Mar. 28th, 2017

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Semi-final 1
Artist: Artsvik Արծվիկ
Song: Fly With Me
Odds: $19

Word of the day
երեսպաշտ - Hypocritical
What it could be is Russia was disqualified and this wasn't

Artsvik is a former contestant in Голос, the Russian version of the voice. She was eliminated in the battle rounds after singing Never Gonna Give You Up. Artsvik could be eliminated from Eurovision before even getting there as she has performed in Crimea, which means she may be banned from entering the host country, Ukraine.

There are some who may subscribe to the theory that this entry was part of the Russian conspiracy to humiliate Ukraine or some rubbish, but there is no logical reason other than coincidence that could explain why, out of 24 artists, potentially the only one that could be banned from the Ukraine was chosen from a combination of Jury and televoting. An international Jury that go Artsvik to the top two did not even include one Russian (and the jury that made the determination from that top two only had one Russian). It is almost inconceivable that Artsvik was a plant.

Fly With Me deserves to compete in Eurovision. It is Ethno-pop, but it is at least interesting. Worse than that though, it took Armenia three months to decide on the artist for this song. They will never decide on a replacement in time for the big event.

One of the writers of this Armenian entry also co-wrote the 2009 entry. 2017 is a much better year


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