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Performer: Donny Montell (Donatas Montvydas)
Song: Love is Blind

The highlight of this clip is definitely the one hand cartwheel. If I was a cougar, I would also list Donny as a highlight, but he was born in 1987 and it is just a little bit wrong. When it comes to Highlights though, the song itself doesn't make the cut, which could be why on the odds list this song is in the bottom 15. Will Not Qualify.

Half of this song is a Ballad and the other half tried to be a 90's dance-floor hit (at best, plausibly 70's). I can't help feeling that the words and structure he is using was written, not interpreted. The vocals appear to have been recorded separately from the writing of the music. It just doesnt work and it is not just the ballad to dance change, it is the everything. 

I think the worst thing about this song is that it distracted me from the scotch fingers that I was dipping in my coffee. The biscuits were far superior to the song and the song just ruined it for me. I can't even bring myself to get another scotch finger from my biccie tin because this song was so average. *sigh*

It is a shame that this is what Lithuania has sent to Eurovision this year, because they can send us some awesome acts. This song is so bad, it could be Maltese. 


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