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The semi performances will be the same in the final for those that make it. There are 6 that have already made it though to the final, most because they pay to.

The big 5 are German, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain and they are the the biggest financial contributors to the EBU. Denmark also Auto qualify for the Final because they allegedly sent the best act last year, they were at least determined to be the winner of last years contest.

so these are the other 6 rehearsals.

Germany: Eliza is very much the arts student. cull song though and not that interesting performance. she needs a better outfit
United Kingdom: Molly is wearing gold alfoil and feathers. the backing singers also have feathers. she must be doing something right because she has gone up with the bookmakers, very high up, like her hemline. the UK seems to think that the higher the hem the more votes, but they forget Jemini.very short dress, no points. Odds have this 3rd
France: what the fvck is the bassist wearing. this song is proof that France do not want to host a Eurovision
Denmark:the bleach blonde dancer, he is just too enthusiastic. Does he think he is Michael Jackson or something? actually this song is beginning to sound too Jackson 5. Top ten with the bookies.
Italy:  Italy's return to Eurovision has been blighted by poor performances of good songs. this year they have learned how to perform. if the Camera work is also right then they only have to work on their backdrops
Spain: this song could be a sleeper, it is currently around 12th with the bookmakers and the performance is rubbish but the backdrop and the dress are gorgeous. if she nails the vocals, watch out.


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