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SPOILER ALERT: if you are yet to watch the semis, this is a list of the running order of the final, so the 11 non-qualifiers are not listed. if you don't want to know who qualified, stop reading now.

Other than an update  on the odds, this is mainly a copy and paste of what I wrote earlier in the week, mainly because it is not fair to base Denmark and the big 5 on their rehearsal and the 20 acts that qualified from the semis on their polished performance complete with gimmicks and effects, but Romania was pretty awesome in the end

  1. Ukraine: top 5 in the odds, and Ukraine shows how Europe can make up for the energy they will lose if Russia wont supply them with a massive hamster wheel.

  2. Belarus: Teo looks like a boyband rather than a solo singer. odds don't rate a mention though I think this song is fun

  3. Azerbaijan: this has dropped out of the top ten since the semis, thought it is well-rated with other performers. at least she doesn't stand completely still, and the trapeze isn't sand girl (from Ukraine in 2011) but she will do.

  4. Iceland: The bookies don't rate this but I think it is fun. They use the backdrop very well though they are a bit pitchy at the end I think, though this is only a rehearsal

  5. Norway: the bookmakers, they have it at 10th, so it has dropped since the semi. The fact that he is not a seasoned performer shows and the song stars really average but builds to an ok performance

  6. Romania: such an average performance for a song that really could have had a chance. currently 12th with the bookmakers so the fourth highest this semi (behind Norway, Israel and Austria)

  7. Armenia: this years favourite to win last week has dropped to third since the semis. his face contorts like he is constipated in rehearsal

  8. Montenegro: they have faux ice skating on stage. a real one won for Russia once.  not highly rated.

  9. Poland: the screen in the background shows they are trying to get as close to porn as they can without being banned. The bookies rate it in the middle somewhere

  10. Greece: someone brought a tramp on to the Eurovision stage, and for once tramp is short for trampoline. how is this top ten in the markets?

  11. Austria: Currently 2nd in the odds after jumping after their semi from 12th. The performance doesn't help the song much

  12. Germany: Eliza is very much the arts student. cull song though and not that interesting performance. she needs a better outfit

  13. Sweden: the new favourite with the bookmakers since a couple days ago. fvcking boring as batshit performance

  14. France: what the fvck is the bassist wearing. this song is proof that France do not want to host a Eurovision

  15. Russia: mid range odds. This act has been compared with soft porn and not just because they were child stars. If those 1950s nighties are their outfits... well...

  16. Italy:  Italy's return to Eurovision has been blighted by poor performances of good songs. this year they have learned how to perform. if the Camera work is also right then they only have to work on their backdrops

  17. Slovenia: The Bookmakers don't rate this song, but it is one of the better performances of the night

  18. Finland:surly you could find something better than a silver suit jakcet. are you a porn star, Father Ted or a 70's tv show host?

  19. Spain: this song could be a sleeper, it is currently around 11th with the bookmakers and the performance is rubbish but the backdrop and the dress are gorgeous. if she nails the vocals, watch out.

  20. Switzerland: All the dogs in Copenhagen will come for this song. I wanted this to be set up with a Robin Hood theme and I didn't get anything like that. another boring performance

  21. Hungary: top ten with the bookies. There are obviously two rehearsals cut into this one and I love how they integrate the dance with the rest of the performance and the song. this is 7th with the bookies atm. it could do better

  22. Malta: Firelight pulls out their unusual instrument and plays with it on stage. the bookies have this as mid-range which I think is generous. Nice touch with the images of (presumably) missing children in the background

  23. Denmark:the bleach blonde dancer, he is just too enthusiastic. Does he think he is Michael Jackson or something? actually this song is beginning to sound too Jackson 5. Top ten with the bookies.

  24. The Netherlands: the bookies think more highly of this than I do. it has jumped from about 24th, in to 3rd after their semi, and since the second semi it has settled to 4th. boring as batshit performance

  25. San Marino: this doesn't even make the betting sheet. good to see they finally qualified. ANOTHER PERSON STANDING IN THE SAME SPOT. move damn it!

  26. United Kingdom: Molly is wearing gold alfoil and feathers. the backing singers also have feathers. she must be doing something right because she has gone up with the bookmakers, very high up, like her hemline. the UK seems to think that the higher the hem the more votes, but they forget Jemini.very short dress, no points. Odds have this 6th after the semis, down from 3rd

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