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Semi final 2
Artist: JOWST
Song: Grab the Moment
Odds: $81

Word of the day
øyeblikk - Moment
in a fucking moment

When Norway last hosted Eurovision in 2010 the theme was “Share the Moment”. This year they intend to Grab the Moment, with a song that has parallels to Lose Yourself by Eminem, just a bit cheerier than Marshall Mathers III.

The vocalist for JOWST for this song is one Aleksander Walmann (Åsgården), who came second in Norway’s version of The Voice, The Voice – Norges beste stemme in 2012. So when he sings the first line of the chorus “I’m gonna kill that voice in my head”, is he referring to his own anxiety or the reality TV show?

Odds of $81 seem a bit unfair for this song, but HipHop/Rap never does particularly well at Eurovision. Igranka from Montenegro failed to qualify for the final in 2013 despite putting on an awesome performance on the night. The only exception to the rule was the 2003 winner Sertab Erener who proved that neither rap not a slightly off key performance will impede the right song. Pity Norway is not sending the right song

The song really doesn’t matter. This is not a song contest; it is Just a game as said in 1973. If only the Barbara Dex award existed in the 1970’s…

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Previous Entries: 54
Wins: 3 1985 Bobbysocks - La det swinge
            1995 Secret Garden – Nocturne
            2009 Alexander Rybak – Fairytale
First Entry: 1960 Nora Brockstedt - Voi Voi
Most recent entry: 2015 Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – A Monster Like Me
National Anthem: No official anthem


Agnete – Icebreaker

Norway was stuck in the eternal quandary of Eurovision, should they send a Ballad or a pop-song. When trying to decide this you should not get your advice from TV ads for Tacos. “Why can’t we do both?” is not the correct response to the question of ballad or pop-song. Norway, why do I have to explain this! Aw Forget Norway

Agnete competed in the Nordic breakaway junior competition, MGP Nordic which ran in 2002 before the Nordic countries joined Junior Eurovision (JESC). The Nordic countries dropped out of JESC after the 2005 event because they were concerned about the ‘ethical treatment’ of the junior contestants (it had nothing to do with the fact that they lost twice to Eastern European countries and that even Spain was wiping the floor with the Nordic countries repetitively). So after restarting in 2006, MGP Nordic had their last contest in 2009.

This song won’t win. It will not come close. How it won the Norwegian national final (it got over 100 000 votes) has got me stumped.

Norway is just sticking with what they are good at this year and that is not winning Eurovision, They are much better at losing it. They started losing it in 1963 and they are experts at it now

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Population: 5 136 700
Area: 385 178 km2
Language: Norwegian (Lule Sami, Northern Sami, Southern Sami)
Eurovision Attendances: 53
Eurovision Wins: 3 (1985, 1995, 2009)

Mørland & Debrah Scarlett - A Monster Like Me

‘I did something in my early youth’, yes, opening for Girls Aloud is something that would be shameful to admit, but it is something Mørland did in his former life when he performed with a band. Oh the shame.

This is a song that can either be made or broken by the performance. It is an interesting song. I am glad it beat the song that came second in the national final because the singer of that could not hit any of the low notes. In saying that Debrah Scarlett could not articulate half the words in her solo live so this song could collapse in Vienna.

The song Norway sent last year was one of my favourites. This year I think I am going to have to forget Norway.

Back to 1972 for a more classic style duet.

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This is all of the semi final 2 performers this year. SPOILER ALERT this has details of their performances as well as a link to their rehearsals. If you want to keep how dire the acts are a surprise, please stop reading now

There is always one Eurovision semi that is far better than the other. This is not the better semi.


full list of second semi finalists )

so in short, I doubt anything from this semi will win or even come close. either the song is dire or the performance it not good enough to get it votes.
Best performances: well... possibly slovenia
Auto non-qualifiers: either greece or poland wont qualify or both,

the highlight of this semi is clearly Jessica Mauboy

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Norway is currently in the top 5 with most of the bookmakers this year. His results hinge on his live performance which needs to be better than the Melodi Grand Prix. Can he do it? I hope so.

Artist: Carl Espen
Song: Silent Storm

From what I can find, this guy is a nobody who just happened to have a cousin who could write a brilliant song. It is so simple and understated. Yeah sure, Carl is not the best singer, but if this song is presented right, it will be right up there.

You just read this guys biography and it makes you want him to win. Raised by a single mum, he won a singing contest when he was 16 and joined the military and served in Kosovo. He has worked all sorts of crap jobs and done volunteer work for cancer research. Guy deserves a break really.

Norway is a country that tries in Eurovision and this could be the second consecutive year that Norway has finished in the top 5 after Margaret Berger. Norway has had eleven last places, 4 of those after scoring no points at all doesn't really say they have been trying but they have still entered every year since 1971 (except in 2002 when they were relegated) and that has got to count for something

I have been wanting to post “Een Speeldoos” from 1963. I know in Dutch it translates to “A Musical” but every time I see the title I think of speedos, something I don't want to see Carl Espen in, he is possible too hirsute for budgie smugglers.

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Country: Norway

Debut: 1960
Previous Appearances: 51
Wins: 3 (1985 – Bobbysocks 'La Det Swinge', 1995 - Secret Garden 'Nocturine', 2009 - Alexander Rybak 'Fairytale')

Artist: Margaret Berger
Song: I Feed You My Love

I can understand why this is a favourite. It is a stand out single. It is different enough from anything else to win.

Though the lyrics are a bit 'what tha...?' and her engrish doesn't start off great, This song could damn well go all the way. There is competition for first place this year, real competition.

The only thing going against this is that it doesn't have a violin. The last two songs Norway sent to Eurovision prominently featured a violin and their only other win was back in the days of the orchestra so it had a violin by default. Can Norway win without a violin? we will soon see.

This style of music isn't strictly new, not ever for Eurovision, but then Intet er nytt under solen

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Performer: Tooji
Song: Stay

How could I forget Norway. Can you believe it? Well not so much forgot as purposely avoided, mainly because the 'stay' line hurts my ears. Can you guess the singer is a model and VJ by trade.... either is more believable than singer/songwriter.

the song isn't horrible, it is just tat chorus. it isn't that different to anything in the charts for the last 6 or so years, except for that chorus. This song could do well, if it wasn't for that chorus. I hate that chorus.

For a rating of one to ten, one being christian band and ten being Mardi Gras, this is well and truly a ten. I am am sure this is already being played at the court and the peel. it is a Eurovision song after all

This song sounds like something Turkey should be entering, but instead they send us.. well it was 1978. as for what Norway sends... well this was a year before ABBA. 

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Wins: 2
Eurovision Entries: 47
2007 Semi final:18
2007 final: DNQ

Maria - Hold On Be Strong

lyrics )

As I listen to her warble through this ballad for the second time, I still cant find anything interesting or original about her. I mean she stole Mariah Carey's Hair (but not her talent, obviously, else she wouldn't be in Eurovision).

My favourite line in this song is 'Why ain't anybody lovinĀ“me'... well lets just start on that dress and leave you to fix that first, one thing at a time n. next week we work on your clingy personality but this week that dress. I mean the sleeves are from when Celine Dion won Eurovision and when you have a stomach like yours, dont wear a fitted mini skirt dress... you look up the duff. Burn the dress and give Mariah back her hair and you might have some hope girl


As for winning In Your Dreams.... you are no Wig Wam


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