Apr. 1st, 2017

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Semi final 1
Artist: Blanche
Song: City Lights
Odds: $8 (4th)

Word of the day
gevarenzone - zone dangereuse - danger zone
Highway to the...

Last year Blanche, then known as Ellie Delvaux, was knocked out of The Voice Belgique (one of Belgium’s two versions of The Voice currently running) just before the qualifying final. This year Belgium is sending her to Kyiv. The song was apparently initially written in an imaginary language with just the words City and Lights in English. Though it would have been the third time Belgium went to Eurovision with an imaginary language, in the end they decided to change all to English.

Female vocalists singing about ‘the danger zone’ go back decades. In She-bop, Cyndi Lauper mentioned “I can’t stop messing with the danger zone” when singing about masturbation. Redefines the lines “All alone in the danger zone, are you ready to take my hand”

Could a contestant from The Voice Belgique do a duet with a contestant from The Voice van Vlaanderen (Belgium’s other version of The Voice)? That could make for an interesting song. Not that this year’s entry is not interesting, it could just be less ‘same’… or more same. It could be anything.

Everyone enters a talent show contestant and sings in English now. The first time Belgium sung in English was 1977


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