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OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG! this is the last one... can you believe it. the pain is almost over


wins: 1956, 1988

expected place. borderline. something tells me iot should qualify but wont


it kinda sounds 80's


it kinda sounds like a depeche mode rip off or something

Switzerland - Lovebugs 'The Highest Heights' (official video clip)

the are described in their bio as 'britpop'... I would say more 'New romantics' from this song. this isnt a bad thing and it isnt that I dont particularly like it, it is just... I have heard it, or stuff like it, for about 2 and a half decades. it is so... done...

Laser lights. they assist in the retro-ness of this song.... it is either a retro 80's clip or it is this years Australia day fire works in Perth, either way it is a bit behind the times. but then since 2003, Eurovision has claimed that the 80's are coming back, and I thought that was just in Estonia.

if is chilly tonight, even in the slanket, and so to finish this final review of 2009, this could qualify, it might not. europeans do some strange things. I wish i could review it from a live performance (other than the eurovision rehearsal) but based on the clip, it is 50/50.

Ghost of Eurovision past: Lys Assia 'Refrain' - 1956. finishing up where it all began. Switzerland were the first country to host Eurovision and the first to win. This song could be from a 1940 film, instead it is from a 1950s TV event. go eurovision!

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wins: o

expeced place, borderline, though will not qualify


high speed ethnic dancers.


the male vocal. all of it

Moldova: Nelly Ciobanu - 'Hora din Moldova'

mmm ethno-dance. why does it make me think of the zorbas dance remix from like 10 years ago? i mean it is better than most of the ethno-pop and ethno-dance from this year, but that doesnt make it good, it just makes it... well Eurovision

the most annoying thing is the male vocalist. his mic is up too loud for his voice. this makes all the lines he sing go too loud over the top of the lead singer. hopefully this will be fixed in the event, but then maybe loud dominating males are the thing in Moldova... unlike in other Euopean countries... < end sarcasm >

the dancers on crack were fun to watch, only because i wanted to see carnage. i want to see a eurovision stack, because despite all the preparation and rehearsals and whinging that the Russian broadcaster is being a twunt, on the night, no one cares, we just want to see tears.

Ghost of Eurovision Past Zdob si Zdub - 'Bunica Bate Toba' - 2005. I wasngt going to post tis one, but had to by popular demand. the english title is roughly 'grandma bangs the drum', a title which becomes obvious when the old lady stands. i think the best thing is that much of this song is in English... who'd have thunk it

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Wins: 3 (1978, 1979, 1998)

Expected place: 19th


the vocals weren't bad and the harmonised well


except for the first line the song and the choruses...

Israel - Noa & Mira Awad 'There Must Be Another Way'

blah blah blah, same ol' same ol'. someone has to sing about peace and harmony and if Germany isn't gong to do it... Israel is a good choice. Georgia sung about peace last year and look at where they are this year...

this song sound be the background music to a TV show or movie, it doesnt feel like it goes anywhere or takes you anywhere musically. vecally it is good, but there is no performance. it is dull and far from 'Diva', Israels last win, and likewise I think this song is far from a win

You know what I love about Eurovision, the complete lack of Politics.... (end sarcasm) one of the big stories out of this song is that Mira Awad is the first Israeli-Arab to represent Israel in Eurovision and that a number of Arab intellectuals and artists are demanding she withdraw. why should she withdraw when the contest is a perfect international promotional tool for her first solo album... see no politics, just money.

Ghost of Eurovision Past: Ilanit 'Ey Sham' - 1973. is it just me or does she look like Janice from the muppet show... dont know. this was Israels first atempt at Eurovision and I think there were less muppeteers in later years.

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wins: 0

expected place: will not qualify


the backing vocals, they carried this song


the male lead miming the female backing vocals

Bulgaria: Krassimir Avramov 'Illusion'

the only illusion here is that he might actually be singing, and he surely isnt. it is perhaps that he is more deluded into believing he looks good dressed as David Copperfield. mmm that bedazzler has gotten loose and thats never a good thing.

sadly, the operatic vocals are a bit same same this year. everyone is doing them and so no one will win with them. this is no WFSTS or other Malcolm McLaren comcept, it is Bulgaria... This wont win, it wont even come close.

I couldnt help thinking while the drums were on fire, what if they burned faster than he anticipated. what if someone accidentally switched the wind machine on (note no wind Machine, but Bulgaria isn't Nordic so why would the be one). what if the drums collapsed under the heat and his weight, what if his trousers caught fire... what if... what if he does the same trick in Eurovision and achieves FAIL. mmm must watch act this one.

Ghost of Eurovision Past: Deep Zone & Balthazar 'DJ, Take Me Away' - 2008. this had the failing that many dancy song suffer from, the vocals suck without synths and effects on the vocal. even though this was from last years semi, i forgot how bad it was....

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FYR Macedonia

wins: 0

expected place: final qualifier, if it is lucky


that hair... I remember whn that was fashionable


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaa-eaaaaah and that high nie he attempted before the bridge and misses completely.

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Next time 'Nešto što kje ostane'

I wonder if Jon Bon Jovi knows that this band has stolen his... well.... his everything. I remember when JOn Bon Jovi had that hair and those jeans and that vest. Mabe he looks a little more Richard Marx though. could this be what 'should've known better' would sound like in Macedonian? who knows, who cares!

love is just a faded memory, actually there was no love for this song at all. I was a bit over yeaheayeah about the third time he howled it, and it could become annoying if i have to hear the song again. the 'pack a day' voice doesn't do it for me either

it is not the worst song in the contest and possibly could qualify, and even do well considering whay else is in the contest. Macedonia usually does qualify just and this will be another just. it isnt great, but it isnt total utter shite, it is just somewhere in between... closer to the later...

Ghost of Eurovision Past (and I do love my toilet roll dolls) Karolina Gočeva 'Od nas zavisi' - 2002. a bit of Sir Terry Wogan at the start and end. and I love her 'abs'. they breed them scary in FYR Macedonia.

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wins: 0

Expected place: top ten


it wasnt as painful to listen to as I expected


through the entire clip I feared she would eat the microphone

Malta: Chiara 'What if we?'

in my review of her song 'Angel' in 2005 I said Chiara 'may have a long career making disney soundtracks' and though disney havent signed her yet, she is still trying... oh she is very trying.

and yes I have been doing Eurovision Reviews since 2005, I have been doing them since 2004 actually. I love the punishment... and nothing much has changed in all that time either... not even the 'artists'

Chiara is huge in Malta and very big in Eurovision after her two previous attempts, placing third (1998) and second (2005). will this be a big hit in 2009? well it is a plesant song, the vocals are ear-hurtingly offensive, you know all of that is good. she should qualify but the word on the street is she wont do well without a good draw in the final.

Ghost of Eurovision Past: Helen & Joseph 'L-Imħabba'. OMG, those poor curtains didn't deserve to become that dress. the conductor looks like he is getting into it and performance standards have changed over the years. Why has malta never won Eurovision...

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Wins: 2004

Expected place: top ten


it is different


thats doesnt mean it is good, just... different.

Ukraine: Svetlana Loboda 'Be My Valentine! (Anti-Crisis Girl)'

I like the musical arrangement on this. this so could be a forgettable pop/dance song, but the arrangement makes it a little more interesting. hopefully they wont get rid of the 'brass' for Eurovision. playing drums covered in powder in the bridge was a bit silly though because she looks scary in the final dance routine at the end covered in powder. I just had an image of the Ukrainian delegation bringing a white powder with them to Moscow. that would go down well.

I love the shoes. I love her courage to go around on the stage not knowing if her hair would be perfect after being held upside-down for the first 23 seconds of the song by a dancer who was dancing at the time. hope she is wearing that much make up because she needs it, because there is too much. other than that... this should qualify and do well... the former Russian neighbours will take care of that.

my other concern is that, it is May. valentines day is in February. I dont know if anyone would want to go out and buy this song and then hold onto it for 8 months before they would be able to use it appropriately. it is a little bit... incorrectly timed. this would be a better song to perform at the Asian version of Eurovision which apparently is on in November (something to look forward to there)

Ghost of Eurovision past: Tina Karol 'Show me your Love'. this song is great for the amazing Tambourine which comes out of.... well use your imagination. also there is no backing vocalist to this song. she tried to win on the strength of her one vocal alone. silly girl. great lyrics too...

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Wins: 2003

Expected place. top ten


the belly dancing is cool


she looks so serious through the whole song.

Turkey - Hadise 'Düm Tek Tek'

I dont get it. I have to admit, about a week or so ago I saw some of the details of the favourites for this years competition. Norway was favourite and this is second. this! this is second. I just dont get it. the performance was dull and boring, the costumes were average and the only highlight was that the belly dancing was cool, and well... if good belly dancing gave you votes, Turkey would have won this gig more than just the once.

Would it hurt Hadise to smile as she performed? is her makeup that thick that it would crack if she did? f you radiate happiness, that gets you votes... sometimes.

maybe they have added to the music for the competition version, I dont know. this is just Ethno-pop and I can see Holly Valance covering this in about 6 months, that doesnt man its good... I mean... Holly Valance....

Ghost of Eurovision Past: Semiha Yanki 'Seninle Bir Dakika' 1975. look like they sent Raggidy Anne to Eurovision and she sung like a whole verse of La's. well it was the first attempt at Eurovision for Turkey, one hoped it would get better from there.... 

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wins: 0

Expected place: will not qualify


the first 40 seconds (well first 29, then it gets ok again for 10 seconds, then it goes to shit)


the rest.

Slovakia: Kamil Mikulčík & Nela Pocisková 'Leť Tmou'

Slovakia has returned for the first time since relegation from the 1999 contest after an 21st in 1998. they have come back with something that for the first 40 seconds, almost sounds pleasant, then it tries to be... like what Azerbajzan sent to Eurovision last year.... crap

possibly overall, the best thing about the song is her dress, though she doesnt have the cleavage to carry it off properly so that backfires. I liked her hair do... I like the candles on the piano... thats about it.

Slovakia is the first county to confirm entry into the 2010 contest, and lets hope it is better than this effort. this wont qualify. no way, no how.

Ghost of Eurovision Past: Marcel Palonder 'Kým nás máš' - 1996. this was Slovakias best score in Eurovison. 19 points got them 18th. if the beard was real and not painted on, they might have got more

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Wins: 0

Expected place: will not qualify


it is catchy


i could be an earworm

Andorra: Susanne Georgi 'La teva decisió (Get a Life)' (video clip only due to no national selection)

there is something a little 80s in the feel of this song. you know if she was 30 years older, she could have been one of the bangles... or not. Bangles and Catalan, how would that sound?

I doubt she will be 'playing' the guitar on stage at Eurovision, I mean it may be there as a prop, but seriously... real guitar is a long way from guitar hero. just because you rock at the game doesnt mean you can rock out. sorry, the glances at the frets at every change of chord was a dead give away. not that I can play real guitar... and I am fairly average at guitar hero... but anyways.

this is far from the best that Andorra has sent to Eurovision, and even the best (Anonymous from 2007) who were a favourite, failed to qualify. I hold out little to no hope for Andorra... and I got through this year without singing the theme song to 'The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole'! yay me!

Ghost of Eurovision Past: Anonymous "Salvem el món" - 2007. even the UK commentators were shocked this didnt get through. it finished 12th in the semi. this was better than most of the crap in all eurovisions ever. Catalan punk... it makes me giggle. and we have some postcard too.
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Wins: 1963 and 2000 (fly on the wing of love... god I hated that song)

Expected place: borderline qualifier.


when the scarf attacked... stupid accessory for a guy anyways


his belt line... I thought pointless belts were a girls accessory...

Denmark: Niels Brinck 'Believe Again'

lets start from the start. the vocals werent bad. if pearl jam performed country music, I am sure this is very close to what it would sound like. he is wearing too much foundation, but that doesnt interfere too much with the song, but then theres that wind machine - when wind machines attack.

Nordic acts, as well as Greek acts, but certainly Nordic acts, they love their wind machines. I think that should be a drink in the Eurovision song contest drinking game.
1) if a Nordic act uses a wind machine, drink 2 fingers
2) if a Nordic act doesnt use a wind machine, stop taking the drugs... seriously dude, you're hallucinating. there was a wind machine, there had to have been, you just didnt see it.

this song apparently has a bit of a following, but with how seriously the Nordic countries take Eurovision, that often appears to be the case and the appearance is deceptive. If this is to go far he needs to improve everything from the start of the second chorus onwards and he needs to perform the song.

Ghost of Eurovision Past: Mabel 'Boom Boom' - 1978, after a 12 year break from Eurovision, denmark returned with this. they possibly should have had another year out of Eurovision. 

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Wins: 2008

Expected place: 24th


Vodka - she drank it... I am sure...


Copious amounts of vodka are required to listen to this song.

Russia - Anastasiya Prykhodko 'Mamo'

In 2006, Belarus sent a song called mum, and Polina Smolova, the girl who sung it, was dressed rather skanky and mainly in black. I never liked that song from the first time I heard it. this years Russian entry echos Belarus in many ways. I dont like it, I just dont like it

Anastasiya Prykhodko is from the Ukraine, and also entered the Ukrainian national final and was disqualified after it was found that the song she entered with had already been released. her manager kicked up a fuss and while all this was going on (and the Ukrainian final was delayed due to a legal challenge by her manager) she jumped the border and entered in Russia. See Russians dont have their own emos, they have to import them from the Ukraine.

this song is nowhere near as good as the song that won last year for Russia, though I didnt like the Dima Bilan song either. I dont like much about Eurovision.... but I still watch it every year without fail.

Ghost of Eurovision Past: tATu 'Ne ver', ne boysia' - 2003. Due to the amount of countried that have entereed Eurovision since 1992, there will be some duplications of years from now on. as for tATu, well they were favourites, but they were never going to win with vocals this bad...

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wins: 0

expected place. borderline qualify, i think it will fall below said border.


the dancers trying to escape from... their... placentas...


the vocals.

Poland: Lidia Kopania 'I Don't Wanna Leave'

oh the pain! seriously, if you are going to choose to enter Eurovision, choose a song that is within your vocal range. this song was not even close to her vocal range. it was painful

I think the audience found it just as painful because they applauded twice. once at the end of the song and once after the dancers escaped their placentas and started dancing. this wont win the contest, it wont even come close. i think the only thing it has going for it is that it is a pop ballad, which is a popular choice of genre to win eurovision.

I will leave the last of my review to a direct quote from wikipedia, only because i found this amusing, 'At the end of 2008 years Lidia Kopania raised its new composition I Don't Wanna Leave to eliminate the national Eurovision 2009 - "Song for Europe 2009"'. ah engrish. i think there is something in that for all of us.

Ghost of Eurovision Past: Mietek Szcześniak 'Przytul Mnie Mocno' - 1999. you know i cant think of anything good to say about this act either. I can see why they have never won Eurovision.

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Wins: 2005

Expected place: 13th


the miming


the dancing... where did he learn to dance like that... oh Oxford st Sydney... fair enough

Greece: Sakis Rouvas 'This is Our Night'

You may remember Sakis from Eurovision 2004 in Turkey... and the beauticians their are still recovering form the amount of hair they removed from one man. He came third then. he also hosted the 2006 Eurovision, now he and his waxologist are back in Eurovision to ensure the entertainment level at Eurovision remains... Average.

there is generic and then there is this. it somehow redefines generic. it is so generic that remains wholly within the euro-pop-dance style so much so that it is completely uninteresting. any differentiating characteristic in this style of music has been removed to create this song to ensure it remains completely generic. whats most amazing is that people still like it

I am ashamed to admit that an Australian was involved in the creation of this song. we will strip him of his citizenship shortly. as for the song though, it is so generic and average that is shouldnt do well, but it will get 12 points from Cyprus. Sakis also is very popular and this song will probably (against all belief and reason) qualify and might even go top ten or even top 5. I think it will stop at 13th, but I wont put money on that.

Ghost of Eurovision Past:Paschalis, Marianna, Robert and Bessy 'Mathima Solfege' - 1977. the High quality act Greece sent to Eurovision in those days which deserved the place it got, unlike some of the acts now that are getting 3rds and really dont deserve it. alteast now days they get their dancing in sync

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wins: none

Expected place: will not qualify


She rhymed head with bed.


Just get out of my life
Get out of my way, hey...
Or just stay

Montenegro: Andrea Demirović 'Just get out of my life'

Is it just me or does this sounds remarkably like 'hot stuff'. I dont know, I expect to see very average looking guys stripping to this song (and no, that is not an invitation). Maybe this girl just thinks she is Donna Summer... though she clearly is not...

Lyrically it is a stupid annoying pop song. through the whole song she is like 'fvck off' and then at the end it is like 'fvck off, or stay... i dont mind' MAKE UP YOUR BLOODY MIND! lose the baggage or dont sing about it. Seriously, you dont need this person you are singing about girl, you need a psychiatrist.

ooo ooo oo Heroes has almost finished downloading, so I will quickly say, nope, over this song, it is stupid and wont win. I wont say cant because... I know too much about Eurovision history. I will say wont because if it does win, then I know Europe is ripe for the taking. INVADE INVADE INVADE!

Ghost Of Eurovision Past: No Name "Zauvijek moja" (Serbia and Montenegro) - 2005. This is the band that caused Serbia and Montenegro to withdraw from the 2006 eurovision song contest. the best thing about this performance is the stick twirling. it came 7th. 

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Wins: None but they keep trying... god they are trying...

expected place: 24th


that when she claps while holding the microphone, you dont hear the banging...


the thing in her hair. WTF mate!

Portugal: Flor-de-lis 'Todas as Ruas do Amor'

It seems that since they stopped doing ads for kids and better eating, the Wiggles have found a better gig, the backing band of the portugese eurovision act. though Jeff is hiding in Green rather than purple... I mean it isnt The Cockroaches, is it Jeff?

It is a pretty song, but what i dont get is why Portugal insists on entering almost every year with a song in pork and cheese (thats the official language of Portugal, pork and cheese). 42 attempts and no cigar mate, try something else. remember this fact, since popular televoting was introduced, Serbia is the only country to have won without singing atleast part of the song in English. Think of hos many countries understand Serbian. all the former Yugoslav ones and the Russian ones can get most of it. think of how many countries understand pork and cheese. 1... and you cant vote for yourself.

This is a song that should get into the final, but it might not. if it does, it wont do as well as it possibly could if it was in engrish. shame almost. it is fun watching chunky chicks trying to dance too...

Ghost of Eurovision Past: Carlos Mendes 'Verão' - 1968. Carlos is also known as harry high-pants to his friends. also on the night of Eurovision in 1968, the first Eurovision in colour, it appears he had worms. nice jacket though

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Wins: 0

Expected place: 7th


the pants that have their own postcode


The hat which is very Joe McIntyre from New Kids on The Block... dont ask how I know that.

Lithuania - Sasha Son 'Love' (will be sung in english, above is the live version from the national final - not in enligh)

This boy appears to have a well manicured image, either that or he doesnt have a very big wardrobe because the white bell-bottoms and vest appear in a few places I have seen. he is like a one man boy band.

I have to say I like the sound of the live Lithuanian version better than the recorded english one, i dont know if it is like tAtU, the english verion isnt as good, or that something is lost in the recording. some are saying this could be the surprise packet, I would be more surprised if it doesnt do well.

finally I have to go back to those bell-bottoms. has anyone checked to ensure he is not harbouring refugees in them? if he wears them on-stage in Moscow, I want him to left them up to ensure he doesnt have hidden singers in them, we wouldnt want him to have an advantage by having more than the 6 allowed performers on-stage, would we now...

Ghost of Eurovision past: Aivaras 'Happy You' - 2002. The highlight of this clip is the hosts postcard prior to the song starting. with better vocals this could have been a reasonable song, but people are still excited by it at then end. Eurovision fans: who understands them...

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Wins: none

Expected place. 12th


the group dancing


that it is a video clip and not a live performance. who knows how bad he sings live.

Hungary: Ádok Zoli 'Dance with Me' (official video)

When I saw the title of the song, I thought 'We might be getting rick rolled here', but then thats 'She wants to dance with me'....

You're right, with different vocals this could be a Jamiroquai song. it is up and happy and dancy but i wonder how it will translate to the stage when only 6 performers (including singers) will be allowed as opposded to being able to have 8 dancers in a video.

My favourite scene of the video is the sailors dancing. think about it. Hungary is a landlocked country. there is only one kind of sailor there... the 'hello sailor' type. kinda suits the clip though

Ghost Of Eurovision Past: Csaba Szigeti 'Új név a régi ház falán' - 1995 and with this song i say goodnight because if this doesnt put you to sleep, nothing will...

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Wins: none (best was second to Sweden in 1999)

Expected place this year: thats a hard one. I think this will definitely be top ten. possibly top 4


she was able to hold the tune. thats rare for Eurovision


disney Ballad. I havent said that this year yet, I dont think. yes this is a bit of a disney ballad, or atleast a teen movie ballad for before the boy runs back to the girl or he other way around.

Iceland: Yohanna 'Is It True?'

Yes it is, it is true, this is the song that Iceland is sending to Eurovision. It isnt that bad either. it isnt great, but it isnt bad. damn it.

tips for Yohanna, one, brush your hair right before going on stage and for christs sake, use product girl, the light catches all the fly-ways. also get a torsolette to hid that tummy a bit. other than that, you can come close to winning this shebang. You wont because Norway will win, but it will be nice if you actually tried to win.

I cant find anything seriously bad. event the engrish is ok because i love engrish in eurovision. I dont like the song and I wouldn't buy it if it was free, but it is good... for eurovision.

Ghost of Eurovision Past: ICY 'Gleðibankinn' - 1986. this song is seriously bad 80s. also the ranga with the mullet is Eirikur Hauksson, who is now known as a heavy metal singer and he is a Eurovision repeat offender, represneting Norway in 1991 and Iceland again in 2007, but I love the 80's...

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wins: none, but they have only had one previous entry into eurovision so I wont hold it against them

expected place: will not qualify


i like her dress... if i had the legs i would get me one of those dresses, though i would want it two toned.... and less feathers... and, I would make a few other alterations


the start of the song, that was dreadful, though it improves slightly at the chorus.

Azerbaijan: AySel & Arash 'Always'

I worked out why Azerbaijan's have their noses out of joint about the Armenian's ripping off their cultural sound... because the Armenian's do it with better vocals. Two cats procreating on the back fence at midnight sounds better than this. half of the acts in this years Eurovision sound better than this.

It is a cultural Eurovision pop song and therefore nothing special and certainly not anything great. pop song, pop performance.

if they hit the vocals well on the night, this may do well, it should make it to the final and even top ten, but because they wont hit the notes as sweet as they need to be, they will fail big time.

Ghost of Eurovision past: Elnur & Samir 'day after day' - 2008. I still cant get over how well this song did in the end. it not only got into the final, but finished 8th. it is painful. this is best watched on mute.


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