Apr. 11th, 2017

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Semi final 1
Artist: Hovig
Song: Gravity
Odds: $67

Word of the day:
Puan - σημεία - Points
12 of them from Greece.

Gravity is the only song Thomas G:Son has co-written to appear in this year’s Eurovision. He has previously written or co-written Eurovision entries for Sweden, Spain, Norway, Georgia, Denmark, as well as last year’s entry for Cyprus and why would you not employ this guy as a writer? G:son won Eurovision in 2012 and out of the 12 previous entries that he has been involved with prior to this year, only one failed to make the final. Sure he has written about 70 songs that have failed to make it through various national selections, but it is only the ones that make it that count.

This will get 12 points from Greece because Greece always gives Cyprus points. Hovig is also well known to Greek audiences after appearing on X-Factor Greece in 2009. He is also the closest thing to a Turkish Cypriot that Cyprus will ever send to Eurovision, being of Armenian descent. Well Armenia is close geographically to Turkey…

This is not the first time that a song called Gravity has gone to Eurovision. This year’s Eurovision Hosts Ukraine sent Gravity in 2013. Cyprus’ Gravity is a better song, but Ukraine had a giant which scores bonus points.

This is far from the worst song Cyprus has ever sent to Eurovision. That award appears to go to the song from 1986


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