Apr. 2nd, 2017

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semi-final 2
Artist: Kristian Kostov Кристиян Костов
Song: Beautiful Mess
Odds: $6.50 (2nd)

Word of the day
представяне - Presentation
Because this is not a song contest.

A number of countries are sending singers with a Russian connection. Even more are sending former Voice or X-factor contestants. Кристиян is the trifecta. Born in Moscow he was a finalist in Russia’s Voice Kids (Голос. Дети) in 2014, where he finished in the top 6, and then was runner-up in X-Factor Bulgaria (Екс Фактор) last year. All this has culminated to making him second favourite to win Eurovision with a Ho-hum song.

Last year’s song from Bulgaria was one of the best in the competition. It finished 4th and this was largely because the presentation was poor. This was not Poli Genova’s fault, her performance was great, but there was not enough money spent on set design and visuals and not enough consideration given to the camera work. It was like they though the song along could carry it, as if this is a song contest of something. This year’s song could be a Beautiful mess on the night if they don’t improve on the performance.

This song was co-written by some of the same composers that are giving us this year’s Macedonian entry. Another great fact is that Кристиян Костов will apparently be the first Eurovision entrant born in the 21st century. Many Eurovision fans will feel really old when they realise that.

A less beautiful mess from Bulgaria came from their second attempt in Eurovision in 2006. Let me Cry.


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