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Semi final 2
Artist: Timebelle
Song: Apollo
odds: $301

Word of the day
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The only thing god-like is the title.

Timebelle were formed as a boy band and that they remained until they added a female singer Miruna Manescu and Timebelle made it to Eurovision after their second attempt in the Swiss national selection, Die Entscheidungsshow. The only hope that Switzerland can realistically have for this song is that it won’t finish last in its semi like Switzerland have the last 2 years, and even that there is not much hope of.

Timebelle could have had Yodel It! as their song for the contest. They chose Apollo and Yodel It because Romanaia’s song for this year’s event. Timebelle could have been a Romanian entry. There are 2 Romanians in the group and their producer is also Romanian. It was Timebelle’s Producer who wrote the Romanian song.

Dovas, the writing trio who wrote this song (Elias Näslin, Alessandra Günthardt, Nicolas Günthardt) are possibly best known for writing the 2013 winning song in Swedish Idol and it shows. This song sounds like an Idol winners single. It is not a real song. Perfect for an event that is not a real song contest

Since Eurovision started in 1956 Switzerland have been to Eurovision 57 times, this year will be 58 and this was their song in 1959

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Previous Entries: 56
Wins: 2 1956 Lys Assia – Refrain
            1988 Céline Dion - Ne partez pas sans moi
First Entry: 1956 Lys Assia - Das alte Karussell
Most recent entry: 2015 Mélanie René - Time to Shine
National Anthem: Schweizerpsalm (Cantique suisse, Salmo svizzero, Psalm Svizzer)


Rykka - The Last of Our Kind

It is nice that Switzerland gives all people the opportunity to represent them. What a terrible speech impediment Rykka has there “not afwaid to be bwave”. OMG she is like the grand-daughter of Elmer Fudd! “This is pawadise!” to her but it won’t win.

The W instead of R could just be an attempt to sound cute, but she is 30, she should be beyond that. A cute sound is better than how she sounded in the national final though. I never can understand why people vote for people who can’t sing to represent them in a live singing competition. Don’t you people want to win!

A Canadian representing Switzerland has been successful once, but the bookies don’t think it will be successful again. If she nails this song it is pretty good, but I don’t think she will sadly. Prepare for the car crash.

Rykka’s real name is Christina Maria Rieder, so from Christina and Christa from 1959

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Population: 8 211 700
Area: 41 285
Language: German, Italian, French, Romansh
Eurovision Attendances: 55
Eurovision wins: 2 (1956, 1988)

Mélanie René - Time to Shine

This is possibly the least interesting song and artist in this years competition. In an attempt to sound interesting the following appears in Mélanie‘s bio “I come from a multicultural background, from a Mauritian familly. However, after doing some research, I have found out that one of my ancestors was an Indian princess who married a French captain”. It is still uninteresting.

There are hints of Céline Dion in the vocal styling, which is understandable seeing Céline was Switzerland’s last winner. If Sweden can regurgitate ABBA clones, Switzerland can do Céline. I wonder is Mélanie will wear a white tutu like Céline did. I hope she at least wears the long shapeless white jacket.

So will Céline with a beat win? The bookmakers rate this as a snowballs chance in hell and I tend to agree.

I think we are under no illusions with this years entry, but 1971….

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This is all of the semi final 2 performers this year. SPOILER ALERT this has details of their performances as well as a link to their rehearsals. If you want to keep how dire the acts are a surprise, please stop reading now

There is always one Eurovision semi that is far better than the other. This is not the better semi.


full list of second semi finalists )

so in short, I doubt anything from this semi will win or even come close. either the song is dire or the performance it not good enough to get it votes.
Best performances: well... possibly slovenia
Auto non-qualifiers: either greece or poland wont qualify or both,

the highlight of this semi is clearly Jessica Mauboy

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Switzerland go back to the start of Eurovision, they hosted the first event and won it. Lys Assia may be a legend of Eurovision, but Switzerland are not so legendary. The only other Eurovision win was in 1988 with a ring-in from Canada. In the last decade Switzerland have only qualified for the final 3 times and I doubt they will beat that drought with this years entry.

Artist: Sebalta
Song: Hunter of Stars

There are only two things that can help this song qualify. The first is the singers looks. The second is if everything else in its semi is utter crap, which is plausible, this is Eurovision after all.

The song is not terrible, it is just that there is nothing good about the song except the singers looks. I want to see him come out on stage on the night dressed like Robin Hood or something. He can store the bow for his violin in a quiver and whip it out to do the desperate violin solo. Yes the violin solo is desperate because it has been featured in a lot of good songs that have won Eurovision. This song is not good enough for a violin solo

I don't think this is a step up from the Salvation Army Band that Switzerland sent to Eurovision last year, at best it is a step sideways. Hopefully if Switzerland steps sideways enough, their acts will land in a river and drown before they get to Eurovision. If that happens Switzerland, Europe will thank you.

The most notably annoying bit of this song is the whistling. If Belgium in 1957 is anything to go by, whistling gets you no where.

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Country: Switzerland

Debut: 1956
Previous Appearances: 53
Wins: 2 (1956 - Lys Assia 'Refrain', 1988 – Céline Dion 'Ne partez pas sans moi')

Artist: Takasa
Song: You And Me

This song sounds like it should be advertising a car, not a car like the one in the clip, I can hear this as a Holden (Opel) ad. That’s what you get when you let the Salvation Army into Eurovision

More power to Emil Ramsauer, the bassist in this act. At 95 (if he survives until the contest) he will be the oldest person to perform on the Eurovision stage. That is a definite plus for Takasa

This will probably qualify and the bookies agree this is a probably song. I don't mind the Christians getting in, so long as I can corrupt Christoph Jakob (that’s the blonde one isn't it?... reow!)

And when the contest is over, Nous aurons demain

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Performer: Sinplus
Song: Unbreakable

The worst part of this song is the word 'Stream'. every time it is sung, I just want to slap them. What is it about shitty siblings in Eurovision. I think we need to slap them all around a bit. 

Maybe the rise in pitch when singing 'stream' it to add to their attempt to sound like the cure. Actually it sounds like the cure meets U2 meets american pop-crap... though I admit that I love some of the concept in the video. Watching the video on mute is pretty good.

Switzerland have had issues qualifying, and last year was their first qualification in a while. this year I agree with the bookmakers, this wont qualify.  it wants to be rock, but it is just not rock enough

Switzerland knows whats rock enough to qualify, they have qualified with an Estonian girl band, they have also seen a favourite from Andorra that didn't qualify. Anonymous were cool

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Michael von der Heide - 'Il Pleut de L'Or'

If David Bowie had a Child and its mother was an elf, I imagine that this is what the spawn would look like. actually... the song isnt much, but... I like the bowie elf... 

What I find interesting about Michael von der Heide is that he has covered Nick Cave. Yes thats far better than the Lisa Mitchell crap that the German chick has covered. this thing is though, it was "Where the Wild Roses Grow' that Michael covered.... Still Nick Cave.... though I think Michael is a bit more of a Kylie fan if you ask me... also Michael did the Kylie vocals with Kuno Lauener Doing Mr Cave's... but still points for trying... Your choice in Australian music can be interpreted as being better than Lena's.

Nobody can hate Switzerland but that doesn't mean anyone likes them and I doubt this will even come close to winning. even if he learns to dance before Eurovision, it wont save this song.

Every year it seems, I post 'Refrain' up as Eurovision history. This is mainly because ti is the only song from the first Eurovision I can find on Youtube. I am over 'Refrain'. Instead, I wll post from 1957, 'L'enfant que j'├ętais' by the same person who sung 'refrain'. How do you go from winning one year and coming 3rd last the next...


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