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Performer: Kurt Calleja
Song: This is the Night

This is really average. It isn't even good enough to be an Idol single. It starts off like it wants to be played in a gay nightclub, but I think if it was, everyone would walk out. This is really average. 

Watching this clip, I thought they must have found the most up-him-self guy in Malta to sing this song, then I saw the DJ holding the tablet with the words 'I'm Hot' on it. Maybe someone needs to tell them that even though they have Maltese in them, not everyone was a bit of Maltese in them. actually 99.99999% of the female population could do without it. 

OMG he flirts with the camera in his video clip! if he does that on Eurovision night, which I am sure he will, thats a drink. Unfortunately because this is on early in the evening (at number 4) I doubt I will be drunk when this song is on. I am only hoping this is just average enough not to qualify for the final. 

Malta has a bit of a habit of sending people to Eurovision for their looks more than talent. there have been exceptions... some have had neither. Malta isnt the only country that sends talentless tall, dark and hairy guys to Eurovision thinking that the women will vote for them. Cyprus can do that too


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