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2012-06-19 08:40 pm

Eurovision 2012: The aftermath.

The results of the Jury/Televote breakdown were released this week.

in semi 1 if the Juries ruled, Iceland would not have qualified and Israel would have. I disagree with the Jury on that one. If it was Televote only, Switzerland would have got in over Hungary... they were much of a muchness for me.

in Semi 2 the Jury would have put Croatia and Georgia in over Turkey and Norway. Norway actually finished last in the jury vote in that semi and qualified only because of the higher televote. Bulgaria would have qualified if it wasnt for the jury as would have the Netherlands at the expense of Malta and Ukraine.

The Jury came in to break the bloc voting, however Semi two shows how the jury was worse in its bloc voting than the public was. As far as the juries were concerned, only former Yugoslav country that should not have qualified was Slovenia and the only former Soviet country was Belarus, and they were 11th with the jury.

In the final however, the jury got it closer to right than the public did. Italy and Spain should have finished higher than they did with the combined voting and France deserved more than the nil poi that the televote gave them.

in the end it didn't change who the winner was

in the end the juries fail in what they were brought in to do, which was break the bloc. 

On a side note, if the top five from the televote only went in they would be:


the top 5 remaining over the two semis over all that didn't qualify, based on the jury vote would then be:


I have said that the semi results should not be announced until semi two and this is how the semis should be determined, with these results.

in the results for the finals only three countries that were not mentioned above, and were not auto qualifiers finished higher than any on this list.

F.Y.R.Macedonia in 13th
Bosnia & Herzegovina in 18th and
Iceland who finished 19th, but who in my opinion should have finished higher.

with little to no detriment to the final result, we could have made the final a lot shorter and a lot soberer... maybe not a good thing but something to ponder none-the-less

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2012-05-25 12:06 pm

Eurovision 2012: Final

even though the semis are yet to be aired in Australia (they start tonight) the final 26 are now confirmed. here is a quick rundown on the qualifiers and their chances
United Kingdom: 5th favourite with the bookmakers and fluctuating. sending the hump is either genius or madness and we will soon find out which. 
Hungary: this song only qualified to make up the numbers
Albania: This surprised alot of people that it even qualified, but it is an interesting song. I think it will be in will finish in the top half but the bookies don't.
Lithuania: oh this is completely there to make up the numbers. this song is an arguement for reducing the number of songs that qualify from the semi's. if this doesn't finish last, it will be pretty close.
Bosnia and Herzegovina: the bookies didn't give this song much of a chance to even qualify, I always thought it would and would possibly finish in the top half. 
Russia: this song has tightened to second favourite since (if you believe the rumours) it won the first semi (results wont be officially released until after the final). it is very popular though. Russia has such faith in this song winning they have already booked a satellite connection for after the contest to broadcast the media conference. This all makes me hope that it doesn't win. Russia you cant rig every vote
Iceland: this fantasy inspired ballad had dropped to 7th with the bookies. i think tis will be up there but there is a few massively popular ballads this year which will take votes from each other
Cyprus: will get votes from Greece, that's all
France: being straight after another upbeat number will hurt Anggun. this is the superior of the two, but it will struggle.
Italy: Third favourite with the bookies and one of my favourites. I think this has a good chance to win but being in the middle of the evening will probably hurt it and economics. it will be top 5.
Estonia: pretty boy but bad draw and too many ballads.
Norway: forget Norway this will finish in the bottom half.
Azerbaijan: will be the audience favourites which could severely Norway who are before them, but i believe there is a break after this song so Romania wont be hurt as much. Too many ballads so Azerbaijan shouldn't get 2 in a row and the bookies agree.
Romania: this has now dropped to 6th with the bookmakers. again the draw hurts it, but it makes me really want to learn the dance now, with the song so far into the evening, it will make attempts at the dance amusing.
Denmark: I have disliked this song from the start. what's worst about it though is that it is catchy. if this wins from here, it will have north sea oil to thank. lets buy a Eurovision.... sorry that's Russia
Greece: 12 points from Cyprus. couldn't afford to host next year anyway which would be a breach of the rules so can't win.
Sweden: if you believe the rumours, this was not in the top 5 with the juries in the semi, so despite being the favourite for such a long time, it plausibly wont win. most people by now will be too drunk to care anyways.
Turkey: OMG this qualified. This re-defines average.
Spain: apparently Spain have been told not to win by the broadcasters in Spain because they cant afford to host the 2013 Eurovision. they weren't really a challenge anyways because it is too ballad heavy. top ten with the bookies still
Germany: I see high points form Spain and Greece and other countries who are desperate for money. this has sat quietly in the top ten and may sneak into a top 5 finish, though it is a long shot. 
Malta: dear god how the hell did this qualify.  a fair bit of shit managed to seep into this years final.
Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia: Morticia Adams qualified. This is the first qualification for FYRM since 2007. I am still amazed this song is actually sung in english, who'd have guessed. bottom half
Ireland: the at that everyone has been waiting for, well everyone with a sniper rifle anyways. it is better than Lipstick, but it is still Jedward and they need to be stop.
Sebia: by now the seal is well and truely broken and you need a toilet break. despite this being 4th favourite with the bookies, i would see this as an opportune moment to seek some relief. if you like big ballads though, you will have to hold on during this song though. sucks to be you.
Ukraine: this is just out of the top ten with the bookies, but it has potential. may finish top ten afterall
Moldova: and with Moldova it is finally all over. I have loved Pasha from the start and I hope he does well, Though the bookies think Turkey is better... WTF

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2012-05-18 08:48 pm

Eurovision 2012: Norway

Performer: Tooji
Song: Stay

How could I forget Norway. Can you believe it? Well not so much forgot as purposely avoided, mainly because the 'stay' line hurts my ears. Can you guess the singer is a model and VJ by trade.... either is more believable than singer/songwriter.

the song isn't horrible, it is just tat chorus. it isn't that different to anything in the charts for the last 6 or so years, except for that chorus. This song could do well, if it wasn't for that chorus. I hate that chorus.

For a rating of one to ten, one being christian band and ten being Mardi Gras, this is well and truly a ten. I am am sure this is already being played at the court and the peel. it is a Eurovision song after all

This song sounds like something Turkey should be entering, but instead they send us.. well it was 1978. as for what Norway sends... well this was a year before ABBA. 

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2012-05-11 07:25 pm

Eurovision 2012: Hungary

Performer: Compact Disco
Song: Sound of our Hearts

This is the sound of another summer Station ID ad for 7, or a song to advertise the hot, sexy new drama for next season. nothing about the song itself reaches in and grabs you but it uses the word heart and add that to any product and and you have advertising. Add it to Eurovision and you have a bit of a cliche.

I always worry about how they upbeat numbers will sound and will be preformed on the night. With this song though it probably doesn't matter. the bookies are considering it fairly mid-range so it will qualify but wont threaten anyone and I think thats a fair call. 

In the end though, this song isn't terrible, it is just.... done. t would have been a hot favourite 10 years ago but now, this style has been the song for summer. over it! 

Upbeat songs can look a little weird in an expensive dress, or even cheap gym gear, but at least it isn't a boy band from Hungary. 

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2012-05-08 08:11 pm

Eurovision 2012: Azerbaijan

Performer: Sabina Babayeva
Song: When the Music Dies

Plastic Surgery in Azerbaijan must be as cheap as chips. Two years of Azerbaijani women with what appears to be cheek and breast implants... seriously, those tits aren't real. If KFC used real breast meat in their nuggets, they would have the knives out for her right now... except eating her silicon boobs would kill you... KFC only leaves you retarded atm 

The song is just another Diva song that you would spot an idolist singing to show they have talent and respect for music. It is never true. Just because the Jazz-pop-RnB fusion sound can be done, doesn't mean it should.

I don't think she will be able to carry this off when she sings it live for real, mainly because I don't think she can really reach those low note. Miming while a backing singer sings the line though is within the rules though, isn't it?

When the Music Dies was the year that Azerbaijan came into the contest when Ireland sent Dustin... no, ok the music had been flogged to death long before then but the cheeks were once real. Well more real than now. 

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2012-05-06 03:38 pm

Eurovision 2012: Lithuania

Performer: Donny Montell (Donatas Montvydas)
Song: Love is Blind

The highlight of this clip is definitely the one hand cartwheel. If I was a cougar, I would also list Donny as a highlight, but he was born in 1987 and it is just a little bit wrong. When it comes to Highlights though, the song itself doesn't make the cut, which could be why on the odds list this song is in the bottom 15. Will Not Qualify.

Half of this song is a Ballad and the other half tried to be a 90's dance-floor hit (at best, plausibly 70's). I can't help feeling that the words and structure he is using was written, not interpreted. The vocals appear to have been recorded separately from the writing of the music. It just doesnt work and it is not just the ballad to dance change, it is the everything. 

I think the worst thing about this song is that it distracted me from the scotch fingers that I was dipping in my coffee. The biscuits were far superior to the song and the song just ruined it for me. I can't even bring myself to get another scotch finger from my biccie tin because this song was so average. *sigh*

It is a shame that this is what Lithuania has sent to Eurovision this year, because they can send us some awesome acts. This song is so bad, it could be Maltese. 

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2012-05-05 08:23 pm

Eurovision 2012: Albania

Performer: Rona NIshliu
Song: Suus

This song has a awesome build up, then stops... it is like getting foreplay, and then no nookie, there is no point. It is certainly one of the more interesting songs in this years contest, but is needs something after that build up... and not the loud/obnoxious noise that we hear... unless the point is a drink int the Eurovision drinking game

Promoting the top ten acts to the final from each semi when there is only 18 acts in each semi just rewards mediocraty, so this song should qualify. in qualifying, this song might damage Italys chance of winning because they appeal to a similar demographic. the songs aren't very much alike, but both the songs have a beauty and a sensuality about them. Italy is a sexy,  and boldly sensual, Albania is emotive in a 'tear me open and see whats inside', emotive sense and its emptiness is a womans emotion, not a girls. 

I don't care for this song. It could have been more and no doubt wonderful ways to abuse this song will be found, it just doesn't hit me. 

The song has a slight feeling of yesteryear, and it is more than the beehive. Acts of those days were... 1968, says it all. As for other things passed, I have to thank the punch for the reminder of this albanian classic 

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2012-05-01 08:57 pm

Eurovision 2012: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Performer: Maya Sar (Maja Sarihodžić)
Song: Korake Ti Znam 

Why don't they make love-songs like they used to? You know the 'I've got you and I love you' kinda songs. Now all the songs are reminiscing about lost love. They are meant to make you cry out of sorrow instead of joy. I want a happy song. 

I am not saying this song isn't beautiful. It is and I think it will qualify and finish likely in the top half in the final. The odds say otherwise. This is in the bottom 20 with the bookies, so maybe they think Europe is over this kind of music. I know I am. 

It is the musical interlude that bugs me most. it is like a flute version of the musical interlude in 'Everything I Do (I Do it For You)' and I hated that song like nothing else. It isn't that I don't have a romantic bone in my body, it is just that... baby I don't care... 

I have no idea why a beautiful ballad would not be popular in Eurovision, they don't get many... just pick any random year like 1985 and there is only... a few. Buy Maya isn't just limited to ballads, she also does backing vocals on camp crap. 

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2012-04-30 09:02 pm

Eurovision 2012: Cyprus

Performer: Ivi Adamou
Song: La La Love

Dull, Soulless dance music. This will be big in Malta and Greece, but no one else will really care for this song, and rightfully so. Nothing more really needs to be said... but I will waffle a bit

It is another of last decades Sydney Mardi Gras. My favourite part of the clip is how long her mouth is... The Joker only got a mouth like that with the air of a knife, can you get a mouth like hers with a knife... if you can I fear her plastic surgeon. 

The clip is meant to be based on Snow White, but where are the dwarfs... were they elsewhere being tossed. God I hope this promo clip isn't the best she has got and she actually performs at Eurovision. 

Maybe I am wrong about Malta liking this song. Their crap is better than this, but then Cyprus is a word synonymous with crap

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2012-04-28 08:48 pm

Eurovision 2012: Italy

Performer: Nina Zilli
Song: L'amore è femmina

I heard the song Nina sent to the San Remo song contest 'Per Sempre', and I was not impressed with that song. I like this song. It is firming into second in the odds and I believe this can win. As a song, it is the most impressive I have heard thus far in the contest. 

I love power songs sung by women. this is that. the chorus appears to translate to 'love is female, if don't receive, you don't get'. The thing about most power songs, is they are tawdry and sexual. They should be sexy, and this is musically sexy and lyrically very 'fuck you' 

This needs an awesome performance to beat that swedish song, but that should be easy, this song is made for performing. She just has to avoid the belly shake. shake hips, shake arse, don't shake belly. 

I do have a Soft spot for the retro flavoured songs that show up in Eurovision, like Germany in 2007 (though i like that Germany sung 'guess who rules the world') , but when you go back to the actual retro stuff, maybe they are too submissive. 

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2012-04-25 02:01 pm

Eurovision 2012: Turkey

Performer: Can Bonomo
Song: Love me back

You know those songs that are so bad they are good again... I am still deciding if this is one of those. it has taken me about 10 listens to like this song. initially I thought this was the most god-awful thing to ever go to Eurovision, then i remembered Gemini and this isnt so bad... 

Every time I hear the line 'like me like I like you', i think it sounds like something that should be in Junior Eurovision, but the rest of the lyrics appear to be asking for a one night stand. I don't know if it is intentionally comical, but I am laughing at it. 

If this song makes it to the final, which could be hard, it will get points from Israel just for the jewish singer. I don't think it will qualify though. I don't think i know if i want it to either

I think Turkey is trying to be like the classic Latvian entry from 2008, but they end up sounding a bit Naff, but then thats expected from Turkey... Diday diday day. 

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2012-04-22 01:02 pm

Eurovision 2012: Malta

Performer: Kurt Calleja
Song: This is the Night

This is really average. It isn't even good enough to be an Idol single. It starts off like it wants to be played in a gay nightclub, but I think if it was, everyone would walk out. This is really average. 

Watching this clip, I thought they must have found the most up-him-self guy in Malta to sing this song, then I saw the DJ holding the tablet with the words 'I'm Hot' on it. Maybe someone needs to tell them that even though they have Maltese in them, not everyone was a bit of Maltese in them. actually 99.99999% of the female population could do without it. 

OMG he flirts with the camera in his video clip! if he does that on Eurovision night, which I am sure he will, thats a drink. Unfortunately because this is on early in the evening (at number 4) I doubt I will be drunk when this song is on. I am only hoping this is just average enough not to qualify for the final. 

Malta has a bit of a habit of sending people to Eurovision for their looks more than talent. there have been exceptions... some have had neither. Malta isnt the only country that sends talentless tall, dark and hairy guys to Eurovision thinking that the women will vote for them. Cyprus can do that too

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2012-04-21 05:49 pm

Eurovision 2012: Spain

Performer: Pastora Soler
Song: Quédate Conmigo

This is possibly one of the best songs Spain has ever sent to Eurovision. For a Eurovision song, I can't fault it. I still don't care for it, but thats just my taste. I wouldn't buy it, I wouldn't play it in my car, but the song is nice.

If Glee! ever did a spanish special, they could do this song, I would give them permission to ruin it as they do. this song could be used in a movie or a TV show or anything, it is very versatile. none of this endears it to me. 

It could make for an awesome performance, and though it should perform well... well Spain can't really host a Eurovision. I am not sure if Spain could host a tupperware party right now, though they could afford to send their royalty to Botswana to hunt Elephants... Eurovision is a bit excessive though

I do believe that it is one of the best songs that Spain has sent, but 2010 was the most professional performer, not even a stage crasher could distract any of the performance and really, the stage crasher added to it a bit. before that, a nice song from Switzerland

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2012-04-19 07:49 pm

Eurovision 2012: Serbia

Performer: Željko Joksimović
Song: Nije Ljubav Stvar

This song starts off sounding like another Fantasy show themed song, then a bouncer comes out and starts singing it. Then there is tinsel shot out of cannons and you remember that this is just another Eurovision song. 

it occures to me listening to this that when a woman sings a break up song, but says 'I will always love you', it can be a heartbreakingly beautiful ballad, but when I guy says something along the lines of 'Your love is not a thing, That I can just give back to you', it sounds slightly stalker-ish. OT slightly, one of my friends used to call 'Don't you want me' by the human league, the stalker song. Guys can sing love songs about the person they are with now, thats fine, they can reminisce in the third person about someone they once loved (past tense), but to use the second person in a song about their ex who they will always love... well it sounds a bi creepy, especially coming from a bouncer.

The song should qualify seeing it is in a final with almost every former Yugoslav country in the contest and seeing he is a star around most of those countries. It is always a shame when a repeat offender cant make it to the final. I hope it gets in for no other reason than to ensure ample toilet breaks in the final. 

So seeing he is a returning combatant in the contest, here is Ireen Sheer (who I think Bob Downe based most of his act on), who liked coming back for more when it came to Eurovision. then back to 2004 when 
Željko represented Serbia and Montenegro. 

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2012-04-17 08:09 pm

Eurovision 2012: Ukriane

Performer: Gaitana
Song: Be My Guest

I thought this was a drag queen singing a Disney song... Turns out she isn't a drag-queen... apparently she isn't anyways. I have listened to this song quite a few times now and I can't picture this being played in anything but a drag show... but maybe they do things differently in the Ukraine... 

Apparently Gaitana has stirred controversy in the Ukraine because she 'is not an organic representative of the Ukrainian culture'... what because her father is Congolese? it cant be the whole drag-queen thing because the Ukraine has already sent a drag act to Eurovision, or was that just a bad act.

I think we will call Gaitana 'Gloria' on the night if she goes with the brown hair with the wave, because she looks just like Gloria from Modern Family. a for how Gloria/Gaitana will go on the night, meh, Ukraine always qualifies, but the song wont win.

The Ukraine has come a long way from 'Hasta la Vista' in 2003, they have even won a Eurovision. Before we Hasta la vista though, I  want to go back to 2002 when Slovenia sent Sestre. This is why I love Eurovision, the variety of talent

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2012-04-15 02:18 pm

Eurovision 2012: Romania

Performer: Mandinga
Song: Zaleilah

Romanians Macerena. there review done. you can go no... after you learn the dance to the song. That's the only fun thing about the song and on the night, getting drunk and trying to do this dance will make it more fun. 

Romania is not the only country to go in with a dance this year. in another non unique item, it isn't the first time Romania have used a PVC catsuit, though last time it was actually fitted, as opposed to being bunched up in the middle. Also when Elena from Mandinga turns on her side, there is an obvious VPL

On a more serious note though, there appears to be this fashion at the moment that if you are wearing a very short dress that barely covers your modesty, you must tuck the end of the dress into the leg of your knickers. If you want an asymmetrical style dress, buy one. don't get a perfectly good dress and shove it up your grannydacks. STOP IT! Now! 

Las Ketchup were famous for a dance, they then went to Eurovision with a follow up single. if they went in with the ketchup song, could they have won Eurovision, I hope not. A year after that, Romania said 'I love you', as many ways as they could in 3 mintutes. 

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2012-04-14 01:52 pm

Eurovision 2012: Germany

Performer: Roman Lob
Song: Standing Still

OK, I am so over all the performers who were born in the 90's. I REMEMBER THE 1990'S I watched my first Eurovision in the 1990's. Eurovision is beginning to make me feel old. 

The first couple times I listen to this song, I was like 'Meh'. it sounds like alot of the songs that have come out over the last decade. It has grown on m the more times I have heard it though. I still don't like the line near the end 'when summers dead and gawrn'. I believe the word is 'gone' not 'gawrn', but I am being nitpicky.

Germany gets an 'A' for effort, and though they are realistically on of the few countries that could host the 2013 event, and hell their bailouts of other countries as got to get them votes, it will get close, but no cigar. I like this more than the financial favourites, but it needs an awesome performance and that will be hard if he is standing still.... 

A reasonable song, as this is, can be ruined by a poor performance. Switzerland failed to qualify for the final in 2008 with Era Stupendo because the act was crap and near the end he was so off pitch. So a performance is need, but Roman needs to also be standing still. If you are not standing still you could have a routine like Germany's 1977 entry.

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2012-04-13 02:09 pm

Eurovision 2012: Iceland

Performer: Greta Salóme & Jónsi
Song: Never Forget

This song sounds like it should be on the sound track album for Game Of Thrones and if it turns up in series 2 I wouldn't be surprised. At least it will have a use after Eurovision now that Series 3 of Game of Thrones has been commissioned. 

Icaland has sent some amazing stuff to Eurovision and have thus far been unlucky to not win the contest. This is in the top 10 in the betting, but it wont win because of economics. Where would Iceland get the money to host the 2013 contest, the bank?

I dont dislike the song, but it lacks a WOW for me. The medieval influenced songs are so done and with the fantasy genre being 'in' atm, you just hear more of it. I don't hate it, i just don't think it is special. 

I started previewing the songs for Eurovision in 2004, which is when Jónsi was last in Eurovision. back then I didnt review all the songs in the contest and Iceland was so good that I ignored it. I now remember why. First to songs for Fantasy soundtracks though from Slovakia

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2012-04-10 08:46 pm

Eurovision 2012: Moldova

Performer: Pasha Parfeny
Song: Lăutar

I think if the Cat Empire were from Moldova, this is what they could sound like. Oh yeah it is ethno pop, but this is currently my favourite song in this years Eurovision. Bow-ties are cool. this song is so fun

Maybe it is the cute boys in the clip that makes me forgive the engrish, or maybe I just like the innuendo in the line 'This trumpet makes you my girl'. I want to see someone use that as a pick up line. I guess I would have to go to Moldova for that though. Did I mention that this song is fun?

This song is no where near the favourites, it sits around 100/1, but it is so fun. It most reminds me of Crazy Summer Dance, the song that should have gone to Eurovision for Serbia and Montenegro in 2006 (yes I will never get over that), but this is going to Eurovision and it is fun. I want it to qualify for the final just so I can drunkenly dance around the house to it twice. It is so fun!

Moldova Has sent us some of the most interesting songs in Eurovision. Until 2009, Pasha was a member of the band that represented Moldova in 2010, you know the one with the epic Sax guy? he even performed with Sunstroke project in their attempt to qualify for the 2009 Eurovision (where they came third in national selection and were a bit crap). talking about crap, This is the usual attempt at ethno-pop for Eurovision, though Turkey sent a singer from Belgium to sing Dum Tek Tek. What a wondrous and truly international contest this Eurovision is

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2012-04-08 01:45 pm

Eurovision 2012: France

Performer: Anggun
Song: Echo (You and I) 

With the success of the MILF that Azerbaijan sent to Eurovision last year, France has decided to send one this year. Problem is that I can't watch this clip without seeing Anggun (who is Indonesian) saying 'Me love you long time', which is wrong because Cynthia from Priscilla was Filipino not Indonesian.... 

The song starts off sounding like an 80's electronica track, but ends sounding like a summer network promotion for Channel 7. The song doesn't rate in the betting but I don't think anyone associated with the song really cares. If it doesn't get picked up as a network promo by next summer, it would have already made its money in gay nightclubs.

I am still trying to find the line in this song, which is obviously in the French lyrics, that translates to 'You buy, you buy'. 'Vous achetez, vous achetez' has to be in there somewhere.

France imports singers to Eurovision as well as Exports them. in 1965, a french singer represented Monaco while an Algerian represented France. What a wonderous international competition Eurovision is.