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San Marino
Semi Final 2
Artist: Valentina Monetta & Jimmie Wilson
Song: Spirit of the Night
Odds: $101

Word of the day:
ripete su di voi - repeats on you
like a questionable pasta sauce

Ralph Siegal
has returned to San Marino and Eurovision with a song that harks back to the era when he first appeared as a song writer at Eurovision. San Marino’s song this year is a lot more upbeat than that first Siegal song for Luxembourg in 1974, but Eurovision was a different contest then. It may have even still been a song contest in 1974.

Another returnee is Valentina Monetta, who keeps saying when won’t return to Eurovision, but here she is. After performing Solo in 2012, 2013 and 2014 (and announcing the Sammarinese votes in 2015), Valentina is now doing a duet with American Jimmie Wilson and this should qualify for the final, after all Valentina’s results at Eurovision were progressively getting better before she completed her series of entries.

Valentina and Jimmie both have a background of reality ‘Talent’ shows. Valentina appeared in the first series of Popstars (Italy) and Jimmie was on the third series of Must Be the Music: Tylko muzyka in Poland. Neither were winners, they were not even close. This song has long odds of $101, which again, is not even close

Out of the three performances on Eurovision, arguably the best was 2013 when Valentina returned to Eurovision after having such a rubbish song to perform in 2012, and showed she was a classy singer. She doesn’t have the used tampon hair that she wears in this year’s Eurovision presentation clip, but she has the red dress…

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San Marino
Previous Entries: 6
Wins: 0
First Entry: 2008 Miodio – Complice
Most recent entry: 2016 Michele Perniola & Anita Simoncini – Chain of Lights
National Anthem: Inno Nazionale


Serhat - I Didn't Know

This song is made up of all the slimy sleazy lines that you would expect from a 40+ year old man trying to hit onto a drunk 20 year old in nastiest nightclub you could imagine. Serhat is 51, so he has the old man in the nightclub happening. The flirtations of the backing dancers in the promo clip is barf-worthy.

Serhat is what San Marino gets from Turkey when it cannot afford the Italian genius Giorgio Moroder. I have not heard anything like this since maybe the early 90’s and it should have been kept that way. The bookies do not rate this and I really fear watching the performance.

There is one plus and that is the name Serhat. Every time I hear it I think Sir Hat. It sounds like a kids show character or something. Pity he doesn’t look like a kids show character.

This will not qualify for the grand final, there is not even a Maybe about that. San Marino will have to wait another year before they can reach the dizzy heights of 2014

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San Marino
Population: 32 576
Area: 61.2 km2
Language: Italian
Eurovision Attendances: 5
Eurovision wins: 0

Anita Simoncini & Michele Perniola - Chain of Lights

This song started off OK and thought this could be interesting, and then it went all Ralph Siegel. It made me really want to hit Ralph Siegel hard. San Marino, Stop using internal selections to choose Ralph Siegel songs, no one wants to hear that shit!

I am trying to find a positive in the Siegel crap, and the only one I can see is that at least the singers are not Idol/X-factor graduates. Instead these two 16 years olds are graduates from Junior Eurovision. Anita Simoncini was part of the Peppermints from last year’s Junior Eurovision and Michele Perniola performed in 2013.

Can two teenagers carry San Merino to the grand final, I doubt it and so do the bookies. Why would they set up these kids for such a letdown? Maybe they wanted younger entrants so they could get more years out of them before they will retire from Eurovision like Valentina Monetta did last year.

Last year was the first time that San Merino qualified for the final, and I think that was to stop them sending Valentina Monetta singing Ralph Siegel songs… We won half the war…

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so the first semi is a few days away and the rehearsals are progressing nicely. this is the running order of the first semi. SPOILER WARNING: this has links to rehearsal clips and comments on the rehearsals.

full list of Eurovision semi 1 participants )

so I think Hungary and Estonia have the best performance this semi and the Netherlands and Moldova are auto non-qualifiers

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San Marino have never qualified for a final in Eurovision but you have to question whether they intend to. Are they only there to give Italy votes? If that's the case they are failing because they average around 8 points per Eurovision for Italy with only 4 points granted to Italy last year. That's cause for trade embargoes or something isn't it.

Artist: Valentina Monetta
Song: Maybe (Forse)

Poor little San Marino. Not only is it land locked by Italy on all sides, but this nation of 61km² appears to only have one singer. She has appeared in more than half of San Marino's entries into Eurovision, and here she is again for the third time in a row, Valentina Monetta

The first time she went to Eurovision in 2012, the song was dire. In 2013 she returned and the song was good and is showed how professional she was to have sung that steaming pile of crap in 2012. Her 2013 entry deserved to qualify for the final, but sadly did not. This years song is not as good as 2013 but it is better than 2012 at least.

Valentina has confirmed that she will not be returning in 2015, which is a mixed blessing. What will San Marino do? Who will they send? Maybe they will withdraw. Poor little San Marino

Who lets gingers into Eurovision anyway. Bottle or not, no one likes a ginger... except Ireland. Who sent this one twice. The first time was in 1984

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Country: San Marino

Debut: 2008
Previous Appearances: 3
Wins: 0

Artist: Valentina Monetta
Song: Crisalide

Last year Ralph Siegel provided possibly the worst song ever written to San Marino, but Valentina Monetta presented it on the night professionally, despite how dire it was, and got San Marino's best ever result in Eurovision, 14th in their semi final, and their second highest ever amount of points. This year, he's back and she's back with something a little better, because nothing could ever be that god-awful.

This song is set up for the big reveal about 2 minutes in. I fully expect that the last minute of the song will see Valentina in a different outfit, this wont improve the song though.

I don't want to criticise this song or the artist too much though because, well because the San Marinese singer has a Calabrese father. Lets just say it is a borderline qualifier.

You know what they said about last years song, The Social Network Song? OH OH - Uh - OH OH

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Performer: Valentina Monetta
Song: The Social Network Song (OH OH - uh- UH OH)

You know how when your parents try to sound cool and try to use the current lingo which is actually dreadfully out of date. Imagine a three minute song full of that. Seriously. It isnt like the singer is a grandma, she is only 2 years older than me, but this is so outdated that the you would think the singer is 50. There is absolutely no redeeming feature about this song. 

The Singer is a Mickey Mouse Club has been at best. The song belongs in the mockumentary 'Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced'.... at best and even sounds a bit like one of the songs from said mocko. This song is an Epic Fail

The song was originally "Facebook (OH OH - uh- UH OH)", a song that contains a commercial brand breaches the rules, so they had to change the song. The removed all reference to Facebook form the lyrics, but it does still mention 'Googling' which has got to border lining disqualification still. it would be better if this was disqualified, then we wouldn't have to hear it. It is also better that N00b parents don't hear it because lines like 'Do you wanna play cyber sex again' will put fear into parents of their 11 year old is really doing on the internet. Yes, they are talking to a paedophile, get them off line now... 

I cannot think of anything as truly awful as this that has gone to Eurovision. I am not saying that nothing this bad has gone to Eurovision, I have just drunk them out of my mind, So instead here something that was so bad it was good by the same song writer (Ralph Siegel), followed by the Emos from San Marino from the country's first Eurovision


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