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Performer: Rona NIshliu
Song: Suus

This song has a awesome build up, then stops... it is like getting foreplay, and then no nookie, there is no point. It is certainly one of the more interesting songs in this years contest, but is needs something after that build up... and not the loud/obnoxious noise that we hear... unless the point is a drink int the Eurovision drinking game

Promoting the top ten acts to the final from each semi when there is only 18 acts in each semi just rewards mediocraty, so this song should qualify. in qualifying, this song might damage Italys chance of winning because they appeal to a similar demographic. the songs aren't very much alike, but both the songs have a beauty and a sensuality about them. Italy is a sexy,  and boldly sensual, Albania is emotive in a 'tear me open and see whats inside', emotive sense and its emptiness is a womans emotion, not a girls. 

I don't care for this song. It could have been more and no doubt wonderful ways to abuse this song will be found, it just doesn't hit me. 

The song has a slight feeling of yesteryear, and it is more than the beehive. Acts of those days were... 1968, says it all. As for other things passed, I have to thank the punch for the reminder of this albanian classic 


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