Apr. 21st, 2017

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Artist Levina
Song: Perfect Life
Odds: $101

Word of the day
Drei - Three
it could well be three years in a row at the bottom of the table for Germany with this one.

According to Lavina herself, the most impressive facts about her is “My particularly deep voice, my long legs, and the fact that I started taking singing lessons at the age of nine”. That is not particularly impressive. It is interesting and perhaps a bit sad that she has to bring up a physical attribute to answer the question, but then most women would which says more about the state of society than Levina or her song.

This entry is perhaps the least interesting out of everything going to Eurovision. Even Plagiarism claims fail to make it interesting. The song is not bad but the entire blurb around it does nothing to pump up a little known singer. Even the song writers are not that interesting, a couple of American hacks best known for B-sides, TV soundtracks and follow up singles. Yes Lindy Robbins has had a few high selling singles and even number one’s (at least one) , but this is Eurovision and chart success means little. What means something is that the writers say this song predates the 2014 song it is accused of plagiarising. That means this song has been sitting in the reject bin for at last 2 years… or that the songwriters have lied.

From 2493 singers to 33 to 5 to 3 to 2 until Levina was the last one standing at Unser Song 2017, The German National selection. Germany could have given Eurovision Axel Feige singing Wildfire, but instead we get a song that will only serve to fill a space at the bottom of the leader-board

In 1974 Germany finished at the bottom of the table. It doesn’t appear they will fare much better in 2017


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