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2017-04-03 08:34 pm

Eurovision 2017: Italy

Artist: Francesco Gabbani
Song: Occidentali's Karma (Westerners Karma)
Odds: $2.37 (current favourite)

Word of the day
Secondo - Second
Where favourites from Italy finish... at best...

When going into Eurovision you need a reasonable song and a good gimmick. Italy has the gimmick of the Ape Dance. It would just be interesting with how popular this song is, if they try to get other Eurovision entrants to copy it. It could be difficult if they ask Isaiah from Australia to do the ‘ape dance’ seeing being called an ape (monkey or gorilla) is rather offensive to aboriginal people.

Occidentali's Karma is a social commentary, a satire on western society. Comedy rarely works at Eurovision however this song is fortunate that it is also catchy. This song also grows on you the more you hear it. It is a shame then that this song will only appear at the final.

Italy’s main issue historically is their presentation. It has improved, but they could do more. This is not a song contest after all, it is an entertainment extravaganza… or some shit...

It is shocking that Italy has only twice won the grand prix that still has ‘song contest’ in its name. This year Italy is the favourite, as they often are. A favourite of Eurovision last appeared for the third time in 1966, and still never won.

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2016-03-31 05:59 pm

Eurovision 2016: Italy

Previous entries: 41
Wins: 2 1964 Gigliola Cinquetti - Non ho l'età
             1990 Toto Cutugno – Insieme 1992
First Entry: 1956 Franca Raimondi - Aprite le finestre
Most recent entry: 2016 Il Volo – Grande Amore
National Anthem: Il Canto degli Italiani


Francesca Michielin – No Degree of Separation.

This song is weak compared to the amazing song Italy sent last year. I am still devastated that “Grande Amore” did not win. At least I am no longer upset about the 2012 entry doing so poorly, but Il Volo deserved better than third! Third!

What Italy needs to work on is the presentation. They have sent great songs before and lost. You would think they would have learned that it is not the song that matters. Eurovision is not a Song contest. I am not sure exactly what it is but song contest does not describe it which gives homes to more average songs like this year’s entry from Italy.

Francesca is an X-factor winner, which is sadly fairly standard now for Eurovision. The perfect for an X-factor contestant is one that is very middle of the road and this song is so middle of the road that it will probably be hit by a Semi, which, when it happens, will probably be for the best.

Last year Italy came third, something which they are good at. Italy was also third in 1975

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2015-04-08 04:48 pm

Eurovision 2015: Italy

Population: 60 782 668
Area: 301 335 km2
Language: Italian
Eurovision attendances: 40
Eurovision wins: 2 (1964 and 1990)

Il Volo - Grande Amore (full version. 3 minute version pending)

It has the look, it has the sound, who knows if the lyrics ruin it, but that doesn’t matter. All this song needs is the orchestra pit. It needs the live drums to make this song as big as it needs to be when presented in surround sound on a flat screen TV. Though this song will likely be disabled by the pre-recorded backing track, it is second with the bookmakers.

These guys are 20 and 21, have been performing together for 6 years and have released 4 albums. Nothing makes you feel as inadequate and untalented as that. These boys are just cruel. In saying that though, I don’t care too much for the song. It is nice but it doesn’t do it for me. Maybe it will on the night though with an awesome performance.

Il Volo, The Flight. The question is will this take flight on the night.

Il Volo were bambini when the Orchestra was last used in Eurovision, and their parents would have been Bambini in 1960 when Romantica represented Italy

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2014-05-09 09:03 am

Eurovision 2014: The final

SPOILER ALERT: if you are yet to watch the semis, this is a list of the running order of the final, so the 11 non-qualifiers are not listed. if you don't want to know who qualified, stop reading now.

Other than an update  on the odds, this is mainly a copy and paste of what I wrote earlier in the week, mainly because it is not fair to base Denmark and the big 5 on their rehearsal and the 20 acts that qualified from the semis on their polished performance complete with gimmicks and effects, but Romania was pretty awesome in the end

Final running order )
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2014-05-06 09:51 pm

Eurovision 2014 preview: Demark and the Big 5

The semi performances will be the same in the final for those that make it. There are 6 that have already made it though to the final, most because they pay to.

The big 5 are German, United Kingdom, France, Italy and Spain and they are the the biggest financial contributors to the EBU. Denmark also Auto qualify for the Final because they allegedly sent the best act last year, they were at least determined to be the winner of last years contest.

so these are the other 6 rehearsals.

Auto-qualifiers for the final )

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2014-04-13 10:15 am

Eurovision 2014: Italy

Italy gave us he most covered song in Eurovision history which is also regarded as the second most loved Eurovision song of all time, but Volare (Nel Blu dipinto di blu) never won Eurovision (it came third, THIRD!) and Italy has not won Eurovision as many times as it should have. Twice just highlights how jealous the EBU was of San Remo in the early days of Eurovision. Everyone still loves Italian music though and I am not sure why

Artist: Emma
Song: La Mia Città

I think Emma thinks of her self of being Madonna if Madonna was born 30 years later. Her clip performance looks somewhere between Madonna, Lady Gaga and Pink. The live clip looks a little Avril Lavigne crossed with Courtney Love. The song isn't as bad as those comparisons make it sound though.

I think what I like best about the clip is that that appears that she is wearing tummy tucking dacks. The pink bit, and by that I mean the pick chiffon outfit, does definitely show a high waist as does one of the black and white outfits.

This is one of the better songs this year and plausibly deserves to be better than the bookies rate it, however it feels like it should be a TV show or move theme or even a car commercial. A Toyota Corolla or a Mitsubishi Mirage would work driving around a city to this song. Top ten even if the bookies don't think so

And then there is the other Italy, San Marino. Lets face it, it cannot be a coincidence that San Marino returned to Eurovision the same year that Italy did in 2011

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2013-04-07 08:20 am

Eurovision Song Review: Italy

Country: Italy

Debut: 1956
Previous Appearances: 38
Wins: 2 (1964 - Gigliola Cinquetti 'Non ho l'età', 1990 - Toto Cutugno 'Insieme: 1992')

Artist: Marco Mengoni
Song: L'Essenziale

Oh my, it looks like he is trying to use his hair to poke the clouds to make it rain. What is with that hair? I think he needs to put a light on it to warn aricraft it is there so they don't fly into it. Maybe he thinks he is a unicorn or something, I don't know, but there is Something About Mary about that hair.

Other than the hair, I guess he is less sleazy and greasy than your average italian, but I really cannot get over that hair. The best bit of this clip is three minutes in when he goes into the water and loses the hair. Yay for the water!

There is nothing to fear with this song and even the bookies don't think it will win.

Anyway that's it with Italy, Addio, Addio

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2012-04-28 08:48 pm

Eurovision 2012: Italy

Performer: Nina Zilli
Song: L'amore è femmina

I heard the song Nina sent to the San Remo song contest 'Per Sempre', and I was not impressed with that song. I like this song. It is firming into second in the odds and I believe this can win. As a song, it is the most impressive I have heard thus far in the contest. 

I love power songs sung by women. this is that. the chorus appears to translate to 'love is female, if don't receive, you don't get'. The thing about most power songs, is they are tawdry and sexual. They should be sexy, and this is musically sexy and lyrically very 'fuck you' 

This needs an awesome performance to beat that swedish song, but that should be easy, this song is made for performing. She just has to avoid the belly shake. shake hips, shake arse, don't shake belly. 

I do have a Soft spot for the retro flavoured songs that show up in Eurovision, like Germany in 2007 (though i like that Germany sung 'guess who rules the world') , but when you go back to the actual retro stuff, maybe they are too submissive.