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This is all of the semi final 2 performers this year. SPOILER ALERT this has details of their performances as well as a link to their rehearsals. If you want to keep how dire the acts are a surprise, please stop reading now

There is always one Eurovision semi that is far better than the other. This is not the better semi.


full list of second semi finalists )

so in short, I doubt anything from this semi will win or even come close. either the song is dire or the performance it not good enough to get it votes.
Best performances: well... possibly slovenia
Auto non-qualifiers: either greece or poland wont qualify or both,

the highlight of this semi is clearly Jessica Mauboy

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Lithuania is officially the last country on the agenda for 2014 and it is a song that is sure to get your attention, it actually demands it. I personally think it sounds only marginally better than corellas screaming outside my bedroom window at 7am, but that's just my opinion.

Artist: Vilija Matačiūnaitė
Song: Attention

This song was apparently written as a reggae style song, and I would have liked to have heard that. It is like Montenegro's entry from last year, Igranka, without the rap. That song failed to qualify for the final despite doing quite well with the presentation. Attention may qualify to make the numbers.

My biggest concern with the clip is about 2 minute in when she sits on the head of her male backing dancer. Then his head appears to pop out of Vilija's arse. Possibly best not to dwell on that image.

This song is almost smack bang in the middle of the second semi, so it is perfect for a toilet break. I wont be leaving the TV though because I want to see how this is presented and what other orifices heads can pop out of.

After about 6 weeks and 37 songs it is time to go back to where this all started with Moldova. Here is an outfit almost as confusing as the black tutu in the clip for Attention. I wouldn't be able to sing in this outfit either.

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Norway is currently in the top 5 with most of the bookmakers this year. His results hinge on his live performance which needs to be better than the Melodi Grand Prix. Can he do it? I hope so.

Artist: Carl Espen
Song: Silent Storm

From what I can find, this guy is a nobody who just happened to have a cousin who could write a brilliant song. It is so simple and understated. Yeah sure, Carl is not the best singer, but if this song is presented right, it will be right up there.

You just read this guys biography and it makes you want him to win. Raised by a single mum, he won a singing contest when he was 16 and joined the military and served in Kosovo. He has worked all sorts of crap jobs and done volunteer work for cancer research. Guy deserves a break really.

Norway is a country that tries in Eurovision and this could be the second consecutive year that Norway has finished in the top 5 after Margaret Berger. Norway has had eleven last places, 4 of those after scoring no points at all doesn't really say they have been trying but they have still entered every year since 1971 (except in 2002 when they were relegated) and that has got to count for something

I have been wanting to post “Een Speeldoos” from 1963. I know in Dutch it translates to “A Musical” but every time I see the title I think of speedos, something I don't want to see Carl Espen in, he is possible too hirsute for budgie smugglers.

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Georgia have thrown everything at Eurovision and though they almost always qualify for the final, they have yet to win. This year the bookmakers think this is the second worst song over all. I wouldn't quite be so hard on this song

Artist: The Shin & Mariko
Song: Three Minutes to Earth.

It starts off and you think it is something from the Lion King, then it changes to something completely different. It takes almost 1 minute before the sing starts. Then it chops and changes a few more times then suddenly stops, the song ends abruptly. This song is different at least.

I am not sure about the dancing in the background of this clip. It the dancing is there on the night it will just make this song more interesting. It is also good to see that Colin Grigson (Rik Mayall) got a new band after Bad News.

I really want to like this song but I can't, there is nothing in it that endears it to me. It is 4th in the semi so that's too early for even a toilet break. It might qualify for the final just to make the numbers.

I don't get what Georgia’s song is meant to be about, but I do know that Earth can be translated to Jord in Nordic languages and and “For vår jord” was the 1988 entry for Norway

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Israel have won three Eurovision song contests, the most recent of which was 1998. Since then they haven't really looked like winning. Nothing much has changed this year

Artist: Mei Finegold
Song: Same Heart

“Don’t need to be criticised” but you will be darl'. What is with the Beyonce body suits, anyways. Seriously! Also “They are as long as the infinity”. The lyrics of this song hurt.

This is one of those lazy song where one verse is done in English and one in the artists native language, in this case Hebrew. The last song that did this and won was Wild Dancers in 2004 and that won more because of the performance than the song (the song that came second actually beat the Ukraine in the semi).

The song and presentation are less than the singer deserves, but I think that's her own fault for being too malleable as an artist. It is something you see of a lot of artist who come up through Idol-esque competitions, they will do anything, any song to have a single. She is a rock singer with a pop song and try as she might she cannot make it rock enough.

Bad songs that use both English and the artists native language.. That's a little Like Georgia in 2012

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Malta is not known for sending anything different to Eurovision. It is usually pop or ballads... or pop ballads. This year completely lacks originality. It almost sounds like Mumford & Sons and even the title was stolen from an Icelandic Eurovision act from a few years ago. Maybe it should be called 'going home' rather than 'coming home'.

Artist: Firelight
Song: Coming Home.

I wish they would bring back Chiara. I never that huge on her, but I prefer her singing a ballad to this folk-pop that is suddenly popular. It is strange that when an act comes in to fill a void, how many other acts come in to block that void so no one can escape. It is like an S-bend full of crap.

This song is mostly harmless. The style can be heard in any Irish themed pub at after 10pm if you are sober enough to listen, and this being Eurovision, I don't plan to be sober enough to listen. Unfortunately seeing this is the first song in the second semi final though, I may have to be sober. Damn.

This should qualify for the final, but then any shit can qualify. It might do well only because drunk people vote. I think if this finishes in the top half in the final though, they can consider that a good showing.

Richard Edwards from Firelight plays an Appalachian mountain dulcimer, which is a fairly unusual instrument. There has been a few unusual instruments on the Eurovision stage. Switzerland played, amongst other things, rubbish bags in 1979. More traditional, unusual instruments from 2012 included Romania who sent a Romanian bagpipe Azerbaijan with a Duduk for When the Music Dies

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Ireland are the most successful country in Eurovision history and the only country to have scored three wins in three consecutive years. This will not be a song to join that Irish Eurovision legend though.

Artist: Can-Linn featuring Kasey Smith
Song: Heartbeat

I don't think I have used the term Ethno-pop enough this year, but this qualifies in that category. Many countries rip of the Celtic sound so you would think Ireland would be successful using it, but in recent years they have not been as successful as the imitations.

I notice that Kasey Smith is a former girl-band member with Wonderland (yeah I had not heard of them until today either) who is concentrating on her solo career. She is performing with Can-linn which apparently comes from the Irish for 'to sing together', but she doesn't want to sing together which is why there is no longer a Wonderland...

Kasey has been working in Tennessee, USA, on her solo career. From there she seems to have developed a country twang which makes her sound a little like an Australian named Kasey, though she is more of a cross between Shania Twain and Anastacia. None of this means this will not qualify, but I am sure it wont win

Ethno-pop can win Eurovision and even when it doesn't win, it generally does fairly well. Armenia reached 4th in 2008 with some classic Ethno-pop.

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Romania have never finished higher than 3rd in Eurovision. This years act is one of the two acts that have finished third. I generally dislike repeat offenders in Eurovision, but these guys are good

Artist: Paula Seling and OVI
Song: Miracle

Last time these guys went to Eurovision I was not fond of the song initially. I was waiting for a car crash on the high notes but instead they gave us the most amazing performance of the night. Paula hit all the insane notes in the song .

They will smash it on the night. This song is better than the last song they took to Eurovision, though it does have that sound about it that it could be used as a summer promo ad or even as a coca-cola commercial. The song is very commercial in a good way.

The bookies have this song sitting on the edge of the top ten. I like it more than that and I think in the end this will be in my top 5. Auto qualifier for this one.i would be a miracle if they did win but they will be in the final.

Most countries have had a repeat offender or two. Portugal have had 2, the second being Carlos Mendes who offended in 1972

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Poland has never won Eurovision and since the semi's came in they have only qualified once, and even that was just. This year will follow the usual trend

Artist: Donatan & Cleo
Song: My Słowianie - We Are Slavic

This clip is designed for straight guys who want to watch the song with the sound off. They even had to extend the clip beyond the end of the song to ensure they got enough cleavage shots. Maybe this is not meant to be a music clip but a mail order bride catalogue, though don't mail order brides usually come from Poland's neighbours, Russia and Ukraine. Maybe Poland is trying to start a new export industry, tits.

According to their bio, the clip has been viewed more than 40 million times since the song was released! This could explain why the bookies have this song in the top ten, as apparently you tube hits are used in their algorithms to calculate odds. That is about the only logical reason.

Regardless of the popularity of the clip, this is a sound that is available everywhere. The US regurgitates these sounds and regardless of their sales, it wont necessarily translate to Eurovision success. Remember that their live act will have to be more demure than this clip because Eurovision is a family show, not a making a family show.

Regions are often represented in Eurovision songs. Serbia did it with 'Ovo je Balkan' in 2010 and a year earlier Romania sung about the Balkan girls who apparently like to partly like nobody likes to party

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Slovenia have only qualified for two finals since the semi was formally introduced, and much of that was with the aid of Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina. Without them in the competition however, Slovenia has little chance this year.

Artist: Tinkara Kovač
Song: Round and Round

Even though it will not qualify, the song is possibly one of the better ones this year. I always think the writer is a bit slack though when the song is half English and have another language. It is like the lyricist wrote half song and then got slack and translated part of it to make another verse. It doesn't matter if it is a translation of the first or not, it just feels like it is so it is a rip off.

I hope the performance is better than the clip. The clip just makes me dizzy. Nice idea, but not well execute

As for the flute, heaps of singers play an instrument on stage, but a wind instrument must be difficult when you are trying to sing as well. Where do you put the flute for the part of the performance when you are not playing it... or do I not want to know...

Flutes we always in the band pit in the good old days, but flute features on stage have cropped up many times. Here is Sweden in 1966 with a flautist imported from the US

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Austria are in the middle of a long dry spell in Eurovision. The only win Austria have managed was in 1966 with Udo Jürgens third entry in the event in a row. I doubt Conchita Wurst will go in thrice, but you never know.

Artist: Conchita Wurst
Song: Rise like the Phoenix

There is usually a Kitsch-ness to drag acts in Eurovision. Slovenia's Sestre and Denmark's DQ exemplified this. These acts were also shown up by their poor singing. Before taking on the persona or Conchita, Tom Neuwirth was already a finalist in a popstars like singing contest in Austria and was quite the little performer.

Though Conchita's chances don't look great (the bookies put Austria out of the top 10), it appears she may have had an affect on the favourites chances. Since controversy broke last week in comments by Aram MP3 that appeared to be trans and homophobic, Armenia's odds has slipped slightly from even money to not so even money. I appreciated that from this Conchita has made this year more interesting and that gets votes from me for that.

I like what she represents and stands for. As for the song, meh, it is another bond theme. At the moment though I only want it to win to fvck up Aram MP3.

Attempted Bond themes crop up regularly in Eurovision. Some, like Slovenian 2005 try to be deliberately bad so as to hide that it is an attempted Bond theme, but we know what you are up to, you crazy Slovenes.

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Greece really cant afford to enter Eurovision, but I guess if Germany is giving them the money, they can do anything. If Greece wins then Germany will be paying for the 2015 Eurovision in Greece, I doubt they will though with this

Artist: Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd
Song: Rise Up

This song is likely popular in nightclubs across Europe is not the whole world, but it wont do well in Eurovision. The Eurovision Audience doesn't like club music or hip hop of any sort. Lets face it though, Greece are not in it to win it, they are just there to waste Germany's money.

Am always concerned with songs like this and how they can successfully reproduce their sound without using vocal loops. Vocals featured on the backing track are banned (1.2.2.E: Artists shall perform live on stage, accompanied by a recorded backing track which contains no vocals of any kind or any vocal imitations. The Host Broadcaster shall verify respect for this rule), however there is nothing to say a vocal cannot be recorded on stage and then looped, implied yes, but not expressly stated. Then in saying that, the average pop-princes could then also record her chorus vocal and play it in the last chorus to allow her to do vocal gymnastics over the vocal and allowing her to have 5 dancers on the stage rather than having to give up one dancer for a backing singer. It is an interesting scenario. Not amusing, but interesting.

So Greece wont win because no one votes for the poor countries. NEXT!

The only good thing about this song is that it is classier than what Austria sent in 2014

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Finland took forever to work out how to win a Eurovision and finally work it out, they just needed a little Hard Rock Hallelujah. This year instead of hard rock they are sending softcockrock.

Artist: Softengine
Song: Something Better

This song was a last minute entry to Eurovision, which shows, but it also took ten days to write and record. Some bands could knock out a whole album in that time. It wouldn't be a great album, it would be rather formulaic, but then this song is pretty much that too.

The song isn't bad, I mean as a song writer you would have to be pissed if you spent 10 days working on a song and it turned out to be a steaming pile of shit. It is just something that any US softcockrock band could have done a decade ago. It is nothing special. It is not too good but not totally crap

I think with all rock music the proof is how it is performed live. The best thing about Eurovision is that for good or ill, every vocal is live. This should be too much of a car crash.

If you are going to do Softcockrock at Eurovision, at least give it a bit of ethno. Albania did Ethnosoftcockrock last year and it failed to qualify. No one likes a softcocks though

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Macedonia has chased the Eurovision crown for close to two decades, but over the last 6 years they have only qualified for the final once with a rock chick. This year they have tried to get something for the 'kids' and something popular. So they are sending this cardboard cut out popstar

(video updated 12/4/14)

Artist: Tijana
Song: To The Sky

I sat there after I head this song trying to work out what it sounded like. It bugged me for ages, then it hit me, it sounded like 'Feel This Moment' by Pitbull and Christina Agruilera. It similarities go to the fact that neither song is particularly original in sound or styling.

This song has a target audience. Yes this song is a wanna be gay anthem. It fails at being a gay anthem though because no self respecting gay man would be seen with a cheap copy, which really defines this song and Tijana, who is a little like a poor man's Pink.

It is always smart to pick an artist who is popular in other countries, but you should check first if that country is already competing in Eurovision. Tijana is popular in Serbia who, with Croatia, have not entered this years contest. This will make it an uphill battle for any former Yugoslav country and when it comes to pushing shit uphill, well that's this song. No winner here.

Last year I compared Finland's entry to Pink, I kind of feel bad making the comparison, Pink didn't deserve it. Finland also likes singing about the Sky like they did in 1979. At least the blonde hair on that enrty was natural, unlike Macedonia...

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Switzerland go back to the start of Eurovision, they hosted the first event and won it. Lys Assia may be a legend of Eurovision, but Switzerland are not so legendary. The only other Eurovision win was in 1988 with a ring-in from Canada. In the last decade Switzerland have only qualified for the final 3 times and I doubt they will beat that drought with this years entry.

Artist: Sebalta
Song: Hunter of Stars

There are only two things that can help this song qualify. The first is the singers looks. The second is if everything else in its semi is utter crap, which is plausible, this is Eurovision after all.

The song is not terrible, it is just that there is nothing good about the song except the singers looks. I want to see him come out on stage on the night dressed like Robin Hood or something. He can store the bow for his violin in a quiver and whip it out to do the desperate violin solo. Yes the violin solo is desperate because it has been featured in a lot of good songs that have won Eurovision. This song is not good enough for a violin solo

I don't think this is a step up from the Salvation Army Band that Switzerland sent to Eurovision last year, at best it is a step sideways. Hopefully if Switzerland steps sideways enough, their acts will land in a river and drown before they get to Eurovision. If that happens Switzerland, Europe will thank you.

The most notably annoying bit of this song is the whistling. If Belgium in 1957 is anything to go by, whistling gets you no where.

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Belarus has had a history of just making up the numbers in Eurovision. They are basically there to ensure Russia gets 12 points and they have kept up this end of the bargain in 7 of the 10 Eurovisions they have been in, which is the same amount of Eurovisions that Belarus has not qualified for the final in. I mean how could 'We are the Heroes' not qualify.

Artist: Teo
Song: Cheesecake

This song does certainly have the emphasis on cheese, but I like it. if it was sung by someone who could speak English better it would awesome. I want this to qualify for the final so we have an excuse to eat cheesecake while watching the Eurovision final at 4am ([ profile] fluidsparkles, we should probably make the cheesecake while we are sober)

'Google maps' has been change to 'All the Maps' to comply with Eurovision rules. This song (other than trying to sing in English) doesn't appear that hard for Teo live so it wont be a carcrash, unless Teo falls over trying to do his tango moves. This song though is proof of something all student will tell you, the best work is done at the last minute. As a songwriter Teo already had two songs (sung by other artists) in the Belorussian national final. With an hour and a half to go before submissions closed he decided to enter himself with this. That doesn't show at all, does it.

This song is in the smaller semi where only 5 songs wont qualify, so despite this song being almost universally panned by fans, it should get in to the final. I want Justin Timberlake or someone to cover this though. It is fun and that's seriously what Eurovision is about, fun and getting drunk.

Though this song has a serious theme about wanting to be respected, it does come off a little tongue-in-cheek, which doesn't often come off well at Eurovison. Just ask Iceland from 2006


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