May. 17th, 2004 01:27 pm
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the Eurovision song contest is over, and now I am sober enough to write about it, I will.

ok it was obvious that the Ukraine would win. the act consisted of people (including women) in tight short leather clothes...  how could that not win?

I am still wonderig how the fuck the Nescafe song from S&M did so well

then there was bosnias mirror ball, or as [livejournal.com profile] gemfyre called it, a mirror amoeba. you wold have to see this thing to believe it... what I couldn't believe however was how low cut the bosnian Guys pants were. I am sure there is a law against that...

Bosnia however, was I think the only country in the prelim, who had an outfit change between the prelima dn the final, ok he stll wore the same jeans, but atleast he got himslf a new top, which is better than Malta. why the chic wore that pink dress in the first place is beyond me.... and talk about "high & loud obnoxious noises emitted from singer during their act".... thats a drink

so to Kiev next year... and I have to wait another year for the crap that euorvision generates...until then.. click here 

ooooooooooooo adn I have junior Eurovision to look forward to....



May. 15th, 2004 05:04 pm
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the Jury is in.

last night the first part of Eurovision 2004 took place and thankfully switzerland is out of the competition. it would have been really embarrassing if they won.

for the line up for the final and the results of the prelim, click here

so Switzerland got nil points, Automatically seeing them relegated for next year, as are all the bottom 6 countries. this means Slovenia who was 2nd last on 5 points go, and monaco (3rd last on 10 points) goes. belarus also only got 10 points and finished 19th. Belarus deserved to get relagated after My galilleo though. we also wont see andorra or Latvia next year, which is a shame because Latvia are one of my faves, that take "bad" to the next level, but are usually very entertaining at it

the shocking thing though is that serbia and montengero got through to the final, and they were bad, as was Croatia, malta, Bosnia/herzegovina, and FYR Macedonia.

I am happy to see Albania, Cyprus and the Netherlands get through though...

there is one good thing about S&M getting through... they have "pan-pipes" in their song and thats a drink ing the eurovision drinking game


May. 11th, 2004 08:48 pm
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again I have been sampling the clips. I have gone here, but there are many other sites you can get the clips from


So I have left the try-hards and I have reached those that don’t have to try at all. Tonight I review the acts in the Eurovision final, those lucky countries that done have to go through the prilim process... and we have titty shaking…


Belgium hopes to win with the latino song, they have a chance with the titty shaking, but the dancing detracts. her dress it too long to win anyway. Remember: if the audience cant see a female singers breakfast, they are less likely to win.


Austria is represented by a boy band with a ballad… need I say more


France’s singer could be in a boy band, but oooo he is cute…. Nice jeans hun. I have no idea what he’s singing and I don’t care, I’d buy that for a dollar


Germany is like rod Stewart or Eric Claptout unplugged or something. “Do do do do do do doooo-oo just you wait until tonight baby, do do do do do do dooo-ooo” yeah ok you get the point…


I think the word “wholesome” was mentioned in Irelands entry and that scared me. We have an evangilist in the building. The chorus goes “if my world stops turning in the morning, and if God should take this all away, if it all should stop without a warning, then I would still stand tall, because behind it all, you’re the one who made a winner out of me”… nope, sorry hun, you are a loser actually. But then after being the most successful country in Eurovision, I think Ireland have spent the past few years trying to get relegated from the competition. I think they think It is too easy for them to write crap that wins


Norway tried to be uplifting with a song called “High”. I thought that should be the name of maybe the Dutch entry or something… oh well…


Poland has given us a bit of a salsa, though it sounds like the vocals are done by Ertha Kitt or something… no Eartha is better…


If talent counts for anything in Eurovision, Romania wont get anywhere. Thankfully, however, it doesn’t and Tits and Arse does, and the singer of Romanias entry Sanda Ladosi has a plentiful supply of those, so I think this trashy bottle blonde will do well


There is only one thing I can say to describe Russia entry this year… avril lavinge. Gee Russia has taken on commercialisation so well. to think that just over a decade ago they were a communist country… how things change.


We have another Ricky martin competing for Spain. Not bad, not my type though


Proving again Sweeden is yet to get over the ABBA hump, Lena Philipsson looks like she has come straight out of the Agnetha/Anni-frid school of dance. In fact the foot movements at the start of the clip I saw were straight from Waterloo. I don’t care for the song, but again she will have a good chance because she has the lack of decency to carry it off… I saw her Weeties I think


Turkey is like Madness make salsa… or something. I dont know if I loath it or like it yet…  


and Finally the UK. it sounds like "every rose has its thorn" by Guns 'n' roses at the start, then it gets worse


what more can I say... this is exactly what I expected from Eurovsion... quality all the way

oh dear

May. 10th, 2004 07:34 pm
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slovenia, slovenia, slovenia.

what a barry crocker of a song

but it is good to see Johnny young has his career back up and running again, even if he has changed his name and his counrty, but go johnny and go slovenia

the song sucked, infact I think the chick in the duet had a backing tape, or at least a backing vocalist who "could sing" singing for her and failing dismally, but if nothing else, so long as she wears the skirt she wore in the clip, they will romp it in with the votes...

skirt... what skirt? even calling it a belt is generous
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could the netherlands win their first Eurovision since 1975? I like their entry. ay the moment is it my favourite song, reunion without you.

I just found out that Albania had a slight problem with thier song. a eurovision song is not allowed to be longer than 3 mins, and their song was 4.5 mins long, so to get it into the contest they just sung it 1.5 times faster. it is also about Mother Terassa which gives them points... but not many. you can tell this is their first eurovision

As for the netherlands, they have won 4 in total, and I want them to win this one... so far

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ok... since my last update, I am yet to find anything that can have any hope of being any good in the eurovision prelim... infact it is getting worse.

estonia and finland make Tatus "performance" from last year look good

israel wasn't bad, but it wasn't the tacky tranny that won it for them a few years ago, so he has no hope

demark and lithuania should quit while there... well they should just quit

then there is latvia. imagine the lead singer of Psuedu Echo fronting Europe (the band)... if you have started to shudder, then you have the right image

then you have the former Yugoslav republic of macedonia with the guy who stole some of Prince's wardrobe for his clip... it didn't make the song any better though.

I wll update when I find something worth taking about I guess... unless I feel like torturing people more

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Eurovision song title of the year gos to spain for To Be Filled By You.

this is the english "translation" of the spainish title... I hope it is poorly translated. if you can translate Para Llenarme De Ti into english, tell me it isn't so

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and it isn't just eurovision... just ask [livejournal.com profile] riverstar

I have been watching the videos of the potential "song for europe" if you want to join the torture click here

I am currently going through the countries that are only in the prelim, and there are a few that I think should go to the final, and a few that will but shouldn't

cyprus has a nice ballad and could do well

deen from bosnia is apparently a fave, but he will only win if enough gay men vote. this guy isn't just camp, he is a scout jamboree.

greece could go all the way... very rick martin meets last years winner

andorra is too catchy. this song may lose because by the time of the eurovision, people may be sick of having it stuck in their heads.

will inform of more euro-trash later


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