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The competitors have been determined and the running order has been decided by the Broadcaster SVT and European Musics Night of Nights is almost here. here are my final thoughts on the 26 acts...

possible spoilers )

14 hours until all the fun starts

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Country: Sweden

Debut: 1958
Previous Appearances: 52
Wins: 5 (1974 – ABBA 'Waterloo', 1984 – Herreys 'Diggi-loo Diggi-ley', 1991 – Carola 'Fångad av en stormvind', 1999 – Charlotte Nilsson 'Take Me To Your Heaven', 2012 – Loreen 'Euphoria')

Artist: Robin Stjernberg
Song: You

Sweden are desperate to ensure they don't have two wins in a row with this song. He needs to work on the first couple high notes because in this clip they hurt.

Remarkably, this song is quite well rated by the bookies. Seriously. Obviously the boomakers don’t listen to the songs before taken bets or making odds. Or maybe, like a lot of the acts and many of the viewers who vote and judges that determine the scores, they are completely tone deaf.

When he hits his stride, this is not completely dire. It may go top ten. This could be to the detriment of a couple of Swedens neighbours, namely Norway and Denmark who are a couple of the favourites.

Is Eurovision like a nightmare or Som en dröm

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Country: Spain

Debut: 1961
Previous Appearances: 52
Wins: 2 (1968 - Massiel 'La, La, La', tie 1969 – Salomé 'Vivo Cantando')

Artist: ESDM
Song: Contigo Hasta El Final

The name of this bad translates to Morpheus' Dream. Not even being stuck in the Matrix explains this though, it also doesn't explain the Brian Johnson (from AC/DC) look alike on guitar.

This is fairly innocuous radio music. Exploiting celtic sounds in Eurovision is so desperate and so 90's, but it is pretty, just not pretty enough.

The bookies don't rate this at all and I think it will only exist to keep other acts off the bottom of the table in the final

at least this is not one of those asked that should ask a professional to Enséñame a cantar

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Country: France

Debut: 1956
Previous Appearances: 55
Wins: 5 (1958 - André Claveau 'Dors, mon amour', 1960 - Jacqueline Boyer 'Tom Pillibi', 1962 - Isabelle Aubret 'Un premier amour', tie 1969 - Frida Boccara 'Un jour, un enfant', 1977 - Marie Myriam 'L'oiseau et l'enfant')

Artist: Amandine Bourgeois
Song: L'Enfer Et Moi

France has be trying a few things over the last few years to win the title that has eluded them for the last 36 years, they have even started using words in their songs that are not *shock* French. These attempts at change made the songs more interesting. This song remains in french and is possible as interesting, if not more so than anything they have sent to Eurovision in the last decade.

The singer is like a cross between Courtney Love and Amy Winehouse.... I don't know if she has the same additives in her body as they do though. It is a shame she was an idol winner because that implies she is quite the performer more than an actual talent.

The bookies don't rate this, but I wouldn't be surprised if it goes top ten just for being interesting

and this is over in Un, Deux, Trois

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Country: Germany

Debut: 1956
Previous Appearances: 56
Wins: 2 (1982 – Nicole 'Ein bißchen Frieden', 2010 – Lena 'Satellite')

Artist: Cascada
Song: Glorious

this clip has taught me two things. The first is that if you stick excessive amounts of glitter on your arms, it makes you look like a bear, not a good look for a chick. The second thing I learned was that if you wear a corset and don't pull it tight at all, it looks quite ridiculous.

This song is a gay/dancefloor anthem and that's all it wants to be. I doubt Cascada care if they don't win because every mardi gras for the next 12 months will feature this song and that will make them enough money, thank you very much.

This will do average to well in the final depending on what else gets in, that is my prediction.

I would say definitively that this wont win but Wunder gibt es immer wieder

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Country: Italy

Debut: 1956
Previous Appearances: 38
Wins: 2 (1964 - Gigliola Cinquetti 'Non ho l'età', 1990 - Toto Cutugno 'Insieme: 1992')

Artist: Marco Mengoni
Song: L'Essenziale

Oh my, it looks like he is trying to use his hair to poke the clouds to make it rain. What is with that hair? I think he needs to put a light on it to warn aricraft it is there so they don't fly into it. Maybe he thinks he is a unicorn or something, I don't know, but there is Something About Mary about that hair.

Other than the hair, I guess he is less sleazy and greasy than your average italian, but I really cannot get over that hair. The best bit of this clip is three minutes in when he goes into the water and loses the hair. Yay for the water!

There is nothing to fear with this song and even the bookies don't think it will win.

Anyway that's it with Italy, Addio, Addio

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Country: United Kingdom.

Debut: 1957
Previous Appearances: 55
Wins: 5 (1967 – Sandy Shaw 'Puppet on a String, tie 1969 - Lulu 'Boom Bang-a-bang', 1976 – Brotherhood of Man 'Save your Kisses for Me', 1981 – Bucks Fizz 'Making your Mind Up, 1997 – Katrina and the Waves 'Love Shine a Light')

Artist: Bonnie Tyler
Song: Believe in Me

The last time the UK won Eurovision it was with an act that first came to our attention a number of years before their entry and only had one song anyone cared about. This year the UK gives us Bonnie Tyler...

What I want to know is if for the live performance at Malmö they will put Vaseline on the camera lens for her. Also will there be sufficient time during the postcard to get the Vaseline off for the next act and is there enough Vaseline in the world for all the camera's that will be on her on the night.

This song doesn't impress me. It was recorded in Nashville and I think that shows but lets see how it goes on the night. The bookies give it a little hope, not much, and I don't give it any.

When talking about Eurovision, it is not always easy to Say Wonderful Things


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