Mar. 20th, 2017

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And so it begins

43 countries have determined what they will be sending to this years Eurovision Song Contest and it is not that good. Divas and dance. Bitches and ballads... You would think that an event with the tag line of 'Celebrate Diversity' would be a little bit more... you know... diverse...

Anyways here they are, all 43 of them

That was the best 15 seconds of each song. The Best. *shudder*

From that clip I learned that Ireland still have castrati and Finland has possibly the most interesting song this year, but these 15 second snippets make most of the songs look rather... same.

And it would not be Eurovision without controversy. France is believed to have a song that was recorded in 2015, they have just made it bilingual now so it is all shines and new and within the rules. Also Russia's wheelchair bound entrant may be banned from entering the Ukraine (where this years event will be held) because she has previously performed in the Crimea. Ukraine wants to ban the crippy, because that is such a good look.

in other controversy... lets play a game of Wheres Russia...

Answer: not on the front page of the official Eurovision Website... Neither is San Marino, but they are so small no one would notice.

And if they say those two countries were omitted because they used and internal selection to determine their act, well... so did Australia....

That leads me to believe that if nothing else the event will be interesting... because the songs certainly are not.


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