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Performer: Mandinga
Song: Zaleilah

Romanians Macerena. there review done. you can go no... after you learn the dance to the song. That's the only fun thing about the song and on the night, getting drunk and trying to do this dance will make it more fun. 

Romania is not the only country to go in with a dance this year. in another non unique item, it isn't the first time Romania have used a PVC catsuit, though last time it was actually fitted, as opposed to being bunched up in the middle. Also when Elena from Mandinga turns on her side, there is an obvious VPL

On a more serious note though, there appears to be this fashion at the moment that if you are wearing a very short dress that barely covers your modesty, you must tuck the end of the dress into the leg of your knickers. If you want an asymmetrical style dress, buy one. don't get a perfectly good dress and shove it up your grannydacks. STOP IT! Now! 

Las Ketchup were famous for a dance, they then went to Eurovision with a follow up single. if they went in with the ketchup song, could they have won Eurovision, I hope not. A year after that, Romania said 'I love you', as many ways as they could in 3 mintutes. 

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