Apr. 10th, 2017

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Semi final 2
Artist: JOWST
Song: Grab the Moment
Odds: $81

Word of the day
øyeblikk - Moment
in a fucking moment

When Norway last hosted Eurovision in 2010 the theme was “Share the Moment”. This year they intend to Grab the Moment, with a song that has parallels to Lose Yourself by Eminem, just a bit cheerier than Marshall Mathers III.

The vocalist for JOWST for this song is one Aleksander Walmann (Åsgården), who came second in Norway’s version of The Voice, The Voice – Norges beste stemme in 2012. So when he sings the first line of the chorus “I’m gonna kill that voice in my head”, is he referring to his own anxiety or the reality TV show?

Odds of $81 seem a bit unfair for this song, but HipHop/Rap never does particularly well at Eurovision. Igranka from Montenegro failed to qualify for the final in 2013 despite putting on an awesome performance on the night. The only exception to the rule was the 2003 winner Sertab Erener who proved that neither rap not a slightly off key performance will impede the right song. Pity Norway is not sending the right song

The song really doesn’t matter. This is not a song contest; it is Just a game as said in 1973. If only the Barbara Dex award existed in the 1970’s…


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