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Performer: Maya Sar (Maja Sarihodžić)
Song: Korake Ti Znam 

Why don't they make love-songs like they used to? You know the 'I've got you and I love you' kinda songs. Now all the songs are reminiscing about lost love. They are meant to make you cry out of sorrow instead of joy. I want a happy song. 

I am not saying this song isn't beautiful. It is and I think it will qualify and finish likely in the top half in the final. The odds say otherwise. This is in the bottom 20 with the bookies, so maybe they think Europe is over this kind of music. I know I am. 

It is the musical interlude that bugs me most. it is like a flute version of the musical interlude in 'Everything I Do (I Do it For You)' and I hated that song like nothing else. It isn't that I don't have a romantic bone in my body, it is just that... baby I don't care... 

I have no idea why a beautiful ballad would not be popular in Eurovision, they don't get many... just pick any random year like 1985 and there is only... a few. Buy Maya isn't just limited to ballads, she also does backing vocals on camp crap. 


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