Apr. 7th, 2017

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Semi final 2
Artist: Tijana Bogićević Тијана Богићевић
Song: In Too Deep
Odds: $19

Word of the day
пролазан - Passable
which this song is. Qualifier certainly.

There is probably a medication Eurovision could take when song writers repeat on them. Serbia’s entry this year features writers who contributed to this year’s songs from FYR Macedonia and Bulgaria. This is probably the better of the three songs that Symphonics International has contributed to, even though the Bulgarian song is more popular with the book makers.

So, Eurovision is where you go if you have a heap of crap songs to offload. Ralph Siegal does it, Thomas G:Son, and now Symphonics Interntational. Who are Symphonics International anyway and why should we care? Also are imported writers really better than home grown?

Serbia has opted for internal selections the last 2 years after a couple of songs selected through Беовизија failed to qualify for the Eurovision final. They have also stopped sending entries in Serbian, which they did for 6 years after winning with Molitva in 2007 (so 7 times in all). Songs in native languages are great fun for fans. If you don’t know what they are singing about, you can make it up and often the made up definitions are better than the actual one.

In 2011 Тијана was a backing vocalist on one of the best songs Serbia has ever sent to Eurovision. Čaroban.


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