Apr. 9th, 2017

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Artist: Manel Navarro
Song: Do it for Your Lover
Odds: 151

Word of the day
controversia - controversy.
It would not be Eurovision without it.

Usually songs that do not go through the semi finals start at shorter odds and drift out after the semi’s are over. As part of the big 5 (with Italy, UK, France and Germany), Spain goes straight to the Eurovision final but is entering the event with odds of $151, currently equal with Switzerland, Montenegro, Albania, Malta and Slovenia and the longest odds available for this year’s event. This song is probably even money to finish last this year… which is understandable listening to it.

This song is a catchy little summer tune, but it is not a Eurovision song. The song the public voted for in Spain is much more Eurovision. Contigo by Mirela drew in the national selection with Manel Navarro, but the judges, which included a DJ connected with Manel, broke the tie giving it to… Manel. The crowd got upset and Eurovision got a sub-standard song. The crowds boos are evidence enough that the Spanish people still care about Eurovision even if the judges don’t.

Eurovision has the song that the Spanish people put third in their national selection. At least the people got to contribute to this choice. Come countries are told what their Eurovision entry is and don’t even get to pretend it is popular and diplomatic. At least Spain got to play pretend.

Spain has not won a Eurovision since 1969, when it was one of 4 winners (with UK, the Netherlands and France). If they keep doing what they are doing with the national selection, Spain will not win another Eurovision for a very long time


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