Apr. 25th, 2017

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Semi final 2
Artist: Ilinca ft. Alex Florea
Song: Yodel it
Odds: $34

Word of the day
cântăreață – singer
The all important one

Yodel it claims to be featuring Alex, but he appears to do more vocals than the ‘lead’ artist, Ilinca. Ilinca is a former Voice (Vocea României) and X-Factor contestant (X-factor as part of a girl group) so she is far more important than poor Alex. maybe if he sung more rather than rapped he would be more than a small feature.

Before there are claims of cultural appropriation, this song was offered to Timebelle, who are representing Switzerland this year. Timebelle are two parts Romanian though and their producer, who is also Romanian, is the writer of Yodel it. It might still be cultural appropriation after all.

Yodel It! was first in the Romanian national selection by a long way. The song that came second was by Mihai Trăistariu who is best known as the 2006 entrant for Romania and the Romanian Mariah Carey (for his vocal range that is slightly less than Mariah’s). By the performance he was lucky to come second.

Romania was sadly missed from last year’s Eurovision after being disqualified for non-payment of fees to the EBU. Though we missed Ovidiu Anton last year, we have has many highlights from Romania. 2002 was not a highlight


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