May. 8th, 2017

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With a little under 30 hours until the start of the first semi (the one we can vote in Australia), Don't have high expectations

Spoiler alert

Sweden: Skivvies are back. Still dated.

Georgia: She's not on fire, but one could hope.

: Treadmill borrowed from Sweden because SBS did not want to put any money into this performance

Albania:Trainwreck waiting to happen. When you are power-ballading it you have to hit the notes...

Belgium: Albania is going to crash into Belgium and take them out too. Energetic song with no energy.

Montenegro: Would be better without the reveal. not much. Oh wow. this makes the last two look good...

Finland: This might get through just because the previous three were so bad. Also she can get her notes. I liked this from the start though

Azerbaijan: What the actual fuck. This might be just fucked up enough to qualify for the final

Portugal: Salvador's sister has stood in for most of the rehearsals. I predict technical issues

Greece: a lot of missed notes. we just got beyond the last lot of trainwrecks...

Poland: Doing her best to sing away the bland made her sound constipated in rehearsal.

Moldova: These guys will have the sorest right legs in history. not a bad performance though

Iceland: Deserves to qualify for the final more than most of the songs this semi, but it wont.

Czech Republic: That fucking treadmill. Sweden is making a fortune from rentals on that thing. Also I hope that's not the stage outfit...

Cyprus: some of the background effects look like Russia's from last year. In Ukraine we don't mention Russia though....

Armenia: The dancing is interesting.

Slovenia: The Andrew Lloyd Webber inspired version doesn't make him more likable. Even the tone of the stage manager at the end...

Latvia: I am glad that is the last song because there was really nowhere to go after it.



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