Sep. 15th, 2017

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I am not the worlds best shopping buddy, I can admit it. I just get really bored looking over racks of crap and start getting... well too honest about the clothes.

Tonight I managed to get through half an hour before I saw this

I was shocked and appalled.
1) why would anyone do this to fabric
2) how could anyone think they could inflict this upon the unsuspecting public.

Ans this was in Myer, who are meant to know fashion. Admittedly this was in the maternity section and pregnant women are treated poorly by fashion designers. If you are not a yummy mummy with more dollars than sense then your only option is to look like a hot air balloon.

We left Myer, which was a feat in itself. We came out at Forrest Chase but couldn't get down to Forrest Place because the down escalator was out. We turned to the lift, which looked in a sorry state. I tried to call the lift up but I feared that if it arrive, Freddy Krueger would be in it so we found another means of escape.

This lift exemplifies the issues Perth has. There are too many vacant shopfronts and nothing to buy. retailers move in and then (like TopShop) quickly leave because there is nothing to keep them in and everything to make them want to leave. The escalator and lift at Forrest Place have had issues ever since I can remember, and I remember going through there over 20 years ago...

But I digress.

When we escaped Forrest Chase my friend and I went into H&M where we were confronted with this

My friend saw it first and she pointed the mannequin out, but the one she intended to point out was the one in the blue ruffle dress that was paired with ripped denim. All I could see however was the Clownpants.

There was worse yet to come.

As I walked through I spied and Alfoil-look spaceman jacket. When I went to take a picture of it, I inadvertently paired it with the perfect skirt

If there was anywhere in Perth worth going, I would have continued this expedition. It is amazing the crap people buy. Why? Why would you buy this? The only reason would be is that you go out wanting to buy Something and in desperation you end up buying crap. You get it home, never wear it and then decide you need somethingelse and end up with more crap. You know it is going to end up in landfill, but you buy it anyway.

I honestly don't get why they bother even taking it into the store. cut the middle man and take it straight to the tip. It would be better for us all.


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