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Semi Final 1
Artist: SunStroke Project
Song: Hey, Mamma
Odds: $17

Word of the day:
primit insolație - Got SunStroke
...while in the army and they thought it would be a good name for a music act...

This song came in with such hope and is giving Eurovision such disappointment. Last time SunStroke Project appeared at Eurovision they gave the world Epic Sax Guy, as well as a passable song. This time they have just given us Engrish. What is this song about anyways?

DJs across the globe have probably already picked up samples of this song, and that's about all it is good for. This will be a fun performance on the night, if it makes it there. With Russia's recent ban and the fact that SunStroke have a number of connections with Russian music, they may not even get the the Ukraine. Possibly a good thing. A festival containing 43 acts has got to be a bitch to produce and anything to cull the numbers would ease the pain.

This song is all about the catchy dance routine and the saxophone. They will make the running man fashionable again if only for a night.

As is tradition with repeat offenders, The flashback is their previous entry from 2010

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Previous Entries: 11
Wins: 0
First Entry: 2006 Zdob şi Zdub - Bunica Bate Toba
Most Recent Entry: 2015 Eduard Romanyuta - I Want Your Love
National anthem: Limba noastr


Lidia Isac - Falling Stars

This song will not qualify for the final on the quality of the song. If this song qualifies it is on the strength of having a Russian singer and being in the same semi as Russia and a few other friends that will give them votes. This song is just a concoction of a bunch of Eurovision clichés.

One plus about this is that Lidia is not a ‘talent’ show graduate. Instead she is a girl group evacuee. After trying to get to Eurovision three times as part of the duo Glam Girls, she ditched the friend that was holding her back and made it on her own. Actually last year she performed as both a solo artist and in Glam Girls and fortunately did not make it with either. All this shows that Moldova may have a slight lack of talent willing to go to Eurovision.

So Lidia is going to Eurovision this year and the bookies don’t rate her at all. Moldova are sitting near the bottom with the bookies and their fortunes have recently gotten worse with their biggest vote provider (Romania) recently kicked out of the contest. Poor Moldova.

This year’s entry is not the worst thing Moldova has given Eurovision. I am not sure what is but coming fairly close is 2006

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Population: 2 913 281
Area: 33 846 km2
Language: Romanian
Eurovision attendances: 10
Eurovision wins: 0

Eduard Romanyuta - I want your love

This is a guy who attempted to represent the Ukraine on 3 separate occasions at Eurovision and failed to win their national selections each time. This year his country is not competing so what does one do in that situation? Obviously move to Moldova, get 200 SIM cards, pay off a chunk of the jury and buy your way to victory…. Allegedly…

There were a lot of discrepancies between the result from the semis to the final in Moldova, but apparently Eduard bragged about his vote rigging. This resulted in Sunstroke Project (who are most famous for giving us the Epic Sax Guy at the 2010 Eurovision), who finished third overall, storming out of the green room and all the acts who performed, including DoReDoS (who came second with the public) and Valeria Pașa (who won the Jury vote) boycotted the after party.

As for this song, it is like everything else that is churned out of the United States. I couldn’t believe he was only 22. He looks (and if the allegations are proven, also acts) like he is a lot younger, may be because I am old. Either way I wonder how he will rig the votes for all of Europe (and Australia) at Eurovision….

I am just sad because we could have had another Epic Sax guy meme

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so the first semi is a few days away and the rehearsals are progressing nicely. this is the running order of the first semi. SPOILER WARNING: this has links to rehearsal clips and comments on the rehearsals.

full list of Eurovision semi 1 participants )

so I think Hungary and Estonia have the best performance this semi and the Netherlands and Moldova are auto non-qualifiers

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Moldova is the country that Zdob şi Zdub (twice) and Epic Sax Guy. More recently Moldova has decided to start taking Eurovision seriously. This year they are so serious they are sending what could almost be a James Bond theme.

Artist: Cristina Scarlat
Song: Wild Soul

I was reading the info on the song from thinking 'surely someone edits this crap before it is posted and removes the engrish'. Apparently not because "Cristina gained a great experience by competing and winning prises in a wide range of festivals" and as for the composer "Ivan started to write music already as a teenager"

This is not a good song to start that adventure of the 2014 song contest with. it is not a particularly good song at all. I don't know if that is the fault of the lyricist (who incidentally is the singers niece) or the engrish or that I really hate that lofty bit at the end of the chorus. I feared that section would be the greatest flaw on the night, but a live version shows she cant do the low bits. maybe Mercy is what she is hoping for in May.

So I googled the lyrics and not I understand them and wow, this song is a pile of wank. The vocals show that this song could be a complete train wreck. this could be the wankiest train wreck in Eurovision history. I love Schadenfreude so I am looking forward to this song on the night.

If you want to do a crap James bond theme, You need to look at Belarus from 2007

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Country: Moldova

Debut: 2005
Previous Appearances: 8
Wins: 0

Artist: Aliona Moon
Song: O Mie

A toilet roll holder doll with a strange hairdo and an over inflated opinion of her singing ability.

So what’s good about it... well it ends. Also with the obnoxious noises she emits, that's a drink in the drinking game, but I'm hoping to be drunk before this song comes on at number 12 in the semi.

Last years backing vocalist comes back this year as a toilet break. I am surprised the bookies think this may qualify because I don't

It is great to have Moldova in the contest, we are So Lucky

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Performer: Pasha Parfeny
Song: Lăutar

I think if the Cat Empire were from Moldova, this is what they could sound like. Oh yeah it is ethno pop, but this is currently my favourite song in this years Eurovision. Bow-ties are cool. this song is so fun

Maybe it is the cute boys in the clip that makes me forgive the engrish, or maybe I just like the innuendo in the line 'This trumpet makes you my girl'. I want to see someone use that as a pick up line. I guess I would have to go to Moldova for that though. Did I mention that this song is fun?

This song is no where near the favourites, it sits around 100/1, but it is so fun. It most reminds me of Crazy Summer Dance, the song that should have gone to Eurovision for Serbia and Montenegro in 2006 (yes I will never get over that), but this is going to Eurovision and it is fun. I want it to qualify for the final just so I can drunkenly dance around the house to it twice. It is so fun!

Moldova Has sent us some of the most interesting songs in Eurovision. Until 2009, Pasha was a member of the band that represented Moldova in 2010, you know the one with the epic Sax guy? he even performed with Sunstroke project in their attempt to qualify for the 2009 Eurovision (where they came third in national selection and were a bit crap). talking about crap, This is the usual attempt at ethno-pop for Eurovision, though Turkey sent a singer from Belgium to sing Dum Tek Tek. What a wondrous and truly international contest this Eurovision is

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Wins: 0
Entries: 3
Eurovision 2007 Semi: 10th
Eurovision 2007 Final: 10th


Geta Burlacu - A century of love

lyrics )

mmmmmmoldova, a nice slow Jazzy Number... so slow, I almost feel asleep

I commented yesterday about Ukrainian Engish. I think once the Ukrainian Egrish teachers lose their jobs to English teachers, the Ukrainian teachers can move to Moldova, I mean with lines like 'tees is ol a min', she sounds more like an adult male crocodile from 'pearls before swine' than a Eurovision entry... actually no she doesn't, sometimes they can be easily mistaken as is in this case.

it is a bit of a grandma song, so to 'grandma plays the drums'. Eurovision 2005: moldova. Zdob si Zdub with 'Boonika Bate Doba'... some of which i think is in english....


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