good live performance.

Azerbaijan have been in in the final in all of their 9 previous appearances. Since first entering Eurovision in 2008 Azerbaijans worst finish was 22nd in 2014... not particularly awe inspiring.

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Semi final 2
Artist: Ilinca ft. Alex Florea
Song: Yodel it
Odds: $34

Word of the day
cântăreață – singer
The all important one

Yodel it claims to be featuring Alex, but he appears to do more vocals than the ‘lead’ artist, Ilinca. Ilinca is a former Voice (Vocea României) and X-Factor contestant (X-factor as part of a girl group) so she is far more important than poor Alex. maybe if he sung more rather than rapped he would be more than a small feature.

Before there are claims of cultural appropriation, this song was offered to Timebelle, who are representing Switzerland this year. Timebelle are two parts Romanian though and their producer, who is also Romanian, is the writer of Yodel it. It might still be cultural appropriation after all.

Yodel It! was first in the Romanian national selection by a long way. The song that came second was by Mihai Trăistariu who is best known as the 2006 entrant for Romania and the Romanian Mariah Carey (for his vocal range that is slightly less than Mariah’s). By the performance he was lucky to come second.

Romania was sadly missed from last year’s Eurovision after being disqualified for non-payment of fees to the EBU. Though we missed Ovidiu Anton last year, we have has many highlights from Romania. 2002 was not a highlight

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Semi final 1
Artist: Lindita
Song: World
Odds: $151

Word of the day
Pushtet - Power

Lindita is a reject from both Albanian Idol (Ethet) and American Idol, so it was a natural progression that she would appear at Eurovision. It is also with great excitement that it is announced That Albania is giving us a Power Ballad. W00t.

This passionate and slightly political power ballad was the first confirmed complete entry (song and artist) for this year’s event, though the song has been updated and translated to English from the Albanian in the national final, Festivali i Këngës. From the Festivali i Këngës performance, it appears Lindita has learned from Jamala’s winning performance last year and is overdoing the fake emotion.

One of the writers of this song also Co-wrote the 2006 Albanian song. Who could forget that classic piece of Ethno-pop featuring the guy in the skirt and the bagpipes? If you can’t, try more grappa.

Albania’s first Eurovision entrant Anjeza Shahini from 2004 has tried to represent Albania a further 3 times and finished second in the national election every time. In December 2005 she was bridesmaid to the song written by Klodian Qafoku for the 2006 Eurovision, who also co-wrote this year’s song. At least she had 2004

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Semi Final 2
Artist: Koit Toome and Laura
Song: Verona
Odds: $41

Word of the day
Just teile - Just for you

Like the play this song refers to, this song is a tragedy. It is better than rapeface from last year, but that doesn’t say much. This year’s Entry could almost be a Stock Aitken Waterman and in parts the male vocal even sounds a bit Jason Donovan. Tragic.

Not one but two repeat offenders are representing Estonia in 2017. Koit Toome represented Estonia in 1998 and Laura Põldvere in 2005 as part of Suntribe. The songwriter is also a repeat offender having been a writer on Suntribe’s 2005 entry as well as Estonia’s entries in 2009 and 2011. Sven Lõhmus songs have not got better over the years. Some would say they have gone downhill since 2009.

Laura has been desperate to return to Eurovision, taking part in the national selections (Eurolaul and then Eesti Laul) 3 times as a solo artist. She also released a compilation album of all her singles from both her albums. When your record company does that it is usually because they are desperate to make some money out of your nearly non-existent career.

Koit was only 19 when he first went to Eurovision in 1998 and finished 12th. He probably wont reach those lofty heights this year.

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Artist Levina
Song: Perfect Life
Odds: $101

Word of the day
Drei - Three
it could well be three years in a row at the bottom of the table for Germany with this one.

According to Lavina herself, the most impressive facts about her is “My particularly deep voice, my long legs, and the fact that I started taking singing lessons at the age of nine”. That is not particularly impressive. It is interesting and perhaps a bit sad that she has to bring up a physical attribute to answer the question, but then most women would which says more about the state of society than Levina or her song.

This entry is perhaps the least interesting out of everything going to Eurovision. Even Plagiarism claims fail to make it interesting. The song is not bad but the entire blurb around it does nothing to pump up a little known singer. Even the song writers are not that interesting, a couple of American hacks best known for B-sides, TV soundtracks and follow up singles. Yes Lindy Robbins has had a few high selling singles and even number one’s (at least one) , but this is Eurovision and chart success means little. What means something is that the writers say this song predates the 2014 song it is accused of plagiarising. That means this song has been sitting in the reject bin for at last 2 years… or that the songwriters have lied.

From 2493 singers to 33 to 5 to 3 to 2 until Levina was the last one standing at Unser Song 2017, The German National selection. Germany could have given Eurovision Axel Feige singing Wildfire, but instead we get a song that will only serve to fill a space at the bottom of the leader-board

In 1974 Germany finished at the bottom of the table. It doesn’t appear they will fare much better in 2017

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Semi final 2
Artist: Joci Papai (Pápai József)
Song: Origo (Origin)
Odds: $34

Word of the day:
huszonkilenc - twentynine
How many artists Pápai beat in A Dal to end up in Eurovision

The odds on this song are rather generous. This song has to beat eight other entries just to make the final. Sure the Gypsy connection will get him a few votes (from stolen mobile phones) from all across Europe, but will that be enough to qualify? Computer says no.

Pápai is a talent show reject. He made the top 16 on Megasztár (a Star Academy/Idol rip-off), but was in the group of 4 singers who failed to make the finals. This has not stopped Pápai achieving success in Hungary. Well he has released a few singles, if that is successful.

The translation of the song into English shows it is a rather interesting song. It is about how he loves a girl but then fins out he is not white enough for her. Instead of turning to skin bleaching creams, he turned to song writing and Eurovision is blessed to feature his talent.

Hungary's best result was at their first attempt at Eurovision. Though they have come close to their 4th place that they achieved in 1994, they have never surpassed it. that record will stay intact until next year at least.

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Semi final 1
Artist: Demy
Song: This is Love
Odds: $41

Word of the day
δημοφιλής - popular
In Greece maybe, at Eurovision less so...

Though this is pretty much a standard Eurovision track, there is one thing that ruins the whole song, the ending. Bette Midler said of Chapel of Love, “That is the pits ending for a really terrific song”. The ending of This is Love is worse. You are dancing away and suddenly the song almost stops. It has an attack of the Disney’s and ends. It should have been a lot better

This song has a lot of Euroivison power behind it. Song writer Dimitris Kontopoulos has worked with a number of Greek artists who have gone to Eurovision as well as being involved with entries from Belarus in 2007, Ukraine in 2008, Greece in 2009, and Russia in 2014. Demitris also collaborated with John Ballard, one of the other song writers, on Eurovision entries for Azerbaijan in 2013 and Russia last year. They are yet to get the choccies, but what is most surprising is that two of these songs finished 2nd, and neither of those was the good one.

Demy is a popular artist in Greece for both her music and the musicals she appears in. She was also a Teacher/Mentor in a short lived Greek TV series called The Music School, where a group of kids competed to get a scholarship into the Ωδείο Αθηνών (Athens Conservatoire). It appears that the scholarship took places from rich people who would pay for the tuition. Greece needs money more than talent shows so The Music School had to go. They are so in need of money it is a wonder hey can afford to go to Eurovision.

In 1984 Greece withdrew from Eurovision as there was nothing good enough to send to Luxembourg. Four years later they sent Clown. It is surprising that Greece has ever won Eurovision really.

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San Marino
Semi Final 2
Artist: Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson
Song: Spirit of the Night
Odds: $101

Word of the day:
ripete su di voi - repeats on you
like a questionable pasta sauce

Ralph Siegal
has returned to San Marino and Eurovision with a song that harks back to the era when he first appeared as a song writer at Eurovision. San Marino’s song this year is a lot more upbeat than that first Siegal song for Luxembourg in 1974, but Eurovision was a different contest then. It may have even still been a song contest in 1974.

Another returnee is Valentina Monetta, who keeps saying when won’t return to Eurovision, but here she is. After performing Solo in 2012, 2013 and 2014 (and announcing the Sammarinese votes in 2015), Valentina is now doing a duet with American Jimmie Wilson and this should qualify for the final, after all Valentina’s results at Eurovision were progressively getting better before she completed her series of entries.

Valentina and Jimmie both have a background of reality ‘Talent’ shows. Valentina appeared in the first series of Popstars (Italy) and Jimmie was on the third series of Must Be the Music: Tylko muzyka in Poland. Neither were winners, they were not even close. This song has long odds of $101, which again, is not even close

Out of the three performances on Eurovision, arguably the best was 2013 when Valentina returned to Eurovision after having such a rubbish song to perform in 2012, and showed she was a classy singer. She doesn’t have the used tampon hair that she wears in this year’s Eurovision presentation clip, but she has the red dress…


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