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Performer: Pastora Soler
Song: Quédate Conmigo

This is possibly one of the best songs Spain has ever sent to Eurovision. For a Eurovision song, I can't fault it. I still don't care for it, but thats just my taste. I wouldn't buy it, I wouldn't play it in my car, but the song is nice.

If Glee! ever did a spanish special, they could do this song, I would give them permission to ruin it as they do. this song could be used in a movie or a TV show or anything, it is very versatile. none of this endears it to me. 

It could make for an awesome performance, and though it should perform well... well Spain can't really host a Eurovision. I am not sure if Spain could host a tupperware party right now, though they could afford to send their royalty to Botswana to hunt Elephants... Eurovision is a bit excessive though

I do believe that it is one of the best songs that Spain has sent, but 2010 was the most professional performer, not even a stage crasher could distract any of the performance and really, the stage crasher added to it a bit. before that, a nice song from Switzerland


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