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so Lachlan was right. about two months ago, Lachlan and I were discussing who could afford to host eurovision in an attempt to gauge who would win, and that's when Azerbaijan first popped up on the radar... and it is amazing what you can buy with all that oil money, so next year we are going to Baku after a rather average song bought a Eurovision win.

I am not saying Eurovision wins are bought, but lets face it, Romania should have won last year and the only reason Germany won was because most of Europe were wanting handouts from the Krauts and you have got to give a little to get a little I guess. but no one knows vote buying like Spain...

all of the results this year were interesting though. France who were the firm favourite for the last month before the event finished 16th. Ireland who were considered second by the bookmakers near the end finished 8th and Italy who were nowhere near the popular entries finished Second. where did that come from?

The only result that wasn't a surprise was that Switzerland finished last in the final, though their qualification from semi final 1 was a surprise and didn't the surprises in the semis set up an interesting final.

Malta, Armenia and Belgium were all 1 point from qualifying for the semis and Greece won semi final one... how? the song was rubbish, ok the singer was cute, but the song needed to remove all the rap to be decent and seeing the rap was over 50% of the song... and how did Portugal not finish dead last I guess the camel toe made come Poland last.

San Marino had one of the best singers in their semi and only managed to get 16th and Norway, who wear a favourite early one despite the repetitive song, only managed to finish 17th. Nothing against the countries that did qualify from Semi one, based on their performance on the night, most deserved to do well, except Greece.

Semi final twos results were closer to what was expected... except Sweden who should not have qualified and again I am mystified as to how they finished first. On paper this was the stronger final though and so many of the songs could have qualifies. Israel finished a disappointing 15th and I am surprised that Belgium and Slovakia didn't qualify
something notable though is how the change of the televoting has effected the dispersion of votes. last year Euroivision started voting from the start of the first song in an effort to make the voting more even. Prior to that it was found that being one of the first 6 countries or last 6 countries gave you an advantage when it came to the voting. The middle countries were left at a disadvantage. This year in the first semi, none of the first 5 performers qualified. In the second semi (where i think the voting was a bit better overall) Bosnia, who performed first, finished 5th. in the final. Bosnia however do have bloc voting on their side and did have a performer who is hugely popular throughout all of the former Yugoslav countries it is beginning to appear that being in the first third of the draw is a disadvantage. To combat this we could start voting from half way through the event. another suggestion is allowing 5 minutes to vote for each song, so you can vote from the start of the song until the end of the next song to vote. This could cause issues with some of the underdeveloped phone networks though and if there  is a phone network, then we have to fall back onto the jury, and we don't want that

televoting is more transparent than a jury and a jury is more corruptible than a phone network, this is part of the reason why Eurovision turned to televoting. we didn't want to see 1968 again, but who is to say there hasn't been benefits for votes since then. the accusations have flown about but no one has given proof.
now we are back to partial juries, because too many western European countries have complained about the eastern bloc voting. I have said that this is the worst of both worlds. we will have to endure this corruptible system though for at least another year before the EBU can decide for sure that it is not working and get rid of the flawed system.

the other change i have cried for for the last few years is changing the selection from the semis so that the top 5 songs from each final can go through from televoting then 10 go through from the jury made up of any combination from both the semis. anything below the top 5 wont win anyway, it is found that an act has to qualify atleast second from their semi to win. the combined juries are just there to make sure the right songs are in the mix. sure they may tactically ensure that the songs that get through are similar to songs opposing the songs that their nation is entering. for instance if your country has a ballad, you ensure no other ballads get through ensuring people who will vote for ballads only have the choice of your song.

after watching the show tonight, it was shown to me how the results would have looked if the eastern European votes were taken out. Russia, despite having the best dance routine of the night, would have finished with 9 points. it then makes one ask the question, is there 'anti-bloc voting'? are western countries not voting for eastern European countries on purpose so they cant win? Montenegro did it to Serbia when Serbia and Montenegro were a unified nation, so why cant half a continent do it. Italy would have won without the eastern European vote which would have not only have been a triumphant return for Italy to the contest, it would of ensured Italy would have ensure they had an entry for 2012.

Eurovision is not perfect though and though changes will occur to get a more popular result, it shouldn't get rid of why we watch it, because it is the funniest thing on tv all year
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I am a little shocked about what did and didnt make it from semi 1, but semi 1 doesn't really matter because there is only about 2 songs with a chance to challenge in the final. anyways here is a brief rundown of semi 2

Bosnia and Herzegovina - a very popular little hobbit - word on the street is that this will qualify

Austria - if she has fixed the haircut then this will definitely qualify

The Netherlands -  'the sweet end of your trail' looks like a dog eating mayonnaise... this should qualify, but it is a strong semi

Belgium - I like a capella, but i think this song wont qualify due to the strength of the other songs in this semi

Slovakia - dirty old men all over Europe will be voting for these young twins.... will qualify just for the fantasy factor

Ukraine - i still cant decide if she is radiant of radioactive. well sung but possibly wont qualify

Moldova - I would dearly love this to qualify, however I know it wont. it rocks though.

Sweden - not as popular as he thinks. Possibly wont qualify because it is crap

Cyprus - better than much of what qualified from the first semi, heaps of build up then ends. This is in the maybe pile

Bulgaria - pop music by a child star. if she cut her hair she would look like Marie from Roxette.

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia - possibly the best thing Macedonia have ever sent to Eurovision and it mentiones rakija which gives it bonus points, but wont get the finish it deserves if it doesn't qualify

Israel - better than the song she won with over a decade ago, but not good enough this year. it will easily qualify for the final though

Slovenia - sitting with Cyprus in the maybe pile. They are both equally deserving of qualification, but probably wont get it.

Romania - this is another of my favourite songs this year and again it will struggle to qualify. Can we put all the songs from this semi into the final because they are more deserving than most of semi one. It sucks that this likely wont qualify.

Estonia - This is a favourite to win, but the rumourmill is telling me that the semi performance is nowhere near as good and their national final and it may struggle to qualify. I loved the national final performance of this song but it is a song that needs the performance to get it through

Belarus - definite non qualifier. She may love Belarus, but she is alone in that feeling

Latvia - another non qualifier. This redefines 'big steaming pile of shit'

Denmark - This is another song that could qualify. There is nothing original about it, I could list all the 80's songs it has ripped off, but again it is better than what has qualified for semi 1

Ireland - For better or worse, this song will qualify. I think it will be for worse
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FYR Macedonia are known for sending rubbish to Euorvision, however this year they have sent the best rubbish that they have ever sent. sure it is a little remninicent of what Serbia sent last year, but it is a marked improvement.

The only reason why I am reviewing FYR Macedonia now is because i am now safely in Melbourne, so I figures I wouldn't have to deal with the wrath of te Macedonians that i know, howerver i think this is the best ethno-pop-crap this year

The Macedonian club in Perth is already rocking out to this. The call him the Macedonian Jon Bon Jovi... who does? Seriously, Jon Bon Jovi should be rolling in his grave over that comment (if he was dead like he should be because if he was dead he wouldnt have released the crap he has released in the last 20 years - but thats enought about Jon Bon Jovi)

Give me some rakija, and lots of it, and i will be rocking out to this song next weekend. oh lets face it, it is the 11th song in the second semi, i will likely be passed out. It should qualify though so hopefully I will catch it in the final.

As for the rubbish that FYR Macedonia usually sends to Manurovision... well... I think the truest line she says in this song is 'HO!'

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 Bulgaria are sending their seventh entry to Eurovision this year and the closest they have had to success was 5th in 2007. Everything else they have sent to Eurovision has failed to qualify for he final. will this year be different? yeah but i think it will qualify to make the numbers. 

Though I have nothing against the song Bulgaria are sending to Eurovision, I always question the sense in sending someone who is big in their home country, but little known elsewhere. Just send an unknown. they will be more likely to work for the Eurovision crown. 

This song is deserving of its odds of 150-1 because there is nothing new about it. it is a cliche Eurovision pop-rock song. Though the singer may not be as lazy as the previous paragraph implies, the writers seem to have been. a computer program could have written this song. it isn't horrible, it just isn't great, but then thats Eurovision usually.

The singer has an interesting piece of history though. she was in a group called BonBon as a child. I am guessing the name BonBon is still going and they change the kids in the group because in 2007, when Poli was 20, BonBon represented Bulgaria in Junior Eurovision.  Poli was of course too old to still be with them but she has already been touched by the Eurovision star by association... sure they finished 7 out of 17 acts, but everyone in Junior Eurovision is a star... or a precious brat, I cant remember which... 

This years song only has the fact that the other songs in its semi are rubbish, hence it has a change to qualify for the final. in 2008 even rubbish songs couldn't help Bulgaria

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 Slovakia have sent six entries to Eurovision and the best they have finished is 18th. Since the introduction of the semi final, they have failed to qualify so this year they have decided to try something different, they are singing in English. 

This year entry for Slovakia have previously performed in Eurovision back in 2008 as the backing vocalists for the entry from the Czech republic. Dont be fooled by the fact that they weren't even good enough to be the lead singers for a country that has has finished last in two out of their three attempts at Eurovision. They were actually the highlight vocally of the Czech entry vocally, and the song they performed in has the record of the highest place that the Czech republic has ever received... 18th in the semi... so they still couldn't make that crap qualify.

OK so they can sing, they can even do it live as proven in 2008, but the song is a bit of a snore isn't it? Ok it is not quite Disney crap, but it does sound like the tripe that you would expect regurgitated by an idol winner. I think they would have been better off doing a bouncy dancey song to play on the fact that they are Twiins to get more of the dirty old man vote. This is something for the teen girls and there is enough for them already in this Eurovision, including the other twins in this years contest

They are butter faces (nice, but her face). They should aim for lots of long shots, that way some of the dirty old men will give them votes. though I think this could qualify, it is in the weaker final after all, it wont get far. I would like to blame the strength of this years entries, but this would be a weak song any year. Find your gimmick and play on it Slovakia and then maybe next year

it is possible though that this years entry is the best that Slovakia has ever sent to Eurovision. This is the previous best. ok not bad, but a snore song too... wake me up when Slovakia is finished

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Slovenia have never even threated to win the Eurovision crown and they have tried to win with everything from popera  and faux classical (or opop - like popera but the other way around) to folk rock to eurodancepop, they have even tried to add some bondage to their acts... At least their eclectic collection of songs makes their entries interesting, still not good, just interesting. 

This year Slovenia is sending in a singer who can apparently do everything, and she seems to try that in this song. They are a country that seems to seriously want a win and will send anything in to try it, but just send the wrong stuff in for the year. 

I actually prefer this clip of her singing it in slovene. ok there is a foul note before the first chorus, but i think she performs this more. The angry part sounds better. however the wind machine operator is a perv and the dancers...  want what they're on, i is obviously the good shit.

This song Will get to the final, which will be only the second time since the introduction of the semi that Slovenia has achieved that, however this is a strong year. if this song was in last year, it might have been up there, but this year, this wont get top ten. Most of Semi Final 2's qualifiers will just be there to make the numbers anyway and I fear that that is the fate of this song. 

All things considered though, this song isn't terrible, there have been worse Slovenes in Eurovision, like Pepel In Kri (or Ashes and Blood at Eurovision). seeing it was the 1970's though... can we forgive them... maybe not. 

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 Ukraine Went wild at their second Eurovision and danced away with the win thanks to Ruslana. Though the Ukraine always qualify for the final and usually perform well, they haven't managed to get another trophy and this year doesn't look like their year either.

I have nothing against Mika Newton or the song, it is just that the Ukraine wont beat France. I actually think Mika comes across as rather radiant.... or is that radio active... (shhh don't mention Chernobyl)

Forgiving the poor sound of the official clip (WTF! this is the official clip, why is the sound so bad!) the highlight of this clip for me is the male gymnasty dude in the white crop top. it isn't the muffin top over the pants that does it, it is the fact that he has waxed his stomach, but not his chest and man boobs. seriously... it is almost like he is wearing a black singlet crop top under the white one, but he isn't... *shudder*

They have changed the music since the song qualified for Eurovision. The clip i found of the original here reminds me of when Dima Bilan won for Russia in 2008, except with a lazy-susan for the performers rather than a portable ice rink. Nothing against the lazy-susan, they are great for salads and platters... 

Mika is one of the many strong voiced women that Ukraine has sent to Eurovision, but unfortunately the song isn't good enough to get in my top 5 this year, though i will qualify for the final. Maybe she should give up right now and say "Hasta La Vista'... I mean Lazy susans should not be used in Eurovision, anyways, not even by stealth...

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Austria have returned to Eurovision after a 3 years away.  Traditionally not a threat in the contest, this year they sit at 50-1 with the bookmakers, so it looks like nothing much will change. 

Poor Austria have only had one Eurovision win, and they have had as many last places as Ireland have had firsts. This year wont be a last place for them atleast

Nadine Beiler is a strong singer with an excellent voice. She spends too much time around the high notes for my ears. she is very much in the Mariah/Whitney mold and this song and her outfit look like they could almost be in "The Bodyguard', which isnt a bad thing and this song should qualify for the final. 

I cant watch the clip. It is her hair that annoys me more than anything. If you are going to get a severe bob, you have to ensure that it is even. I hope she didn't pay for that haircut. If she did pay for it, I hop she went back the next day and got them to fix it. Seriously... 

The following song is from 1961, and I chose it partly because it is easy to find an actual clip of a song that finished last than a song that finished somewhere in the middle, and partly because it finished last. 

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 Moldova is a tiny little former soviet piece of land where the inhabitants speak a Romanian dialect and where the public demands that the country participate in Eurovision. In 2007 they were not going to compete, but the network succumbed to the people and sent Natalia Barbu

It is hard to seriously believe though that Moldova treat it like a song contest. Sunstroke project and Olia were best known for the gyrating pelvis of the saxophonist than the song... oh and that eyeshadow... it was so... blue...  but it all pales next to the Artists that gave them their best result (6th) and who are back

You know those sleazy eastern European guys that lan on the bar and try to hit onto you in nightclubs, they are all from Zdob si Zdub. I mean only sleazy eastern Euopeans and Zdob si Zdub think Ray Bans, convertibles and martinis are worth mentioning still. For everyone else they are so 25 years ago. 

Everything about this screams retro, right down to the fact that these guys were Moldovas first Eurovision entry in 2005. "Bunika Bate Toba" (Grandma beats the drum)  was just such a silly fun song, that the concern was that they would ruin the happy memory of that song with their new on, but this song is so silly and fun. I could see drunk uni-students in a house moshing to the refrains of this and hurting themselves and not caring because it is fun. it wont win, but it will be fun. 

I cant wait to see this years performance from Moldova just because it will be mental. Go Zdob si Zdub, you crazy sleazy eastern Europeans!

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 Bosnia and Herzegovina have appeared in 16 Eurovisions in the last 2 decades. though their songs are not always Quality, they are often memorable for years after. who can forget In the Disco by Deen, or Feminnem's first flutter at Eurovision with Call Me. more to the point though, who wants to forget these Eurovision moments.... 

This year B&H have found some old guy and pushed his wheel chair out onto the stage and prodded him to sing. Seriously, give the man some dignity.

Bilbo Baggins had a brother it seems and he lives in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Sure he can sing, but can he carry the one ring that rules them all. Who gave Hobbits guitars anyways. 

Have listened to this song atleast 6 times trying to find something I like about it. he can hold a tune, and he will get votes from the dedas, babas and possibly  the nonnos and nonnas, but thats its limitation. It is there for the grandparents to vote for and wont hurt the popular acts in this years event.  though it will probably qualify for the final, it wont get anywhere.

Anyways, Bilbo's brother here (Dino, whatever his name is) is a Eurovision repeat offender. he represented Bosnia and Herzegovina back in 1999 with Béatrice Poulot (sorry about the postcard prior). wow the hobbit has aged... what has Peter Jackson put the Hobbit from B&H through... I feel like a cigarette...

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 Romania have been in 12 Eurovisions prior to this year and have constantly sent reasonable songs to Eurovision. Whether they went for popular summer pop with 'The Balkan girls' or Vocalists with greater than a 5 octave range like Mihai Tr─âistariu or even last years entry which, despite some of the lame lyrics, was an a highlight in an average year, and they still only managed third

Some say Romania hasnt won out of pity, because they would never be able to host the following years contest anyway. I think it is sh!t, why would they be sending Europe the best if they didnt want to win, and yet again, they are sending something which is right up there, Hotel FM

This is in my top three, not just because it is a fun song, not just because of the talent behind it and not even because if you squint a bit, the lead singer (David Bryan)  looks a bit like David Tenant (moreso in the live version), but because it truly is one of the best songs this year. The live version is great and has a similar energy to the promo clip. It is all looking good for Eurovision for Romania

Since the semis came in, Romania has always finished in the finals and this song shouldn't just qualify, but should finish no lower than second in its semi. if it doesn't win its semi, I will be amazed, but then there are 8 songs I am yet to hear and it is also against Ireland, though this p!sses all over Jedward... I hope literally too... 

If this year wasn't looking like such a strong year, I would put money on Romania. they should come somewhere close to their best result of third which they had last year and in 2005. They have everything except the politics going for them

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Sweden loves Eurovision and we love Sweden. they have given us some of the most amazing acts ever, but, they have also given us some shite. this years entry, Eric Saade falls into the later category

Before I describe the steaming pile of shit Sweden is sending to Germany - a little less and neutral from Sweden, lets face it, this torture is tantamount to chemical warfare, but I want to think of happier times from Sweden, like their last win in 1999... anyways back to being Pop-ular

The title made me think of Ex-Savage Garden singer Darren Hayes, however his song of the same name was good - or atleast better than this. This song starts off sounding like a mix between Wild Boys and She-Bop - a load of W@nk, and goes downhill from there. 

The point is that he is meant to be popping to pop-ular, but I cant get past the genius of rhyming impossible with possible. Though there is an expectation that Sweden will make the final, because they always have, i really see this as trying to fail epically  - and succeeding... does that make this a fail or a win then?

OK, this song isnt truly awful. It is worse than Jedward and I just expect something better from Sweden, like Nova - Before Sweden sent ABBA to Eurovision and won, this is what they sent to Eurovision. Worth it for the line 'Oh... your breasts are like swallows a-nestling' 

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Cyprus has never finished higher than 5th in Eurovision, despite its almost guaranteed 12 points from Greece. Neither of these situations will change this year, if Cyprus makes it into the final which is a big if there

The promo video for the song from Cyprus is worth watching, only because it looks like the dodgy clips you get on karaoke discs. but I do love the live version (below) just for the bit where the girl walks forward, eventually sings her wailing cry then walks back. it was a bit of a 'get back into your boxbitch' moment, and with a wailing cry like that, the statement is deserved. 

The song itself starts off like a good ballad, something this year really needs. I got over it when it became a power ballad though. I think this song will qualify though and will be Cyprus' best result since 2004. simple

What I like best about this years entry is his bio. it reads that 'His hobbies include tennis, swimming and informatics', sounds a bit like a personals ad. lets translate: he plays with a partner, he plays with himself and he surfs the net for porn. from my experience at online personals, I am sure that a correct reading.

See if you really want to impress someone, you have to put enough hair spray in your hair to have your own hole in the ozone layer. Greek hair that Effie would be proud of, that was Cyprus in 1991

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 Estonia has won one Eurovision, debatably one more than they deserved. That was in 2001, though you might think it was in the 1970's, except that Estonia have only been in Eurovision since 1994.

The song from Estonia is getting me back to the club/party songs of this years Eurovision, which i haven't missed. it isn't the strongest of that genre, or the weakest, so it might be the second final for Estonia since the introduction of the semi.

OK, ignore the 1.5 verses of lyrics, the ill-fitting dress and princess singing the song. Yeah this song is lame, but the performance is pretty neato. I have even put down the glass I am drinking from and I still think this is a good little performance. it wont win, but it brings this act from being a toilet break song to something that could be potentially good to watch.

I am still impressed by the appearance of that baton. i love acts in Eurovision that seem to pull random props out of their arse. I am unimpressed by the dancer with the 'bleached sides and black top' hairdo THING! so it all balances out to be average, which defines Eurovision really, really average.

Getting back to better memories for Estonia, maybe. Home ground advantage sometimes helps, but the cost of Hosting a Eurovision is high. unfortunately the only cost cutting appears to be in Sahlene's skirt. Maybe KFC was a sponsor in 2002, so she was promoting the thighs?

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 The Netherlands may have won 4 Eurovisions in the first 20 year of the contest, but in recent years, they cant even get into the final. since the introduction of the semi, they have only progressed to the final once and that was in the first year that the semi existed in 2004

After 36 years of poor reseults, the Netherlands has one hope: they say Holland was saved by the little boy who put his finger in the dike. I think he had better warm that finger up then...

This song is a definite improvement on recent years. Bad News for the dutch is that they are against Ireland and Israel in their semi who are early favourites, the good news is 10 countries squeeze through to the final. I think this will qualify, which could cause half the population of the Netherlands to pass out of shock... well they may pass out at least... 

A more serious look at the song, at at least 'at the sweet end of your trail' leaves me more questions than answers... if she is leaving a trail maybe she should see a doctor, that could be a urinary tract infection, though she could just be like stirring the porridge... but you can get that from your Netherlands... 

Going back to happier times and happier thoughts, 1957, the first Eurovision win for the Netherlands, back in the days where there was no maximum length for the song, you have been warned:

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Belarus appear to be a country in Eurovision just to make the numbers, in fact I firmly believe that Russia pay for Belarus' entrance fee every year just to get the points from them. Belarus have only ever made the final twice in 7 attempts and one of those they finished second last. They are never really a threat in the competition and this year is no exception. 

I guess the only reason I love Belarus is for their use of Engrish... 

Musically this song has potential, it gives you something to work with. the vocalist appears to be a strong singer, and could have potentially done something, anything... but this? I mean sure, she is possibly the wrong voice for the music, but I think the lyrics are like a lead weight dragging this song down. everything else could have been salvaged with a good lyric, but this is nowhere near a good lyric.

'I love Belarus, got it deep inside, I love Belarus, feel it in my mind, And I wanna see the sun shining from above, You will always be the one, I can't get enough, And I'm gonna every day give you all my love'. Enough said. 

so, from one great big steaming pile of shit to another. This song Gave Belarus their best ever result... 6th... how?

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 Denmark last won Eurovision in 2000 after waiting for 37 years for their second win. admittedly 10 years through the 60's and 70's Denmark didn't compete and 1994 they were relegated. They haven't stopped trying though, and even if most of their acts in recent years have been a big 'naff', we still have them in the contest. 

At least Denmark can count on votes from their friends, thus ensuring they have only finished last once. yay for the Nordic countries... 

Wow, this sound takes me back... i would expect this sound in about 1992 at best, but retro is in isnt it. but retro explains the sound, what explains the hair? molded from an old toothbrush perhaps?

I don't hate this song, lets face it, i love the early 90's, and though it is the best thing Denmark has sent to Eurovision in ages, I just keep hearing Duran Duran. Eurovision is not known for its originality, and they are no Wild Boys, and they hey may be Hungry Like the Wolf to win, they may have to Save a Prayer and go to Rio instead. Sorry, that last part was all just The Reflex or mentioning Duran Duran....

Anyways, after ten years out of the contest, this is what Denmark returned with. Did i say yay for Nordic countries? Enjoy:

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 Latvia may have won Eurovision in their third attempt but in the last couple years they have failed to qualify for the final. Last year Latvia did so bad, they finished last in their Semi, but what for? only Mr god knows why....

This year Latvia's result has to improve. though they are not sending in the emotional choice like some countries, this will go better than last year because, lets face it, it cant do worse....

i wish Latvia went with the emotional choice and Iceland didn't. nothing against this song, but this year is tending to look a little like the euroclubsongfest more than the eurovision song contest. wheres the vision? where is 'outside the box'?

This song is my favourite use of engrish so far this year. Maybe when the singer finishes his education, he might use less engrish and more english, but I fear he wont bother. he will be successful and wont need an education. he needs a haircut, a real one and not that monstrosity. 

This song improves with a few listens. have tortured myself about 5 times already.Musically it is well developed, but I dont think it is as strong as other dance tracks this year. it isnt what I usually like to hear from Latvia, which is more like this:

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 Belgium's claim to fame in Eurovision is that their only win came from a 13 year old girl. Since that win, an age limit was put on the contest and now all contestants must be 16, so Sandra Kim will forever remain the youngest Eurovision winner. 

This year marks 25 years since Belgium's win and they are hoping that with love (baby), they can win. 

The bass and beatbox is amazing in this song, and though I love how talent can shine in a capella, I find that the girls be a bit pitchy. as seen in the live performance. it hasnt set off any of the local dogs though, so that means it may not be bad... but then the UK and Croatia were the only two that have got dogs going, and the UK is looking good. so not setting off the dogs is bad.... anyways

I like this alot better than their song from last year which came 6th. This year though I am working on the Jedward scale. do I like this more or less than Jedward. I think it is equal, though i think on the night, Jedward will finish better than Witloof Bay

Now to an act that appears to be made up of Philippinno mail order brides doing Karaoke, though they dont sound that bad, they just look that bad

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 Israel have done pretty well for themselves. For a country that isn't even part of Europe, they have managed to win Eurovision 3 times, including once with this years singer Dana International

will going back to an artist that was successful improve Israels results in Eurovision and lets face it, the last decade has been pretty crap for Israel

Dana International was the first transsexual to enter Eurovision and win. Almost as famous as her win was her fall in 1999 in presenting that years winner their trophy. She graciously took the fall, a fall that will no doubt be replayed many times prior to the 2011 event.

I was never big on "Diva", and a large part of that was that I thought the vocals were fairly average on the night. in the national final in Israel, Dana International also appeared to suffer from live performance issues. The single sounds great, and fortunately for her most of the votes will be cast before we find out if the vocals are alright on the night, but if the sound issues and backing vocals are much worse than the national final, the fall in 1999 will be her amongst least embarrassing moments in Eurovision.

This song will easily make the final. dont know about reaching the heights of Diva, but, meh, we will see... talking about Diva:


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