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Semi final 2
Artist: Tijana Bogićević Тијана Богићевић
Song: In Too Deep
Odds: $19

Word of the day
пролазан - Passable
which this song is. Qualifier certainly.

There is probably a medication Eurovision could take when song writers repeat on them. Serbia’s entry this year features writers who contributed to this year’s songs from FYR Macedonia and Bulgaria. This is probably the better of the three songs that Symphonics International has contributed to, even though the Bulgarian song is more popular with the book makers.

So, Eurovision is where you go if you have a heap of crap songs to offload. Ralph Siegal does it, Thomas G:Son, and now Symphonics Interntational. Who are Symphonics International anyway and why should we care? Also are imported writers really better than home grown?

Serbia has opted for internal selections the last 2 years after a couple of songs selected through Беовизија failed to qualify for the Eurovision final. They have also stopped sending entries in Serbian, which they did for 6 years after winning with Molitva in 2007 (so 7 times in all). Songs in native languages are great fun for fans. If you don’t know what they are singing about, you can make it up and often the made up definitions are better than the actual one.

In 2011 Тијана was a backing vocalist on one of the best songs Serbia has ever sent to Eurovision. Čaroban.

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Previous Entries: 8* (as an independent country)
Wins: 1 2007 Marija Šerifović - Molitva (Молитва)
First Entry 2007 Marija Šerifović - Molitva (Молитва)
Most recent entry 2015 Bojana Stamenov - Beauty Never Lies
National Anthem: Боже правде


ZAA Sanja Vučić - Goodbye (Shelter)

This clip this this is disturbing because it seems Sanja sung a slower version in the clip and then it was sped up to match the tempo of the song in its current form. The performance looks disjointed but despite this poor presentation, the song is top ten with the bookies.

Sanja Vučić (not to be confused with Aleksandar Vučić) studies linguistics and can speak a heap of languages; I would like to see your average American pop starlet that does that. The only thing Sanja has in common with those those starlets is that she is performing a standard pop ballad. Ok, it has a bit of ethnopop in it and I think it will show up well when performed live. This could come up and take the crown though I am not sure she has the voice to carry it off. Bad vocals never prevented anyone from winning though…

I don’t think this song is special but then I rarely like the winners. My favourite Serbian song in Eurovision was Čaroban and this year’s song is not nearly as fun as that was. This year will be a ballad year though, I am sure of it…. But then I have been wrong about Eurovision before… almost every year.

After winning with a song sung in Serbian, Serbia continued with their language until 2013. I am not sure why they stopped. It was the song that was terrible in 2013…

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Population: 7 209 764
Area: 88 361 km2
Language: Serbian
Eurovision attendances: 7
Eurovision wins: 1 (2007)

Bojana Stamenov - Beauty Never Lies

Anyone who has looked at a fashion magazine or used a dating site will tell you that not only does beauty lie, it constantly talks out of its own arse. Beauty, as we see it, is a lie. I know this is meant to be an anti-body shame song, but the message is mixed to me.

This is a powerful vocal trying to get the whole body empowerment out there, but even the bookmakers see it is missing the point. This song is on the cusp of not qualifying for the final because the lyricist is a moron. It is the first time Serbia entered a song completely in English so maybe I can excuse them this once...

There are elements to like about this, but the singer is a ‘Got talent’ contestant that didn’t even win. I am voting her off the island now.

And now for something completely different from 2012

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Country: Serbia

Debut: 2007
Previous Appearances: 6
Wins: 1 (2007 - Marija Šerifović 'Molitva')

Artist: Moje 3
Song: Ljubav je svuda

Did we need a girl group this year? Well we have one. This year was kinda low on girl groups, actually I think this may be the only girl group this year. Not totally a bad thing though if we had one less girl group, I wouldn't mind...

The girl dressed as the devil doesn’t need the platform stiletto pumps. She prances like a horse in them, though it is hard to do anything else in those kind of shoes. Those shoes belong on a run way or on a drag queen. They are the only times they are acceptable. Though maybe she is a drag queen... hmmm

this is better than most stuff aimed at teen girls, but it is still girl group. It will probably qualify only because there Is no competition in the girl group category, which is a category that only ever appeals to 15 year old girls and 40 year old men for some reason. I don't understand.

this is one of the countries I expect little from partly because... Ovo Je Balkan

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Performer: Željko Joksimović
Song: Nije Ljubav Stvar

This song starts off sounding like another Fantasy show themed song, then a bouncer comes out and starts singing it. Then there is tinsel shot out of cannons and you remember that this is just another Eurovision song. 

it occures to me listening to this that when a woman sings a break up song, but says 'I will always love you', it can be a heartbreakingly beautiful ballad, but when I guy says something along the lines of 'Your love is not a thing, That I can just give back to you', it sounds slightly stalker-ish. OT slightly, one of my friends used to call 'Don't you want me' by the human league, the stalker song. Guys can sing love songs about the person they are with now, thats fine, they can reminisce in the third person about someone they once loved (past tense), but to use the second person in a song about their ex who they will always love... well it sounds a bi creepy, especially coming from a bouncer.

The song should qualify seeing it is in a final with almost every former Yugoslav country in the contest and seeing he is a star around most of those countries. It is always a shame when a repeat offender cant make it to the final. I hope it gets in for no other reason than to ensure ample toilet breaks in the final. 

So seeing he is a returning combatant in the contest, here is Ireen Sheer (who I think Bob Downe based most of his act on), who liked coming back for more when it came to Eurovision. then back to 2004 when 
Željko represented Serbia and Montenegro. 

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Previous: Israel


Milan Stanković - Ovo Je Balkan

is it just me or does this guy look like Corey Delaney. I mean he doesnt appear to be as big a twunt as Delaney, no one could be really, but give him yellow sunnies and a hoodie and he has the look. Everyone has commented on Milan's unique sense of style and I think i have shot that down.

I want to hate this song, it is ethnopop by an idolist, it is everything i hate, but the song isnt too bad. it also has a reasonable chance of doing well. it will get the Former Yugoslav vote, the Former Russian countries wont shun it, it has mid song costume changes, a young 'fashionista' boy who the young girls will vote for and the gay boys will vote for him too. He is no Deen ('in the disco') with his look, he would fit into Ikea perfectly...

Balkan pride is becoming a them in Eurovision. last year it was the Balkan girls (they like to party like nobody likes to party... apparently) and this year it is Serbian Ethnopop, will it win... i cringe to think, but seriously this year is looking exceedingly average so anything is possible.

In 1982, Yugoslavia sent a Serbian girl group with the most interesting jumpsuits I have ever seen... Aska with 'Halo, halo'. mmm Sexy... not! more scary... be afraid, be very afraid... 


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