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So this is it, the event we have all been waiting for, the Eurovision final.

I am happy that SBS has decided to broadcast all the semis and the final live this year, it is about bloody time, but I like many am over Julia Zimero and Sam Pang. I accept that it was proably SBS's perseverance with them and them going constantly to Europe for the event that got Australia a wild card, however can they just SHUT UP! The postcards are there for the commentators to talk over, not the hosts. Their parents obviously did not tell them that it is rude to talk when someone else is talking. They try so hard to come up with a funny line between them that they don't stop talking. they get to see each performer at least three times prior to the event. Why don't they watch the rehearsals and write their funny lines then... like a good comedian/comedienne would.

Gripes aside, here is the shit that Europe (and Australia) has dished up this year...

the full running order )
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United Kingdom
Population: 64 511 000
Area: 243 610 km2
Language: English
Eurovision Attendances: 57
Eurovision wins: 5 (1967,1969,1976, 1981, 1997)

Electro Velvet - Still In Love With You

This song has been widely panned but I think this song is about equal to Scooch, the UKs 2007 entry, and they finished second last… so it could be worse, it could be Jemini

The UK often have high expectations from crap songs, but the daily mail takes the cake calling Jade Ewan a failure. She finished 5th! That is the only top ten finish for the UK in the last decade! She was not a failure.

This year the UK are sitting outside of the top ten, which considering they are already in the final, is not good. Usually when the rest of the finalists are decided, the Auto-qualifiers plummet in the betting. If this finishes in the top 20 it will be more luck than song or performance.

This year the UK used an internal selection to choose their entrant. Are you sure you should be doing that

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Before the rehearsals get underway, here is a quick looks at the odds (Here from Good evening Europe)

Sweden are favourites with Italy close behind. They are followed by Australia, Estonia and Finland. The winner should be out of those in the top 5, but the outside chances, and those rounding out the top 10 are Russia, Norway, Azerbaijan, Slovenia and Iceland.

The top two are supported by a number of fan sites but with Italy being favourite. Can Italy be ripped off again?

Back to the bookies, the bottom of the ladder have these countries with the least chance of making the finals

Semi 1
FYR Macedonia

Semi 2
San Marino
Czech Republic

Lithuania, Hungary, Poland and Greece are also teetering on the edge a bit. Two of my favourites from semi one may not make the final.

it is also noteworthy that France, Germany and Austria are already so low with the bookmakers that they should be keeping everyone else propped up from the bottom in the final.

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Population: 46 464 053
Area: 505 990
Language: Spanish
Eurovision Attendances: 54
Eurovision wins: 2 (1968, 1969)

Edurne – Amanecer

This is the second song that features composition by Thomas G:son this Eurovision After Georgia’s entry. Maybe G:son is trying to be the new Ralph Siegel. All I can say is ‘please don’t’. One Siegel is too many

Edurne is another talent show loser who finishing 6th on Operación Triunfo, which from what I understand is like an idol/big brother bootcamp. I am sure that show would have been torture to watch. I hate 'talent' show contestants.

The song isn’t bad and the bookmakers currently have this in the top 20. I think it will finish somewhere around there, maybe.

In the end they say All this is music, or something like that. There is probably a better translation of the 1992 act.

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Population 23 813 000
Area: 7 692 024 km2
Language: English
Eurovision attendances: 0
Eurovision wins: 0

Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again

As an Australian I must apologise. We can do better than this. It is one of the worst things about being Australian, every time we have a chance to shine on the international stage we display something that can only be described as an embarrassment, Guy is no exception

Seriously, Guy is a former Idol winner, one of the things I hate about Eurovision in the last decade. The song is catchy and it hard to hate but Guy just shits me. Please give us another shot at Eurovision so we can send something really good… Please.

The bookmakers are saying this is top 5, and I am sure we will secure a heap of votes only because Australia does not get to host the vote if we do win, we get to co-host the event in a European city. Yes Australia wins (at least part of) the cost of the 2016 Eurovision and the opportunity to send something of quality next year. It sounds a little like a booby prize…

Australia has not had a chance to compete before, but we have been given the opportunity to embarrass ourselves… Yay Australia...

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Population 66 616 416
Area: 640 679 km2
Language: French
Eurovision attendances: 57
Eurovision wins: 5 (1958, 1960, 1962, 1969, 1977)

Lisa Angell - N'oubliez pas

The blurb about this song that it is "a great and beautiful chanson that evokes the First World War and at heart all wars". Don’t tell the French, but the drums make it sound more like a Napoleonic theme than a 20th century war song

The song is nice and well sung and all that but it needs a gimmick to win Eurovision and anything gimmicky would make the performance tasteless. It has… nothing really

The book makers already have this in the bottom half of the odds, which is bad because this is one of 6 songs that is already in the final. The only one of the 6 songs lower than this song in the offs is the German entry, who coincidently are the least likely to give this song votes…

France had happier times than this song. The last happy time was 38 years ago when they last won Eurovision.

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Population 8 579 747
Area: 83 879 km2
Language: German
Eurovision attendances: 47
Eurovision wins: 2 (1966, 2014)

The Makemakes - I Am Yours

This band is classed as pop –rock, kind of like the candy, but this song, if anything, is old-school. I would work just as well on a mono 45 as it does in HD, actually I think it would sound better on a 45. It would also sound good as the theme music to a TV series but the bookmakers don’t think it sounds that good as a Eurovision song.

This song won the national final so convincingly that I don’t know why Austria bothered with a superfinal. I don’t actually mind this song and it will get a big cheer in the final being the hometown hero.

The coolest thing about this band is that they named themselves after a dwarf planned that was discovered in 2005. That planet was named after an Easter Island deity because the planet was discovered just after Easter (makes sense). Makemake is proof that science and religion can get along.

From a little planet to My Little Planet from 1976

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Population: 60 782 668
Area: 301 335 km2
Language: Italian
Eurovision attendances: 40
Eurovision wins: 2 (1964 and 1990)

Il Volo - Grande Amore (full version. 3 minute version pending)

It has the look, it has the sound, who knows if the lyrics ruin it, but that doesn’t matter. All this song needs is the orchestra pit. It needs the live drums to make this song as big as it needs to be when presented in surround sound on a flat screen TV. Though this song will likely be disabled by the pre-recorded backing track, it is second with the bookmakers.

These guys are 20 and 21, have been performing together for 6 years and have released 4 albums. Nothing makes you feel as inadequate and untalented as that. These boys are just cruel. In saying that though, I don’t care too much for the song. It is nice but it doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it will on the night though with an awesome performance.

Il Volo, The Flight. The question is will this take flight on the night.

Il Volo were bambini when the Orchestra was last used in Eurovision, and their parents would have been Bambini in 1960 when Romantica represented Italy

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Population: 80 716 000
Area: 357 168 kms2
Language: German
Eurovision attendances: 58
Eurovision Wins: 2 (1982, 2010)

Ann Sophie - Black Smoke

I can understand why this song came second in the German final because I don’t think it was good enough to win. I would love to know the real reason Andreas Kümmert (the artist who was voted the winner of the national selection) withdrew because his song was really good. I also hope the German broadcaster forces him to be their entry next year.

Ann Sophie looks remarkably like Germany’s most recent Eurovision winner, Lena Meyer-Landrut. Maybe she is Lena the repeat offender and she has written a fake bio and changed her name so she can enter again. It would not be the first time someone has lied about their personal information to get to Eurovision, right Belgium…

To quote Pricilla she’s ‘a bloody good little performer’, etc. The bookmakers imply that it would not make the final if this song was not an automatic qualifier and I agree.

In other bridesmaids, Wind came second at Eurovision twice, the second time in 1987


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