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Performer: Željko Joksimović
Song: Nije Ljubav Stvar

This song starts off sounding like another Fantasy show themed song, then a bouncer comes out and starts singing it. Then there is tinsel shot out of cannons and you remember that this is just another Eurovision song. 

it occures to me listening to this that when a woman sings a break up song, but says 'I will always love you', it can be a heartbreakingly beautiful ballad, but when I guy says something along the lines of 'Your love is not a thing, That I can just give back to you', it sounds slightly stalker-ish. OT slightly, one of my friends used to call 'Don't you want me' by the human league, the stalker song. Guys can sing love songs about the person they are with now, thats fine, they can reminisce in the third person about someone they once loved (past tense), but to use the second person in a song about their ex who they will always love... well it sounds a bi creepy, especially coming from a bouncer.

The song should qualify seeing it is in a final with almost every former Yugoslav country in the contest and seeing he is a star around most of those countries. It is always a shame when a repeat offender cant make it to the final. I hope it gets in for no other reason than to ensure ample toilet breaks in the final. 

So seeing he is a returning combatant in the contest, here is Ireen Sheer (who I think Bob Downe based most of his act on), who liked coming back for more when it came to Eurovision. then back to 2004 when 
Željko represented Serbia and Montenegro. 


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