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realistically though, if you are not in the top 4 in the semi, you wont do well in the final. it is rare to win when you did not finish first in your final. it can be done, 'Wild Dancers' and 'Running Scared' finished second in their respective semis and won. 'Believe' won from third in the semi in 2008. generally you need to win your semi.

I would really like to see the jury v televote results. but at the moment. there has been the question of if the first semi had the right amount of neighbour countries. some think neighbour voting it ruining Eurovision. the truth is though that if you dont qualify now, you wont win in the final if the semis are stacked better anyways. is it better to allow neighbours to stack themselves in the final so they have to spread their votes amongst more neighbours. this means that the non-aligned countries that do qualify for the final have a better chance to win.

there were heaps of countries I wanted to see qualify, namely Croatia (13th) and Latvia (17th) but if they couldn't get the votes to get out of the semi, they would not have got enough votes to win and what is the use of going into the final if you don't win? if you are not competing in the final, you can get drunk all night so win-win.

not like much of Eurovision is a win, but anyways

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Europe... EUROPE!!! what the fvck Europe!!! seriously!!! do you not understand voting, can you not handle having a choice?

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The competitors have been determined and the running order has been decided by the Broadcaster SVT and European Musics Night of Nights is almost here. here are my final thoughts on the 26 acts...

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14 hours until all the fun starts

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the following songs failed to qualify from the second Eurovision Semi final. I am very disappointed Europe, very disappointed indeed. My favourite didn't get through.

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the following songs failed to qualify from the first Eurovision Semi final. now with clips

so, the losers are

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Semi 2 is this Thursday and dress rehearsals have been competed. this is a quick rundown of what to expect from the second semi

Latvia: More than enough cheese to please. what a way to start, Glittery suits and a keytar.. A KEYTAR!!! love it
San Marino: maybe they are meant to be wings, maybe they are meant to be extreme tuck shop lady arms
FYR Macedonia: this is really beginning to stand out as a toilet break
Azerbaijan: dude in a box.
Finland: the background comes across as brighter than the song... which isn't hard
Malta: for the Karaoke fans, the background is providing the lyrics.
Bulgaria: if yo are going to use a drum on a Eurovision stage, grandma needs to bang it, not a mullet man
Iceland: He has such pretty long hair. Women and 80's rock bands should be jealous
Greece: well... we couldn't really expect a mass of stage props, Greece can't afford that much
Israel: she is still torturing the same dress she wore in the official clip
Armenia: this is on fire...
Hungary: the Burton-esque images from the clip appear in the background which appears to be the most interesting thing about this performance
Norway: this is the favourite from this semi. there is lots of lights.
Albania: out of the bands, this is possibly the best presented. awesome background
Georgia: thats a fairly expensive looking dress. i don't get the hips. smoke and cliches
Switzerland: so thats how you avoid any emblems of the Salvation Army and still look like a Salvation Army band
Romania: oh my...

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So close yet so far away. Tuesday night will be the first Semi thought it will be a week before the show is screened in Australia. Rehearsals have started which are available online.

here is the list of the songs in the first Semi final

Austria: watch out for the floating condoms on stage
Estonia: is the pregnant woman wearing a teepee on the night
Slovenia: that appears to be an interesting outfit
Croatia: they sing that they don't have anything and that quite literal with the staging
Denmark: Still the favourite but I still don't care for it
Russia: She's got balls.
Ukraine: Is the Giant seriously going to feature on stage on the night? OK, not so much giant. A big guy in moon boots.HODOR!!!
The Netherlands: seems that the staging may feature birds. Who saw that coming...
Montenegro: appears that Who See are space cadets
Lithuania: the back drop may be a bit hypnotic for the druggy singing
Belarus: expect this to go downhill after the entrance
Moldova: A big sparking Christmas tree fairy, that gets bigger...
Ireland: Denmark may try to be influenced by Celtic stylings, but Ireland shows a big Celtic Cross in the background top show who's boss
Cyprus: expect her to spend hours curling her hair only to sing in front of a wind machine
Belgium: are the dancers wearing Asymmetrical dresses? I used to have one of those.
Serbia: one of the girls appears to be missing a large portion of the front of her dress in rehearsals. I hope the find it for her in the next couple days.

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I have been following the Eurovision odds for the last few months and though there had been a bit of change (particularly in the last week), Denmark and Norway have constantly remained in the top three. Denmark have rarely moved from #1

the top 10 currently are

10: San Marino
9: Sweden (who have dropped quite considerably in the last 2 weeks)
8: Netherlands (who have been as high as second)
7: Georgia
6: Germany (the female bigfoot)
5 Italy (the highest of the Automatic qualifiers for the final, but too far out at this point of the betting to be a real threat)
4: Russia (they have the oil to afford to host but not the song to win)
3: Norway (smart money would go on this one now)
2: Ukraine (doesn't really have the economy to be able to afford to win Eurovision)
1: Denmark (yawn)

Generally we can write off any automatic qualifier that isn't in the top three right now and only really the top 5 are in serious contention which is a shame because I liked the Netherlands

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Country: Finland

Debut: 1961
Previous Appearances: 46
Wins: 1 (2006 – Lordi 'Hard Rock Hallelujah')

Artist: Krista Siegfrids
Song: Marry Me

I think it is kind of appropriate that at the start of the clip you see she lives in a trailer. This is he trash anthem of a new generation.

I cant help thinking that the singer is a psychotic Pink, if there is a difference. If I saw someone walking down the street singing this song, I would slap them, partially for fun but partially because they would be asking for it.

Even though this song is everything hat is wrong with the younger generation of women, It will probably qualify and do quite well. Stupid bints.

If this make it to the final, it will just another thing that will make it a Hullu yö

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Country: Montenegro

Debut: 2007
Previous Appearances: 4
Wins: 0

Artist: Who See
Song: Igranka

This could be the first song to get Montenegro into the final. That doesn't mean I like it, it sounds like anything else you would hear in a nightclub, but that’s why people might like it and vote for it.

What I don't get in the clip is why do the singers need bit yellow raincoats? Is it to keep moisture out or in? I know boys who would have a lot of moisture in their raincoat if they were watching that mud wrestling...

I don't really care for this and nor do the bookies, but it is a borderline qualifier because this kids will probably like it.

I think we have hit a Euro Neuro

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Country: Latvia

Debut: 2000
Previous Appearances: 13
Wins: 1 (2002 – Marie N 'I Wanna')

Artist: PeR
Song: Here We Go

Oh, they have a keytar, they should qualify for the final just for that. Ralph (the lead singer) should wear a shirt because he is not exactly ripped, but the keytar makes up for that.

I think they try to sound a little to 1990's post Take That Robbie Williams. Everything about the song screams 1990's, the outfits though are from another era, perhaps the 1970s

the Band is quoted as saying about Eurovision that 'the contest is getting more cheesy and cheesy every year.' and they are proof of that, but they are fun. They are almost fun enough, in a Jedward kind of way, to qualify. The bookies give them a snowballs chance in hell, but I give them a little more than that. They will qualify at least.

it is never Too Much

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Country: Cyprus

Debut: 1981
Previous Appearances: 30
Wins: 0

Artist: Despina Olympiou
Song: An Me Thimáse

Twelve points from Greece! Unless it doesn't qualify for the final or someone else gives Greece money for their votes because Greece would do anything for money. Lets face it, so would Cyprus and that’s the only reason why Cyprus is in the competition this year, to sell their votes to the highest bidder.

Granted this is a pretty ballad, and it appears that Despina can sing, but there is enough pretty in this years contest and without 'friends' to get it into the final, this wont make it, and the bookies agree.

Lets hope Cyprus can afford an entry next year so they can get that elusive win, because this year wont be the one.

Please try again Cyprus. Keep coming back and Mi Stamatas

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Country: Armenia

Debut: 2006
Previous Appearances: 6
Wins: 0

Artist: Dorians
Song: Lonely Planet

The lead singer of this band has The Most Awesome Eyebrows In The World. Gor Sujyan should get a postcode registered for those eyebrows because they take up so much real estate.

This is easy listening radio rock. It is maybe ¼ of a step above Nickleback.the song is mostly harmless, as a song and to the competition.

The bookies rate this as a qualifier for the final and I will give them that. For a song named after travel books, it isn't awful. Not fantastic, but not awful.

Can this go off with a bang on the night? Boom Boom?

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Country: Sweden

Debut: 1958
Previous Appearances: 52
Wins: 5 (1974 – ABBA 'Waterloo', 1984 – Herreys 'Diggi-loo Diggi-ley', 1991 – Carola 'Fångad av en stormvind', 1999 – Charlotte Nilsson 'Take Me To Your Heaven', 2012 – Loreen 'Euphoria')

Artist: Robin Stjernberg
Song: You

Sweden are desperate to ensure they don't have two wins in a row with this song. He needs to work on the first couple high notes because in this clip they hurt.

Remarkably, this song is quite well rated by the bookies. Seriously. Obviously the boomakers don’t listen to the songs before taken bets or making odds. Or maybe, like a lot of the acts and many of the viewers who vote and judges that determine the scores, they are completely tone deaf.

When he hits his stride, this is not completely dire. It may go top ten. This could be to the detriment of a couple of Swedens neighbours, namely Norway and Denmark who are a couple of the favourites.

Is Eurovision like a nightmare or Som en dröm

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Country: Serbia

Debut: 2007
Previous Appearances: 6
Wins: 1 (2007 - Marija Šerifović 'Molitva')

Artist: Moje 3
Song: Ljubav je svuda

Did we need a girl group this year? Well we have one. This year was kinda low on girl groups, actually I think this may be the only girl group this year. Not totally a bad thing though if we had one less girl group, I wouldn't mind...

The girl dressed as the devil doesn’t need the platform stiletto pumps. She prances like a horse in them, though it is hard to do anything else in those kind of shoes. Those shoes belong on a run way or on a drag queen. They are the only times they are acceptable. Though maybe she is a drag queen... hmmm

this is better than most stuff aimed at teen girls, but it is still girl group. It will probably qualify only because there Is no competition in the girl group category, which is a category that only ever appeals to 15 year old girls and 40 year old men for some reason. I don't understand.

this is one of the countries I expect little from partly because... Ovo Je Balkan

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Country: Azerbaijan

Debut: 2008
Previous Appearances: 5
Wins: 1 (2011 – Ell and Nikki 'Running Scared')

Artist: Farid Mammadov
Song: Hold Me

Oooo Eastern Eurpean semi-power ballad. I can never get enough of these.... yes I am being sarcastic. Damn Eurovision clichès

This is a cliché eurovision style that is sung by a pretty young boy (21) and it really does nothing for me except remind me that it is time for a toilet break. Thankyou Azerbaijan for allowing me to break the seal at song 4 in the second Semi.

This star of the Azeri version of The Voice is expected by the bookies to qualify. That's great, I like the idea of an extra toilet break in the final.

Eurovision claims to be the best music in Europe. Sometimes that may be the case, but not Always

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Country: Lithuania

Debut: 1994
Previous Appearances: 13
Wins: 0

Artist: Andrius Pojavis
Song: Something

You know if his eyebrows weren't so excitable, he would be cute. Pity.

The song is cheap radio fodder sung by a meth head. Oh it may not be meth but he is clearly on 'Something'

the bookies don't rate this and I think the only votes will come in because of his looks and not for the quality of the song

Something that cannot always be said to Eurovision act is that You Got Style

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Country: Hungary

Debut: 1994
Previous Appearances: 10
Wins: 0

Artist: ByeAlex
Song: Kedvesem

If Tim Burton wrote a lullaby for adults in Hungarian, I think this is what it would be. Not quite as interesting as it sounds, but I like the clip.

It is cute and lovely and sweet but the male vocal makes it sound dark and feels wrong. The title means 'Darling', and Darling, I think this will struggle.

The bookies don't rate it which might be harsh, but is the reality of Eurovision. There can be only one, and only 10 from the semi of 17

Most years at Eurovision I ask of Hungary Miért kell, hogy elmenj?

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Country: Spain

Debut: 1961
Previous Appearances: 52
Wins: 2 (1968 - Massiel 'La, La, La', tie 1969 – Salomé 'Vivo Cantando')

Artist: ESDM
Song: Contigo Hasta El Final

The name of this bad translates to Morpheus' Dream. Not even being stuck in the Matrix explains this though, it also doesn't explain the Brian Johnson (from AC/DC) look alike on guitar.

This is fairly innocuous radio music. Exploiting celtic sounds in Eurovision is so desperate and so 90's, but it is pretty, just not pretty enough.

The bookies don't rate this at all and I think it will only exist to keep other acts off the bottom of the table in the final

at least this is not one of those asked that should ask a professional to Enséñame a cantar

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Country: Belarus

Debut: 2004
Previous Appearances: 9
Wins: 0

Artist: Alyona Lanskaya
Song: Solayoh

A few months ago a shop assistant showed me how to make a scarf into an open vest like top. Great to see guys can wear scarves live that too.

The music makes sounds like belly dancing music and Alyona appears to try to belly dance in a few bits, but it is hard to belly dance when your belly is covered. I don't get what cha-cha has to do with belly dancing though.

The bookies rate this a reasonable chance, but I don't. It isnt that it is dire, it is is just that belarus doesn't have much of a history with success at eurovision, and even with a reasonable song, they often struggle to make the finals

Glad that's over. Hasta La Vista


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