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Semi final 1
Artist: Ronin Bengtsson
Song: I Can’t Go On
Odds: $8.50 (3rd)

Word of the day
Nummer tre - Number three
When shit is not shit enough, it is a number 3

This starts so 1980s that it could have been in a Beverly Hills Cop film, and it doesn’t get much more recent from there. For the Eurovision performance the backing dancers should wear walkmans and at the end of the song they should each discard a cassette into the crowd with the song on it. Embrace the 80s.

Typically Sweden has a heap of Eurovision power behind their entry. The co-writers have all co-written Eurovision entries for Sweden. Robin Stjernberg also performed the song he co-wrote in 2013 which finished 14th. David Kreuger and Hamed K-One Pirouzpanah co-wrote the 2014 Swedish entry for Sanna Nielsen which finished 3rd, which is a reoccurring number for this entry. It is 3rd with the bookies and Robin finished third in Swedish Idol in 2008. Mmm number 3s

This song won Melodifestivalen despite finishing third on the popular vote and almost 200000 votes behind the most popular song. The international Jury loved his song and their votes destroyed the 7% advantage Nano had in the popular vote. Who cares what the people think though, this is Eurovision, not democracy.

In 1985 Sweden hosted Eurovision (after their 1984 win) and came third. NUMBER 3!!!

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Previous Entries: 55
Wins: 6 1974 ABBA – Waterloo
            1984 Herreys – Diggi-loo diggi-ley
            1991 Carola - Fångad av en stormvind
            1999 Charlotte Nilsson – Take Me to Your Heaven
            2012 Loreen – Euphoria
            2015 Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes
First Entry 1958 Alice Babs - Lilla stjärna
Most recent Entry 2015 Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes
National Anthem Du gamla, Du fria


Frans - If I Were Sorry

I have double checked and triple checked and this is the last song to go through for Eurovision 2016 (*happy dance*) and if I was writing this a week ago it would have been top 2, but today, after the first rehersal, this is sitting in 5th with the bookmakers. Sweden has been bouncing up and down for since the announcement of this song and it could, unfortunately, still win

I can understand the appeal of this song but everything there is that is likeable about it is also something easy to dislike. As for Frans, he is a young, likeable looking kid who loves soccer and even written songs as a kid about the game. He is in front of a home crowd and I am sure he will love next weekend.

Sweden is mad on Eurovision. There were 12 songs in the national selection and when it came ot the public televote the lowest amount recieved was 739 125. Frans recieved 1 815 697 votes for this performance. The song that came second, which was first with the jury only got 1 150 943 votes. With this amount of votes just for the national selection, I would hate to be on control of any of the Swedish mobile networks next weekend...

Sweden earned the home final with a well staged performance last year. Performance makes the winner as Sweden showed in 1984. it was the performance that won, I am sure, it could not have been the song.

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Population 9 760 142
Area: 450 295 km2
Language: Swedish
Eurovision attendances: 54
Eurovision wins: 5 (1974, 1984, 1991, 1999, 2012)

Måns Zelmerlöw – Heroes

This song has been compared to a song from last summer by David Guetta, and I can hear the ‘influence’ of David Guetta on the Swedish entry. Despite the fact that it is not very original this song has settled in nicely as the favourite for this years event. I was actually looking forward to hearing this song because it was such a favourite, but after hearing it next to David Guetta, I hope this doesn’t win.

A year ago Måns said that Homosexuality was "avvikelse" to him (which can be translated to "deviation" or “unnatural” in English). He quickly added that there was nothing wrong with it, but the old story still gained traction soon after he was announced as the winner of Melodifestivalen. This was a bad start considering the Eurovision audience.

I think what I hate most about this is that it is another bloody idol contestant and also this was his 3rd attempt to represent Sweden at Eurovision. The song is catchy, but I am going to make the big call can say that the favourite won’t win. I have said that for the last 5 years and have been wrong most times but I was right last year and I may be right again.

Considering the Guetta influence, I am going call this out: you’re (so last) summer

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so the first semi is a few days away and the rehearsals are progressing nicely. this is the running order of the first semi. SPOILER WARNING: this has links to rehearsal clips and comments on the rehearsals.

full list of Eurovision semi 1 participants )

so I think Hungary and Estonia have the best performance this semi and the Netherlands and Moldova are auto non-qualifiers

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Sweden is a favourite this year and if they win it will be their sixth gong, still one behind Ireland but very impressive. They are also sending a artist who has attempted to be Sweden's representative 7 times. All big numbers in Eurovision, but the only big numbers that matter are on stage

Artist: Sanna Neilson
Song: Undo

Though this is Sanna's first time to the Eurovision song contest, she was tantalizingly close to going in 2008 when she came second in Melodifestivalen (Sweden's National Selection) with 'Empty Room'. That song was also a break-up ballad. The difference this time is that one of the writers is someone who has worked with Britney Spears, The Back Street Boys and Westlife. Sweden hopes the big names will help them

I guess the song is nice. It doesn't feel like it goes anywhere, which may be the point. She wants to go, she should go, but she never will. Also is that the heartbeat sound featured in this song? Surely Germany or someone has copyright on that.

I think by the end of the night everyone will be fed up with hearing 'ah-ah-ahn do myself', which sounds wrong when written like that. Being a favourite though, that line would be heard a fair bit and might get too annoying by the time voting comes around in the final. It may work the other way too though and stick in peoples mind like a good hook does.

Big name producers, writers and composers who have worked with the big pop acts often don't help a Eurovision act. Russia went to the trouble of importing help that worked for Lady Gaga and ended up with this

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Country: Sweden

Debut: 1958
Previous Appearances: 52
Wins: 5 (1974 – ABBA 'Waterloo', 1984 – Herreys 'Diggi-loo Diggi-ley', 1991 – Carola 'Fångad av en stormvind', 1999 – Charlotte Nilsson 'Take Me To Your Heaven', 2012 – Loreen 'Euphoria')

Artist: Robin Stjernberg
Song: You

Sweden are desperate to ensure they don't have two wins in a row with this song. He needs to work on the first couple high notes because in this clip they hurt.

Remarkably, this song is quite well rated by the bookies. Seriously. Obviously the boomakers don’t listen to the songs before taken bets or making odds. Or maybe, like a lot of the acts and many of the viewers who vote and judges that determine the scores, they are completely tone deaf.

When he hits his stride, this is not completely dire. It may go top ten. This could be to the detriment of a couple of Swedens neighbours, namely Norway and Denmark who are a couple of the favourites.

Is Eurovision like a nightmare or Som en dröm

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Performer: Loreen
Song: Euphoria

This song is the favourite to win at the present time. I will admit that the contemporary dance routine associated with the song is interesting, but it is not the highly polished look or vocal sound I expected from Sweden. It was two months of preparation for the routine though ans she has two months (from when she won) to come up with another routine for Eurovision. 

The last two Eurovision winners didn't hugely impress me, and as a song, neither does this. It is just a former Idol contestant with a slick dance routine. and by 'slick' I mean she managed to slide in what looked like a hammer dance in and made it looks almost appropriate. when the dance partner came in near the end, I didn't get the combative action in the dance, but I am here for the alcohol, not the dance. 

The only way you could tell this was Sweden was the bloody wind machine. I think there should be a drinking game rule that if Sweden DOESN'T use a wind machine, you have to skull all the remaining alcohol. This will never happen so livers around the world are fairly safe.

Songs that are big before the event often don't go far. Gina G was a favourite in 1996 and came eighth and in 1977, despite having the crowd behind them, Sweden came last with 'Beatles'. Check out the second guys guitar though

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Wins: 4
Entries: 47
Eurovision Semi 2007: straight to final from 2006 result
Eurovision Final 2007:  18th

Charlotte Perrelli - Hero

Lyrics )

This years first recycled act. Charlotte won Eurovision in 1999 under her maiden name, there was not much original in 1999, and well... it is Sweden. What amused me most was before I even realised who she was, I was gong to post her 1999 performance as the retro act from Sweden

The first thing I noticed about this clip was the diamond encrusted dildo... on hang on, it is a microphone. The second thing I noticed was MUFTAGE!!!!!!  The third thing I noticed is that she got in with the tranny vote.... it was those shoes.

The ending of this years song really sucks, but the rest of it isnt much better. it isnt Ark from last year (who werent bad... for Eurovision), it is no ABBA, it is not even an ABBA rip off like Charlotte was last time in Eurovision with 'Take me to your Heaven'


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