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Artist Levina
Song: Perfect Life
Odds: $101

Word of the day
Drei - Three
it could well be three years in a row at the bottom of the table for Germany with this one.

According to Lavina herself, the most impressive facts about her is “My particularly deep voice, my long legs, and the fact that I started taking singing lessons at the age of nine”. That is not particularly impressive. It is interesting and perhaps a bit sad that she has to bring up a physical attribute to answer the question, but then most women would which says more about the state of society than Levina or her song.

This entry is perhaps the least interesting out of everything going to Eurovision. Even Plagiarism claims fail to make it interesting. The song is not bad but the entire blurb around it does nothing to pump up a little known singer. Even the song writers are not that interesting, a couple of American hacks best known for B-sides, TV soundtracks and follow up singles. Yes Lindy Robbins has had a few high selling singles and even number one’s (at least one) , but this is Eurovision and chart success means little. What means something is that the writers say this song predates the 2014 song it is accused of plagiarising. That means this song has been sitting in the reject bin for at last 2 years… or that the songwriters have lied.

From 2493 singers to 33 to 5 to 3 to 2 until Levina was the last one standing at Unser Song 2017, The German National selection. Germany could have given Eurovision Axel Feige singing Wildfire, but instead we get a song that will only serve to fill a space at the bottom of the leader-board

In 1974 Germany finished at the bottom of the table. It doesn’t appear they will fare much better in 2017

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Previous Entries: 59
Wins: 2 1982 Nicole - Ein bißchen Frieden
            2010 Lena – Satellite
First Entry: 1956 Walter Andreas Schwarz - Im Wartesaal zum großen Glück
Most recent Entry: 2015 Ann Sophie – Black Smoke
National anthem: Deutschlandlied


Jamie-Lee – Ghost

Germany is sending a K and J Pop loving vegan to warble though a song that wouldn’t be that bad if it could be clearly sung. Yes the song is a little Rhianna in sound but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery or something…

The bookmakers have this on the edge of the top 20, and seeing this is song is already in the final it means that the bookies think this is just going to be making the numbers. Making the numbers is what Germany usually does best but I think this song might do a little better than the bottom of the rankings. Sentimentality for Germany’s 60th Eurovision will possibly get a few votes.

I am looking forward to seeing this performed only for the outfit. Many performers look at great designers for an outfit, but Jamie-lee will be looking at Korea, a country she is obsessed with. She is going to love the Australian entrant Dami Im.

This year’s entry may win the Barbara Dex but most German outfits are more subdued like in 1957

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Population: 80 716 000
Area: 357 168 kms2
Language: German
Eurovision attendances: 58
Eurovision Wins: 2 (1982, 2010)

Ann Sophie - Black Smoke

I can understand why this song came second in the German final because I don’t think it was good enough to win. I would love to know the real reason Andreas Kümmert (the artist who was voted the winner of the national selection) withdrew because his song was really good. I also hope the German broadcaster forces him to be their entry next year.

Ann Sophie looks remarkably like Germany’s most recent Eurovision winner, Lena Meyer-Landrut. Maybe she is Lena the repeat offender and she has written a fake bio and changed her name so she can enter again. It would not be the first time someone has lied about their personal information to get to Eurovision, right Belgium…

To quote Pricilla she’s ‘a bloody good little performer’, etc. The bookmakers imply that it would not make the final if this song was not an automatic qualifier and I agree.

In other bridesmaids, Wind came second at Eurovision twice, the second time in 1987

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SPOILER ALERT: if you are yet to watch the semis, this is a list of the running order of the final, so the 11 non-qualifiers are not listed. if you don't want to know who qualified, stop reading now.

Other than an update  on the odds, this is mainly a copy and paste of what I wrote earlier in the week, mainly because it is not fair to base Denmark and the big 5 on their rehearsal and the 20 acts that qualified from the semis on their polished performance complete with gimmicks and effects, but Romania was pretty awesome in the end

Final running order )
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The semi performances will be the same in the final for those that make it. There are 6 that have already made it though to the final, most because they pay to.

The big 5 are German, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain and they are the the biggest financial contributors to the EBU. Denmark also Auto qualify for the Final because they allegedly sent the best act last year, they were at least determined to be the winner of last years contest.

so these are the other 6 rehearsals.

Auto-qualifiers for the final )

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Germany has tried many styles of music to win Eurovision including big band and country, but they have only come out with two gongs. This year they are not trying.

Artist: Elaisa
Song: Is It Right

To answer your question, no it is not right, it is wrong, very wrong. I mean are they trying to put the sexy back into piano accordions? Can we bring back relegation and ban Germany from Eurovision for this shit?

OK when it gets to the bit before the chorus it improves slightly, and a good performance could make this song interesting at least. When the song starts though, I keep thinking it is leading into a Zorba's dance. Maybe that's what they could do...

The bookies don't rate this and neither do I. I think Germany will be in the bottom ¼ of the results, though they should be used to that by now

There has been many accordions featured in Eurovision according to the internet. One to block out of your mind was Latvia in 2001. This finished the night 18th out of 23. How?

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Country: Germany

Debut: 1956
Previous Appearances: 56
Wins: 2 (1982 – Nicole 'Ein bißchen Frieden', 2010 – Lena 'Satellite')

Artist: Cascada
Song: Glorious

this clip has taught me two things. The first is that if you stick excessive amounts of glitter on your arms, it makes you look like a bear, not a good look for a chick. The second thing I learned was that if you wear a corset and don't pull it tight at all, it looks quite ridiculous.

This song is a gay/dancefloor anthem and that's all it wants to be. I doubt Cascada care if they don't win because every mardi gras for the next 12 months will feature this song and that will make them enough money, thank you very much.

This will do average to well in the final depending on what else gets in, that is my prediction.

I would say definitively that this wont win but Wunder gibt es immer wieder

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Performer: Roman Lob
Song: Standing Still

OK, I am so over all the performers who were born in the 90's. I REMEMBER THE 1990'S I watched my first Eurovision in the 1990's. Eurovision is beginning to make me feel old. 

The first couple times I listen to this song, I was like 'Meh'. it sounds like alot of the songs that have come out over the last decade. It has grown on m the more times I have heard it though. I still don't like the line near the end 'when summers dead and gawrn'. I believe the word is 'gone' not 'gawrn', but I am being nitpicky.

Germany gets an 'A' for effort, and though they are realistically on of the few countries that could host the 2013 event, and hell their bailouts of other countries as got to get them votes, it will get close, but no cigar. I like this more than the financial favourites, but it needs an awesome performance and that will be hard if he is standing still.... 

A reasonable song, as this is, can be ruined by a poor performance. Switzerland failed to qualify for the final in 2008 with Era Stupendo because the act was crap and near the end he was so off pitch. So a performance is need, but Roman needs to also be standing still. If you are not standing still you could have a routine like Germany's 1977 entry.


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