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Semi final 2
Artist: Anja
Song: Where I am
Odds: $41

Word of the day
importeret - Imported
Fully imported...

This is the other Australian entry for the year. Anja was born in Australia, won The Voice Australia and has a longer bio on English Wikipedia than on the Danish one. Even the song writers are Australian. If it is ok to import a Princess from Australia, then you can import a whole Eurovision act it appears…

If you are going to co-write a song that you intend to sing, it is probably a good idea to ensure that it is all within your vocal range. The low notes seem to be a bit of a struggle for Anja. A better song could have shown why Anja as the only choice to win the third series of The Voice Australia.

This is like a Mariah Carey song without the loony, money hungry American. This could be good on the night or it could be spectacularly bad. Money ($41) is on good, not great but good.

Anja can sing, which would be useful if this was a singing contest, or even a song contest. Apparently it once was. Once upon a time being able to sing was a pre-requisite for entering Eurovision. 1962 was in that time.

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Previous entries: 44
Wins: 3 1963 Grethe and Jørgen Ingmann – Dansevise
            2000 Olsen Brothers - Fly on the Wings of Love
            2013: Emmelie de Forest – Only Teardrops
First Entry: 1957 Birthe Wilke and Gustav Winckler - Skibet skal sejle i nat
Most recent Entry: 2015 Anti Social Media - The Way You Are
National Anthems Der er et yndigt land
                    Kong Christian stod ved højen mast


Lighthouse X - Soldiers of Love

The song that came second in Denmark was by someone named Anja Nissen and I sat there looking at her name thinking “Why is that familiar”, then I discovered that she won The Voice Australia a few years back. If she had got through she might have got the 12 points from Australia, even though her song was very borderline being disqualified for potential live performances in 2014 by previous Eurovision winner Emmelie de Forest. The things that could have been make this event interesting.

What is not interesting is that Denmark is giving us a song that sounds like Christian music. There is nothing in the band blurb to say they are Christians but the band name Lighthouse X seems like a reference to The Beacon, which is the name used for many of the Salvation Army’s service. Alongside any reference to The Beacon by the Salvation Army, there is usually a picture of a lighthouse, which would explain the name. There is also the fact that they are ‘Soldiers of love for life’ seems like a reference to the gay hating Christian army’s soldiers covenant. But this is apparently not a subtle Christian take-over of Eurovision, it is all just coincidence.

Salvos went to Eurovision in 2013 under the name of Takasa and represented Switzerland. These are just a group of pretty boys though so I am sure they will fare better than the Swiss, who didn’t qualify from the semi. The bookmakers think Denmark might just qualify, the pretty ones generally do.

Denmark doesn’t always send the pretty boys to Eurovision, as seen in 1980

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Population 5 659 715
Area: 42 916km2
Language: Danish
Eurovision attendances: 43
Eurovision wins: 3 (1963, 2000, 2013)

Anti Social Media - The Way You Are

I had to like Anti Social Media’s facebook page, if I had instagram I would follow them there too. I should look for them on twitter…

I get that they are trying to be old school which explains their name and the musical style, what I don’t get is Mr I Am Going to Wander Around Here Because they Don’t Trust Me With A Microphone. Showing off his Michael Jackson white socks and trying to be the Robbie Williams of the band and failing to come across as that charismatic. He is almost as bad as having a ‘ranga as the lead singer…

This is an earworm and a half, too much of an earworm to endure the two months from when it was announced to when it performs. The bookies seem to agree and have put this in the second half of the draw. It is harsh but plausible

From something trying to sounds 1960’s to something that is from 1966

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SPOILER ALERT: if you are yet to watch the semis, this is a list of the running order of the final, so the 11 non-qualifiers are not listed. if you don't want to know who qualified, stop reading now.

Other than an update  on the odds, this is mainly a copy and paste of what I wrote earlier in the week, mainly because it is not fair to base Denmark and the big 5 on their rehearsal and the 20 acts that qualified from the semis on their polished performance complete with gimmicks and effects, but Romania was pretty awesome in the end

Final running order )
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The semi performances will be the same in the final for those that make it. There are 6 that have already made it though to the final, most because they pay to.

The big 5 are German, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain and they are the the biggest financial contributors to the EBU. Denmark also Auto qualify for the Final because they allegedly sent the best act last year, they were at least determined to be the winner of last years contest.

so these are the other 6 rehearsals.

Auto-qualifiers for the final )

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Denmark are the carry-over champions in this years Eurovision song contest after winning in Sweden last year. It was the second time Denmark won in Sweden and Denmark's third win over all. The bookmakers have Denmark back in the mix this year. It is understandable

Artist: Basim
Song: Cliché Love Song

This is boyband song sung by a solo artist. The solo artist is also a previous X-Factor contestant. The only interesting and unusual thing about him is that he is of Moroccan decent. Basim is so young though that his parents would have been children when Morocco was in their only Eurovision contest in 1980.

It is another song with whistling in it. OK it is a whistle before each chorus, but is whistling the in thing in Europe this summer? Maybe you will need a little whistle in your song this year to win Eurovision.

In the End the song is light and happy and mostly harmless. I think it is only as high as it is with the bookmakers at the moment because Denmark auto-qualify for the final. In the wash up after the semis are decided, this will probably drop to 6th or 7th or maybe out of the ten entirely.

Over Europe over the years there have been a few Idol/The Voice/X-Factor clones, and I am not talking about the competitors like Basim being clones, but the shows being clones of the same format. In the Baltic states there is a cross border show called Fizz Superstar which is an Idol-esque show that has Entrants from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and in 2004, two Lithuanian's who individually competed in the 2002 version of Fizz Superstar showed up on the Eurovision stage as a duo. I hate Idolists.

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Country: Denmark

Debut: 1957
Previous Appearances: 41
Wins: 2 (1963 – Grethe & Jørgen Ingmann 'Dansevise', 2000 - Olsen Brothers 'Fly on the Wings of Love')

Artist: Emmelie de Forest
Song: Only Teardrops

This is the current favourite with the bookmakers, and I don't understand why. Admittedly I was never hugely impressed with last years winner or the year before that or even the year before that, but this song doesn't appear to have much going for it, except that Denmark could afford to host next years event.

Barefoot and messy hair, that looks familiar, where have I seen that? Oh that's right, last years winner. When it comes to copying previous winners Denmark is up there with the best, which is possibly why they have had so few wins in their own right. Maybe they should spend less time copying and more time finding a decent act

I am not saying this performance inst decent. It is dull and the song isn't anything special, but it will qualify because Denmark has friends.

Denmark's first win was controversial after Norways points distribution changed. If something like that happened again would we cry foul, would we ask to see the Video, Video

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Performer: Soluna Samay
Song: Should've Known Better

And this years Idol winners song is 'Should've known better'. It is that completely innocuous kind of song you expect an idol winner to sing. My god it is PLAIN!  She is PLAIN! There is nothing interesting or truly different about this song to make it stand out, that means it could well win. 

I did call last years winner an Idol song too, but the difference was Azerbaijan had a MILF, a gay pin up, a heap of oil money and a will to win. I am not saying that Azerbaijan bought Eurovision, but if Denmark wins this year, then I would definitely say the title of winner is up for sale. 

Denmarks last win was with a very average song too, and Denmark likes to send average acts and on the law of averages Denmark could win... being  average. OK this is quite a polished average, but i just want some more songs that are good rather than average.... is that too much to ask of Eurovision?

So the History of Average goes back. everyone can be average, Including ON-J, but Denmark do average justice


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