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FYR Macedonia:

Wins: 0
Entries: 7
Eurovision 2007 Semi: 9th
Eurovision 2007 final: 14th


Wins: 1
Entries: 27


Tamara, Vrčak & Adrijan - Let Me Love You

lyrics )

OK so the English version appears to be what they will be singing at Eurovision, but the clip is the Macedonian version. This was the best clip I could find for two reasons. 1) the 1980's information video music before the song starts. 2) it is the one where they least look like they are lip syncing. one clip I found the same image with both English and Macedonian vocals... and I still couldn't tell you which was the actual vocals she was singing.

ooo I just thought, this clips is fantastic for another reason... it shows just how 'liberal' they will be with the key when they have to preform it live at Eurovision. ouch. this song hurts. They are really suck-tastic without backing tapes.  Is it Just me or does it sound a little like 'turn me loose'.... maybe... I guess it all depends on what keys she is actually meant to be singing in.

now for a bit of Retro... and I cant find any Macedonians who represented Yugoslavia, there may have been one, but I cant find it so I doubt it, so instead one from after the FYR Macedonia started entering Eurovision as an independent state. To Karolina, a repeat offender in Eurovision who was entered for macedonia in 2002 and 2007 and would have also entered in 1995 is fyr Macedonia didn't withdraw from the contest. anyway this is ' Od Nas Zavisi' from 2002... OMG the cliche. yes there was a mid song costume change... yay for Karolina

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Wins: 0
Entries: 1
Eurovision 2007 Semi: 8th
Eurovision 2007 Final: 12th


Diana Gurtskaya - Peace Will Come

Lyrics )

Congratulations to Diana for making it as the Georgian entry, you are proof that the sympathy vote can take you all the way.

Seriously the song isn't that great, it is something I would expect from Germany, the performance was cliché (the 'coming into the light' theme as done by all the former Yugoslav countries at least once) and, well her voice.... she sounded like a 8 year old child. The only reason she got through is because she is blind, same as those that will vote for her and as I will be by the time her song is screened at 14th in the second semi.

Meh, at least it doesnt have the loud and obnoxious noises from heir only other entry, Sopho Khalvashi - My Story. My story was only worth it for the samuri dressed dancers in the backgroud doing a riverdance/zorbas dance/Cossack dance fusion out of time.

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Wins: 0
Entries: 11
Eurovision 2007 semi: Straight to final
Eurovision 2007 final: 3rd


Dima Bilan -Believe

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often what amazes me most about Eurovision is that people admit to writing this tripe. Take this song, two people admit to writing it, Dima Bilan and Jim Beanz (though I think the latter is an alias, someone smart enough to hide). I cant credit Dima with being smart though, after all, this is his second Eurovision.... you may remember his mullet

I am sure this actually went through the 'stock-aitkin-waterman write a song' machine rather than being written by actual people though, I mean it is a typical slow pop song with a male vocal isnt it? it could be song by Justin Timberlake and it would sounds almost the same, just less accent I mean 'It wiill neverr be imposs-e-ble'. Sure he cant speak englsh, but at least he has been to the idol school of performance... maybe once too many times though.

As for Russias history in Eurovision, I love Mumiy Troll from 2001, and Russia did give us tAtU in 2003 (who I still cringe when I remember how off key they were), I do have to show Dima Bilans in 2006 again with 'Never Let You Go' and a girl in the piano

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Wins: 0
Entries: 3
Eurovision 2007 Semi: 10th
Eurovision 2007 Final: 10th


Geta Burlacu - A century of love

lyrics )

mmmmmmoldova, a nice slow Jazzy Number... so slow, I almost feel asleep

I commented yesterday about Ukrainian Engish. I think once the Ukrainian Egrish teachers lose their jobs to English teachers, the Ukrainian teachers can move to Moldova, I mean with lines like 'tees is ol a min', she sounds more like an adult male crocodile from 'pearls before swine' than a Eurovision entry... actually no she doesn't, sometimes they can be easily mistaken as is in this case.

it is a bit of a grandma song, so to 'grandma plays the drums'. Eurovision 2005: moldova. Zdob si Zdub with 'Boonika Bate Doba'... some of which i think is in english....

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Wins: 1
Entries: 5
Eurovision 2007 Semi: Straight to Final
Eurovision 2007 final: 2nd


Ani Lorak - Shady Lady

lyrics )

I first read some of the lyrics and I thought 'this sounds a little tAtU to me'. I sent the disconcerting lyric to a friend who agreed... I think Ukrainian Engrish needs more teachers that know English... Either that or stop imitating Eurovision losing fads... I mean tAtU were so

Unfortunately the sound on this clip is flawed, however it is the only clip I could find that you could see the pink material that they have glued to her in its full glory. Ani Lorak (rear name Karolina.... ooo spelt backwards... sub-tle) is singing a song that sounds like it could be a song played in part in a channel ten ad break... in fact it sounds remarkably similar to won that is actually so... meh... over it

thanks to Belarus, Ukraine's past clip is 'Hasta La Vista Baby' from Ukraine's first Eurovision. Tina Karol form 2006 was a better song and singer (she went to skank for the event) but Olexander it is.

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Wins: 0
Entries: 4
Eurovision 2007 Semi: 4th
Eurovision 2007 final: 6th

Ruslan Alenho - Hasta La Vista

Lyrics )

There is nothing original about this song, not even the name... I mean in 2003, Belarus' next door neighbour, the Ukraine, with their first Eurovision Entry also recorded a song called 'Hasta La Vista'.... Obviously the Terminator series is taking a while to get around the former Russian States. Maybe Armenia will have a song called 'Hasta La Vista' in 2013

I am scared by how at the start of this song, the singer stands so intensely still... I hate to say this but.... I think he needs to go to the 'Idol' School of performance technique.... not good. Last years success for Belarus I fear was more charity, I hope Europe is not so charitable this year.

Belarus have made it from the semi once, last year, even with the political voting of Eurovision, it appears that Belarus is certainly not the Bella of Russia who have been slightly more successful. Belarus have had things like Polina Smolova singing 'Mum' to get them through... perhaps she should have kept mum...

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WIns: 0
Entries: 8
Eurovision semi 2007: Straight to final
Eurovision final 2007: 21st


Jeronimas Milius - Nomads in the Night

Lyrics )

I am not sure it if is the writing of this song or the singer that hurt my ears. Seriously, this guy is a 'Phantom of the Opera' wanna be. this song should be from a former Yugoslav country, not Lithuania.

I am struggling to find something good about this song, but I fail. his seemingly disproportionately long legs clad in leather, the flowing greying hair, the backing noise that comes from a training video... I think I have found the Toilet Break song... it at least gives me the shits....

I expected better from Lithuania, a country who claimed 'we are the winners' and came sixth with LT United in 2006... that song was great for the epileptic Peter Garrett dancing.... *sigh* the good old days.

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Wins: 1
Entries:    8
2007 Semi final: 5
2007 Final: 16


Pirates of the Sea - Wolves of the Sea
lyrics )
This is my favourite song from Eurovision so far... which is scary in itself specially since it is again, 90's eurodance. but it is now the unofficial theme song for talk like a pirate day, if nothing else.

Latvia are no strangers to working their way up from the semi final, since the semi final was introduced, they have only failed to qualify for the final once. I have faith that this will make it to the final, but I doubt it will win.

OTT a bit, I have been getting into the show 'life on mars', which for Dr Who fans stars the master, and well Latvia sent a 'Hello from Mars' once.... F.L.Y....

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Wins: 1
Eurovisions: 13
Eurovision Semi 2007: 22
Eurovision Final 2007: DNQ


Kreisiraadio - Leto Svet (Summer LIght)


Like the translation make any sense, but anyway. The original isn't really Estonian either, it is apparently from a tourist dictionary

This song is the worst song that has entered Eurovision since.... Verka Serduchka - the Ukrainian Dame Edna, last year. I am still scared of the guy who was humping the piano.... argh! It is awful, ear-bleeding rubbish and... well Verka came second last year so this might win. I mean since when has talent been a requirement to win Eurovision anyways.


Just like all but 5 of his years entries, this has to claw its way from a Semi, and I sincerely hope it doesn't, I dont think I could bare to see this twice over Eurovision weekend.

I have a soft spot for Estonia since Ruffus sung 'the eighties are coming back' in 2003, but I am learning to hate Tallinn and its surrounds, I really am.

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Wins: 1
Entries: 41
Eurovision 2007 Semi Final: Straight to Final from 2006 result
Eurovision 2007 Final: 17th


Teräsbetoni - Missä Miehet Ratsastaa (Where The Men RIde)



If you don't want to watch this clip, imaging the Village People Wearing black, singing 'Macho Man' with two backing singers whacking drums and with extra guitars downtuned for that dark sound. Thats Finland this year. A poor attempt to relive the one single solitary Eurovision win in 2006 that Lordi (below) gave them.

I do remember in 2006 saying Lordi wouldn't win and I ate those words then they caned the competition, but I don't think this will win only because it is a repeat of something successful and Austria tried with something similar last year and didn't get far.

So lets compare it to the Great Lordi with 'Hard Rock Hallelujah' complete with some Terry Wogan comentary...It was song 17 and listening to it, do you think he was drunk yet?

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Wins: 4
Entries: 47
Eurovision Semi 2007: straight to final from 2006 result
Eurovision Final 2007:  18th

Charlotte Perrelli - Hero

Lyrics )

This years first recycled act. Charlotte won Eurovision in 1999 under her maiden name, there was not much original in 1999, and well... it is Sweden. What amused me most was before I even realised who she was, I was gong to post her 1999 performance as the retro act from Sweden

The first thing I noticed about this clip was the diamond encrusted dildo... on hang on, it is a microphone. The second thing I noticed was MUFTAGE!!!!!!  The third thing I noticed is that she got in with the tranny vote.... it was those shoes.

The ending of this years song really sucks, but the rest of it isnt much better. it isnt Ark from last year (who werent bad... for Eurovision), it is no ABBA, it is not even an ABBA rip off like Charlotte was last time in Eurovision with 'Take me to your Heaven'

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Wins: 2
Eurovision Entries: 47
2007 Semi final:18
2007 final: DNQ

Maria - Hold On Be Strong

lyrics )

As I listen to her warble through this ballad for the second time, I still cant find anything interesting or original about her. I mean she stole Mariah Carey's Hair (but not her talent, obviously, else she wouldn't be in Eurovision).

My favourite line in this song is 'Why ain't anybody lovin´me'... well lets just start on that dress and leave you to fix that first, one thing at a time n. next week we work on your clingy personality but this week that dress. I mean the sleeves are from when Celine Dion won Eurovision and when you have a stomach like yours, dont wear a fitted mini skirt dress... you look up the duff. Burn the dress and give Mariah back her hair and you might have some hope girl


As for winning In Your Dreams.... you are no Wig Wam

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firstly I would like to thanks for actually having a reasonable website this year and for having the clips of many if not all of the artists saving me going to youtube


Wins = 0
Entries = 21
2007 semi final = 13th
2007 final = DNQ

Euroband - this is my life

lyrics )

pick any European dance act of the early 90's and you have Euroband. it surprises me that Iceland is so far behind the times with this song.

what I sound most interesting is that there were the maximum 6 performers on the stage and only two had mics but I heard backing vocals.... a base vocal in a late chorus.... tut tut Iceland. Croatia have been penalised for that.

the highlights of the clip... the female vocalist... or atleast her hair, it had highlights and the highlights were pink and it matched the tie of the male vocalist.

This song starts in the second Semi and has to work up from there. if it gets in the top ten it goes to the final. I think it will hover around the edge of the top ten and is borderlne of getting in, like Silvia Night did... but this is no Silvia Night.


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