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So this is it, the event we have all been waiting for, the Eurovision final.

I am happy that SBS has decided to broadcast all the semis and the final live this year, it is about bloody time, but I like many am over Julia Zimero and Sam Pang. I accept that it was proably SBS's perseverance with them and them going constantly to Europe for the event that got Australia a wild card, however can they just SHUT UP! The postcards are there for the commentators to talk over, not the hosts. Their parents obviously did not tell them that it is rude to talk when someone else is talking. They try so hard to come up with a funny line between them that they don't stop talking. they get to see each performer at least three times prior to the event. Why don't they watch the rehearsals and write their funny lines then... like a good comedian/comedienne would.

Gripes aside, here is the shit that Europe (and Australia) has dished up this year...

the full running order )
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So the Results are in from the first Semi and I am still in shock that Serbia made it. The bookmakers were right on that one.

I am happy that Romania and Hungary made it through, though I, like much of the rest of the world is sad that Finland did not make it. They rocked for an entire 85 seconds. the bookies had it in but the votes have it out. Goodbye Finland

The bookies got it right more than wrong though. Netherlands, FYR Maedonia and Moldova are also out like the bookies predicted. Many of my friends are saddened that Denmark is also gone, but the bookmakers picked that too.

Prior to the rehersals, Belarus were about 15th with the bookmakers. Thier exit is still not as shocking as Finland who were 5th, but it is still an epic error by the bookies.

The biggest shock to make the cut was Georgia, but then someone has to finish 27th in the final and I think Georgia is ready to claim that spot as their own...

The full list of those who have qualified for the final is available everywhere on the internet, including here. Now I am just waiting for semi 2

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Population: 1 313 271
Area: 45 228 km2
Language: Estonian
Eurovision Attendances: 20
Eurovision wins: 1 (2001)

Elina Born & Stig Rästa - Goodbye to Yesterday

I understand why this is a favourite this year. It was 4th with the bookmakers prior to rehearsals, but it is the one I would put my money on. I think it has what got what The Common Linnets had last year which got them to second, but it has it in spades. It also has the darkness Norway is trying to achieve this year, but better. I think one issue for this song winning is that Mørland & Debrah Scarlett may take some votes from them. My message to Europe is FORGET NORWAY.

There is something a little Nick Cave about this song. I think that if ‘Where the Wild roses Grow’ had been a Kylie song more than a Nick Cave song, I think it would sound like ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’. I keep hearing elements of ‘Red Right Hand’ in it. Maybe that is just me.

Elina Born is a talent™ show graduate, but I will forgive her this once only because I think it has all the other elements right. This deserved to win the national selection (Eesti Laul) and so long as they get the performance right on the night (which it doesn't so far but that may be improved with lighting and stuff), this could win.

I think this is the "Diamond of Night" for 2015. The end.

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San Marino
Population: 32 576
Area: 61.2 km2
Language: Italian
Eurovision Attendances: 5
Eurovision wins: 0

Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola - Chain of Lights

This song started off OK and thought this could be interesting, and then it went all Ralph Siegel. It made me really want to hit Ralph Siegel hard. San Marino, Stop using internal selections to choose Ralph Siegel songs, no one wants to hear that shit!

I am trying to find a positive in the Siegel crap, and the only one I can see is that at least the singers are not Idol/X-factor graduates. Instead these two 16 years olds are graduates from Junior Eurovision. Anita Simoncini was part of the Peppermints from last year’s Junior Eurovision and Michele Perniola performed in 2013.

Can two teenagers carry San Merino to the grand final, I doubt it and so do the bookies. Why would they set up these kids for such a letdown? Maybe they wanted younger entrants so they could get more years out of them before they will retire from Eurovision like Valentina Monetta did last year.

Last year was the first time that San Merino qualified for the final, and I think that was to stop them sending Valentina Monetta singing Ralph Siegel songs… We won half the war…

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United Kingdom
Population: 64 511 000
Area: 243 610 km2
Language: English
Eurovision Attendances: 57
Eurovision wins: 5 (1967,1969,1976, 1981, 1997)

Electro Velvet - Still In Love With You

This song has been widely panned but I think this song is about equal to Scooch, the UKs 2007 entry, and they finished second last… so it could be worse, it could be Jemini

The UK often have high expectations from crap songs, but the daily mail takes the cake calling Jade Ewan a failure. She finished 5th! That is the only top ten finish for the UK in the last decade! She was not a failure.

This year the UK are sitting outside of the top ten, which considering they are already in the final, is not good. Usually when the rest of the finalists are decided, the Auto-qualifiers plummet in the betting. If this finishes in the top 20 it will be more luck than song or performance.

This year the UK used an internal selection to choose their entrant. Are you sure you should be doing that

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Yesterday I was saying that Estonia would be the winner of this years Eurovision (my blog about this song will be posted in the next few days). I just saw the rehearsal clip for the Estonian act and I no longer think they are a winner. the staging is shit.

I would have staged it with a bed in the centre of the stage and Elina singing from that and Stig should have been standing at 45 degrees from it and her. the bed should have burn turned 45 degrees during the song. it should finish with them on either side of the stage (Elina having got up off the bed) with their shoulders to each other and each of them singing the last line looking at the audience over their shoulder.

Goodbye to Yesterday.

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Before the rehearsals get underway, here is a quick looks at the odds (Here from Good evening Europe)

Sweden are favourites with Italy close behind. They are followed by Australia, Estonia and Finland. The winner should be out of those in the top 5, but the outside chances, and those rounding out the top 10 are Russia, Norway, Azerbaijan, Slovenia and Iceland.

The top two are supported by a number of fan sites but with Italy being favourite. Can Italy be ripped off again?

Back to the bookies, the bottom of the ladder have these countries with the least chance of making the finals

Semi 1
FYR Macedonia

Semi 2
San Marino
Czech Republic

Lithuania, Hungary, Poland and Greece are also teetering on the edge a bit. Two of my favourites from semi one may not make the final.

it is also noteworthy that France, Germany and Austria are already so low with the bookmakers that they should be keeping everyone else propped up from the bottom in the final.

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Population: 9 877 365
Area: 93 030 km2
Language: Hungarian
Eurovision Attendances: 12
Eurovision wins: 0

Boggie - Wars For Nothing

I keep misreading Boggie as Booggie and then I think ‘that snot good’, but then this song is ok. This is a pretty song. Not pretty enough to be favoured by the book makers but pretty enough to qualify for the final, just.

Peace songs usually qualify from the Semis, but they generally not likely to win. There are exceptions and how this will do depends on politics partially. With the current politics in Europe, this could be a sleeper and finish in the top half of the draw. Everything will depend on presentation and performance, and we know Hungary has improved in these areas in the last few years.

In the Hungarian national selection this song came second with the Jury, but is going to Eurovision based on the SMS and app voting. The song that came first with the jury was Szabó Ádám’s "Give me your love", but more interestingly the song that was 5th with the jury, "Ne engedj el" was by Hungary’s 2001 entrant Wolf Kati.

Anyway… I don’t know if They have heard of New Zealand’s Dave Dobbin in Hungary, but they sent someone in 1998 who looked a lot like him

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Population: 1 985 600
Area: 64 589 km2
Language: Latvian
Eurovision Attendances: 15
Eurovision wins: 1 (2002)

Aminata - Love Injected

I have to say that the Bookmakers appear to rate this higher than I do and it sits in the mid-range with them. This song appears to be trying too hard to be different. It fails and just sounds annoying.

The song is not complete shit, I think the bridge is ok and the end is particularly good, mainly because it does end. This could be a surprise packet and on the night it shows itself to be complete brilliance. I doubt it, but it might

Aminata has entered a number of singing competitions and talent shows. Amongst others she was part of a Choir that competed in the Latvian version of Clash of the Choirs. This has been her second attempt to get into Eurovision through the national selection of Supernova. She may give Latvia its best result since 2008 in actually qualifying for the final. We will find out in a fortnight I guess

Going back further in Latvia’s Eurovision history, I think the less said about 2001 the better….

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The Netherlands
Population: 16 912 640
Area: 41 543 km2
Language: Dutch
Eurovision Attendances: 55
Eurovision wins: 4 (1957, 1959, 1969 and 1975)

Trijntje Oosterhuis - Walk Along

The lyricist on this song, Anouk, performed one of my favourite Eurovision songs ever in ‘Birds’, so I had high hopes for this song and I was severely disappointed. Half the song is just “Why, why-aiaiai, why-aiaiai”. This whiney tune is more suited to an angsty teen. It explains why the bookmakers don’t rate this song.

If the lyrics were a fail, the music is an annoyance. Swidish composer Tobias Karlsson provided music suited for a second rate melodifestivalen tune. Maybe it should be sung by Carola.

Trijntje has had over 20 year experience in the music industry. You would think someone with that much experience would not be heading in with this tripe. The bookies don’t think this will qualify and I think it will be lucky if it does.

The Netherlands has been using internal selections for the last few years and they have done well. They won’t this time….

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Population: 2 061 085
Area: 20 273km2
Language: Slovene
Eurovision Attendances: 20
Eurovision wins: 0

Maraaya - Here For You

They are calling the vocal indie-pop, but I cannot see the indie, I see wanna-be soul. This song is currently top ten with the bookmakers, and it is one that takes a bit of warming to. I have to admit I still prefer the version performed with those other Slovenes, Perpetuum Jazzile though I may be biased with that. I do think Perpetuum Jazzile is one of the best things to ever come out of Slovenia.

This husband and wife duo have been using an image stylised like the Mama Mia image (with one of the girls facing straight into the camera with the other in front of her in a side profile). This promo pic has been used a bit and it is only slightly less annoying than Marjetka’s constant wearing of headphones. At least it is less fiddly than an ear-piece foldback on stage.

Raay (Aleš Vovk) is no stranger to Eurovision having been composer of last year’s entry ‘Round and Round’, I am sure this entry will do better than that did though…

One of the judges in the Slovenian national final (EMA) also have the equal best result for Slovenia at Eurovision. Can this year’s song beat 7th?

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Population: 46 464 053
Area: 505 990
Language: Spanish
Eurovision Attendances: 54
Eurovision wins: 2 (1968, 1969)

Edurne – Amanecer

This is the second song that features composition by Thomas G:son this Eurovision After Georgia’s entry. Maybe G:son is trying to be the new Ralph Siegel. All I can say is ‘please don’t’. One Siegel is too many

Edurne is another talent show loser who finishing 6th on Operación Triunfo, which from what I understand is like an idol/big brother bootcamp. I am sure that show would have been torture to watch. I hate 'talent' show contestants.

The song isn’t bad and the bookmakers currently have this in the top 20. I think it will finish somewhere around there, maybe.

In the end they say All this is music, or something like that. There is probably a better translation of the 1992 act.

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Czech Republic
Population: 10 358 275
Area: 78 866
Language: Czech
Eurovision Attendances: 3
Eurovision wins: 0

Marta Jandová and Václav Noid Bárta - Hope Never Dies

The Czech Republic sent entries to Eurovision from 2007 to 2009 and they withdrew after not going anywhere. In 3 years the Czech Republic finished with 10 in total. Now they are back and I can see the Czech Republic maybe doubling that total.

Václav Noid Bárta sounds like the singer from the Crash Test Dummies, mmm mmm mmm mmm. Out of the two though, he would be the one you would expect to be the lead singer of an Alternative metal band, but that is actually Marta Jandová. That is as interesting as these two get though.

The song is a snore and I agree with the bookmakers that it belongs somewhere near the bottom of the pile. It is a shame but I hope the Czech Republic doesn’t withdraw again because of the poor result that this song is expected to get. We need the Czech Republic to return to be a cusion at the bottom of the ladder for everyone else…

I have to admit, ‘Hope Never Dies’ is a huge improvement from the last song sent to Eurovision by the Czech Republic….

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Population: 3 020 209
Area: 28 748
Language: Albanian
Eurovision Attendances: 11
Eurovision wins: 0

Elhaida Dani – I’m Alive

Originally Diell was going to be the song Elhaida Dani took to Eurovision, and I am glad that won’t be going because the vocal gymnastics shat me. I do find it weird though that after the writers withdrew permission for the song to go to Eurovision, they didn’t do another national final, the song is as important as the artist that is going after all. We have got what we have got through.

So this Albanian won the Italian version of the Voice. She can sing but can she win… probably not. The bookmakers have her top 20 and I think this is possibly better than that but not a winner.

Going back to the withdrawal of the original song, I thought to myself ‘why would they do that?’. Surely writers like the attention that having an entry to Eurovision can get them. With attention comes money, that it all good. Maybe however (and I perhaps rather cynical) they were piggy-backing off Eurovision without committing enough to sell out. They got all the promotion of Eurovision for a couple months but didn’t have to release their copyrite to the EBU (for the Eurovision CD etc). Could this become more common in the future? We will see in 2016.

I this this song is good, but my pre-show opinion doesn’t mean much. I didn’t think much of Albania in 2012, but when the song was sung on the night, I loved it. This is still Albania’s best result and it deserved better.

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Population: 8 211 700
Area: 41 285
Language: German, Italian, French, Romansh
Eurovision Attendances: 55
Eurovision wins: 2 (1956, 1988)

Mélanie René - Time to Shine

This is possibly the least interesting song and artist in this years competition. In an attempt to sound interesting the following appears in Mélanie‘s bio “I come from a multicultural background, from a Mauritian familly. However, after doing some research, I have found out that one of my ancestors was an Indian princess who married a French captain”. It is still uninteresting.

There are hints of Céline Dion in the vocal styling, which is understandable seeing Céline was Switzerland’s last winner. If Sweden can regurgitate ABBA clones, Switzerland can do Céline. I wonder is Mélanie will wear a white tutu like Céline did. I hope she at least wears the long shapeless white jacket.

So will Céline with a beat win? The bookmakers rate this as a snowballs chance in hell and I tend to agree.

I think we are under no illusions with this years entry, but 1971….

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Population: 4 935 880
Area: 69 700
Language: Georgian
Eurovision Attendances: 7
Eurovision wins: 0

Nina Sublatti – Warrior

This is the second Warrior going to Eurovision this year and it could almost be a continuation of the song Malta sent. I can’t even decide which one I like better or even if I like one at all.

Nina is another Idol winner that is representing her country. What it interesting about this song is not only has the composition been altered by Swedish artist Thomas G:son, but the choreography for her Eurovision performance will be directed by another Swede in Sacha Jean-Baptiste. Are they really better than anything Georgia could have produced? But then Eurovision is a truly international event™

Use of Swedish personnel may be an attempt to hire votes, however the bookmakers don’t appear to think they have helped and the odds imply this will be lucky to qualify. I hope it does and Malta does too so they can be performed back to back in the final.

This years an improvement from Georgia’s first entry in 2007 and that is a positive…

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Population 23 813 000
Area: 7 692 024 km2
Language: English
Eurovision attendances: 0
Eurovision wins: 0

Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again

As an Australian I must apologise. We can do better than this. It is one of the worst things about being Australian, every time we have a chance to shine on the international stage we display something that can only be described as an embarrassment, Guy is no exception

Seriously, Guy is a former Idol winner, one of the things I hate about Eurovision in the last decade. The song is catchy and it hard to hate but Guy just shits me. Please give us another shot at Eurovision so we can send something really good… Please.

The bookmakers are saying this is top 5, and I am sure we will secure a heap of votes only because Australia does not get to host the vote if we do win, we get to co-host the event in a European city. Yes Australia wins (at least part of) the cost of the 2016 Eurovision and the opportunity to send something of quality next year. It sounds a little like a booby prize…

Australia has not had a chance to compete before, but we have been given the opportunity to embarrass ourselves… Yay Australia...

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Population 446 547
Area: 316 km2
Language: Maltese, English
Eurovision attendances: 27
Eurovision wins: 0

Amber – Warrior

This song got maximum 12 points from all of the 5 jury members as well as the Maltese public, who combined to be the 6th jury member. As a result the backing singer from 2012 is the 2015 Maltese representative.

Before I read that she idolised Beyonce I knew it. Some of her phrasing is in a Beyonce style… not that Beyonce is original either… but little in Eurovision is unique. It is so ununique that this is one of two warriors going to Eurovision this year. Intelligently there is one in eash semi, it is good to keep the warriors separated.

This sits in the mid-range with the bookmakers and I think that is fair. Malta has to wait at least another year for that elusive Eurovision gong.

I cannot understand why Malta has never has never won a Eurovision. They send beautiful songs that are well presented, like the 1975 by the rather dapper Renato….

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Population 620 029
Area: 13 812 km2
Language: Montenegrin
Eurovision attendances: 6
Eurovision wins: 0

Knez – Adio

Composed by a guy who has represented Serbia twice at Eurovision, this year’s Montenegrin act sounds just like 90% of the solo male vocal songs sent to Eurovision by a former Yugoslav nation in the last decade and a half. A pretty ballad full of ethnic symbolism and rising to a crescendo like a bubbling volcano, *snore*

This style of song seems to do ok at Eurovision. Željko Joksimović who wrote this song finished 2nd himself in his first Eurovision as a performer and 3rd in 2012. Montenegro is obviously hoping to piggy back off that however the bookmakers believe he will fail epically. Knez is not as visually appealing as Željko Joksimović for starters.

I don’t care for this song, but I am sure there will be a heap of people who will. If you want a bet on a long shot top ten finish, you could do worse than this. I think it will be a sleeper and possibly Montenegro’s best ever result, not hard seeing that was 19th.

They don’t have to send Ethnoballads, sometimes Montenegro tries to be interesting…

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Population 5 659 715
Area: 42 916km2
Language: Danish
Eurovision attendances: 43
Eurovision wins: 3 (1963, 2000, 2013)

Anti Social Media - The Way You Are

I had to like Anti Social Media’s facebook page, if I had instagram I would follow them there too. I should look for them on twitter…

I get that they are trying to be old school which explains their name and the musical style, what I don’t get is Mr I Am Going to Wander Around Here Because they Don’t Trust Me With A Microphone. Showing off his Michael Jackson white socks and trying to be the Robbie Williams of the band and failing to come across as that charismatic. He is almost as bad as having a ‘ranga as the lead singer…

This is an earworm and a half, too much of an earworm to endure the two months from when it was announced to when it performs. The bookies seem to agree and have put this in the second half of the draw. It is harsh but plausible

From something trying to sounds 1960’s to something that is from 1966


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