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Performer: Roman Lob
Song: Standing Still

OK, I am so over all the performers who were born in the 90's. I REMEMBER THE 1990'S I watched my first Eurovision in the 1990's. Eurovision is beginning to make me feel old. 

The first couple times I listen to this song, I was like 'Meh'. it sounds like alot of the songs that have come out over the last decade. It has grown on m the more times I have heard it though. I still don't like the line near the end 'when summers dead and gawrn'. I believe the word is 'gone' not 'gawrn', but I am being nitpicky.

Germany gets an 'A' for effort, and though they are realistically on of the few countries that could host the 2013 event, and hell their bailouts of other countries as got to get them votes, it will get close, but no cigar. I like this more than the financial favourites, but it needs an awesome performance and that will be hard if he is standing still.... 

A reasonable song, as this is, can be ruined by a poor performance. Switzerland failed to qualify for the final in 2008 with Era Stupendo because the act was crap and near the end he was so off pitch. So a performance is need, but Roman needs to also be standing still. If you are not standing still you could have a routine like Germany's 1977 entry.


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