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Semi final 2
Artist: Ilinca ft. Alex Florea
Song: Yodel it
Odds: $34

Word of the day
cântăreață – singer
The all important one

Yodel it claims to be featuring Alex, but he appears to do more vocals than the ‘lead’ artist, Ilinca. Ilinca is a former Voice (Vocea României) and X-Factor contestant (X-factor as part of a girl group) so she is far more important than poor Alex. maybe if he sung more rather than rapped he would be more than a small feature.

Before there are claims of cultural appropriation, this song was offered to Timebelle, who are representing Switzerland this year. Timebelle are two parts Romanian though and their producer, who is also Romanian, is the writer of Yodel it. It might still be cultural appropriation after all.

Yodel It! was first in the Romanian national selection by a long way. The song that came second was by Mihai Trăistariu who is best known as the 2006 entrant for Romania and the Romanian Mariah Carey (for his vocal range that is slightly less than Mariah’s). By the performance he was lucky to come second.

Romania was sadly missed from last year’s Eurovision after being disqualified for non-payment of fees to the EBU. Though we missed Ovidiu Anton last year, we have has many highlights from Romania. 2002 was not a highlight

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Romania (edit - the Romanian broadcaster has been deemed ineligiable and Romania will no longer be performing at this years event)
Previous Entries: 17
Wins: Nil
First Entry: 1994 Dan Bittman - Dincolo de nori
Most Recent Entry: 2015 Voltaj - De la Capăt (All Over Again).
National anthem: Deșteaptă-te, române!


Ovidiu Anton – Moment of Silence.

There is nothing political in Eurovision. There is nothing political in Eurovision. I can repeat that over and over and over again and I still can’t believe it. This song is an overtly political anthem. I want to like it, but it is so dull that instead of liking it, I fell asleep.

The promo clip is interesting because it is just the National Final footage with the recorded version of the song played over the top. The recorded version was required though because the vocals in the footage from the National Final redefined average.

Last year’s Romanian entry by Voltaj was the most moving songs of the night; even listening to it now it still gives me Goosebumps. Romania generally sends something brilliant to Eurovision, but not this year, definitely not this year.

One of Ovidiu competitors in the national selection for Romania was previous Eurovision contestant Mihai Trăistariu. I fear this year entrant will not have a vocal performance like 2006

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Population: 19 945 642
Area:  238 391 kms2
Language: Romanian
Eurovision Attendances: 16
Eurovision wins: 0

Voltaj - De la Capăt (All Over Again)

Yes I have decided to ‘start all over again’ with Eurovision for another year and what an amazing year this is looking like it will be. Well I can live in hope.

Romania is sending a pop-rock ballad which is about the parents that go overseas to work and leave their children behind in Romania. If political comment was allowed in Eurovision I would suggest that this is a request to Germany to allow families of migrant workers to reside in Germany, but because political comment is banned by the rules, that cannot be the intention of this song.

A very nice emotional piece which is to be sung in Romanian and English after fans of the band got upset about the band initially planning to go into the contest singing in English only. It will not win because Romania never has and never will. Even if Romania sent clearly the best song to Eurovision, it would never win, it would qualify for the final but not win. Mid-range odds are deserved.

One thing I won’t change this year is having a flashback. This from 2011

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This is all of the semi final 2 performers this year. SPOILER ALERT this has details of their performances as well as a link to their rehearsals. If you want to keep how dire the acts are a surprise, please stop reading now

There is always one Eurovision semi that is far better than the other. This is not the better semi.


full list of second semi finalists )

so in short, I doubt anything from this semi will win or even come close. either the song is dire or the performance it not good enough to get it votes.
Best performances: well... possibly slovenia
Auto non-qualifiers: either greece or poland wont qualify or both,

the highlight of this semi is clearly Jessica Mauboy

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Romania have never finished higher than 3rd in Eurovision. This years act is one of the two acts that have finished third. I generally dislike repeat offenders in Eurovision, but these guys are good

Artist: Paula Seling and OVI
Song: Miracle

Last time these guys went to Eurovision I was not fond of the song initially. I was waiting for a car crash on the high notes but instead they gave us the most amazing performance of the night. Paula hit all the insane notes in the song .

They will smash it on the night. This song is better than the last song they took to Eurovision, though it does have that sound about it that it could be used as a summer promo ad or even as a coca-cola commercial. The song is very commercial in a good way.

The bookies have this song sitting on the edge of the top ten. I like it more than that and I think in the end this will be in my top 5. Auto qualifier for this one.i would be a miracle if they did win but they will be in the final.

Most countries have had a repeat offender or two. Portugal have had 2, the second being Carlos Mendes who offended in 1972

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Country: Romania

Debut: 1994
Previous Appearances: 14
Wins: 0

Artist: Cesar
Song: It's My Life

For years Romania has sent interesting and promising performers to Eurovision with the hope of wining with no success. This year.... dear god.

Ok he has an amazing vocal range, but thats it, that is the only redeeming feature of this song. It started out horrifying and it didn't improve, instead it somehow got worse! How is that Romania, how can you send something do dire?

Popera is so 20 years ago and this isn't even good popera, how did the Romanian people let this out to represent them? It makes me cry. Crap can qualify for the final though and here's proof

can we remove this from the face of the earth and send it to to The Moon...

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Performer: Mandinga
Song: Zaleilah

Romanians Macerena. there review done. you can go no... after you learn the dance to the song. That's the only fun thing about the song and on the night, getting drunk and trying to do this dance will make it more fun. 

Romania is not the only country to go in with a dance this year. in another non unique item, it isn't the first time Romania have used a PVC catsuit, though last time it was actually fitted, as opposed to being bunched up in the middle. Also when Elena from Mandinga turns on her side, there is an obvious VPL

On a more serious note though, there appears to be this fashion at the moment that if you are wearing a very short dress that barely covers your modesty, you must tuck the end of the dress into the leg of your knickers. If you want an asymmetrical style dress, buy one. don't get a perfectly good dress and shove it up your grannydacks. STOP IT! Now! 

Las Ketchup were famous for a dance, they then went to Eurovision with a follow up single. if they went in with the ketchup song, could they have won Eurovision, I hope not. A year after that, Romania said 'I love you', as many ways as they could in 3 mintutes. 

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Previous: The Netherlands


Paula Seling & Ovi - 'Playing With Fire'

Romania a very consistently good in Eurovision, but never win. out of 11 attempts, they have been top ten 4 times and since the start of he Semi finals, they have never missed a final. Part of the reason Romania never wins though is out of pity. Poor Romania could never afford to host a Eurovision.

This years song is not the a genre I am big on, however the song is well created and I think has a good chance of winning. Romania has a history of good dance music, 'Tornero' by Mihai Traistariu still being one of my favourite Eurovision songs ever (i am not saying it is good, it is just better than crap). This years song comes from that same genre, but instead of being credible eastern European music in a dance style it is... well... a bit... Sophie Ellis Bexter... and thats not good...

I like the piano bits. I would like to see them actually performing live rather than miming... but then that will be saved for Eurovision Semi 2 night (i guess I have to stay sober until the tenth song to see that Epic Fail). yay for Manure-0-Vision. 

I feel bad that I didnt hang enough shit on that song, but sometimes it is the less you say, like with Romanias first entry Dan Bittman in 1994 with "Dincolo de nori". I am looking at the outfits and I am thinking, did Romania have colour TV in 1994, because going by the outfits, Romania wasn't ready for colour...


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