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Semi final 2
Artist: Imri
Song: I feel Alive
Odds: $151

Word of the day
נראה טוב - Good looks
Alone are not enough to win Eurovision

After doing his apprenticeship as a backing singer for two years at Eurovision, Imri is now the lead performer after winning הַכּוֹכָב הַבָּא (The Next Star). Not bad for a failure from The Voice.

This song is a typical gay anthem dance track that you would have expected to hear at any Pride after-party around the world for at least the last 10 years. It is a little dated. Even for Eurovision, this is dated. It will get some votes but not many if the odds are to be believed.

Is this song a love song, a stalker song or a victim anthem? Is the subject a narcissist or a reluctantly accepted substitute? English teachers unite and dissect this song for the benefit of disengaged and ungrateful students everywhere. It won’t make them less ungrateful or disengaged but it would give you a sense of achievement, surely.

In 1981 Israel sent an apparently heavily pregnant singer wearing a tent. Tents were the fashion in maternity wear back then. Thankfully fashions change and so do AV equipment. Luckily no one tripped on those cables.

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Previous Entries: 38
Wins: 3 1978 Izhar Cohen & the Alphabeta - A-Ba-Ni-Bi
             1979 Gali Atari & Milk and Honey – Hallelujah
             1998 Dana International – Diva
First Entry: 1973 Ilanit - Ey Sham
Most Recent Entry: 2015 Nadav Guedj – Golden Boy
National Anthem: הַתִּקְוָה


Hovi Star – Made of Stars.

This song has something really familiar about the start of the chorus as well as other portions of the song but then you don’t expect much originality from an Idol winner. It is one of those songs that the more you listen to it the less impressive it is, and it wasn’t hugely striking to start with. This star does not burn bright.

After watching this clip I wondered… when did fingerless gloves come back into fashion? I must have missed the memo about the current 80’s trend that has inexplicably returned. I do try my best to keep up to date with the 80’s and it appears so does Hovi.

I have read fans talking this song up, but the bookmakers don’t rate is highly. I have to agree with the bookies. Maybe it is a generational thing. It might be what the kids are in to these days but it is not something that grabs a person, or at least this person.

In keeping up with the 80’s, say Hi to 1983

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Population 8 238 300
Area: 20 777 km2
Language: Hebrew, Arabic
Eurovision attendances: 37
Eurovision wins: 3 (1978, 1979, 1998)

Nadav Guedj - Golden boy

This kid is 16, my arse. He looks older than that. The song also seems that is it aimed for a slightly older audience, one with money and cars. This is a bog-lap song (a bog-lap is repetitively cruising around the same area in a car with a big engine).

What I love about the song is the following lines:
“Pull me baby, I'm your trigger
You know that my love is bigger”
Maybe the words ‘Pull me’ coming from a guy have a different definition in Israel…. But then reading the second line there, I doubt it.

The bookies think this song will qualify, just. Muscle car drivers are not usually Eurovision’s major audience I thought…

If you are going to do Bog-laps, you need hair and accessories more like Izhar Cohen from 1985

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This is all of the semi final 2 performers this year. SPOILER ALERT this has details of their performances as well as a link to their rehearsals. If you want to keep how dire the acts are a surprise, please stop reading now

There is always one Eurovision semi that is far better than the other. This is not the better semi.


full list of second semi finalists )

so in short, I doubt anything from this semi will win or even come close. either the song is dire or the performance it not good enough to get it votes.
Best performances: well... possibly slovenia
Auto non-qualifiers: either greece or poland wont qualify or both,

the highlight of this semi is clearly Jessica Mauboy

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Israel have won three Eurovision song contests, the most recent of which was 1998. Since then they haven't really looked like winning. Nothing much has changed this year

Artist: Mei Finegold
Song: Same Heart

“Don’t need to be criticised” but you will be darl'. What is with the Beyonce body suits, anyways. Seriously! Also “They are as long as the infinity”. The lyrics of this song hurt.

This is one of those lazy song where one verse is done in English and one in the artists native language, in this case Hebrew. The last song that did this and won was Wild Dancers in 2004 and that won more because of the performance than the song (the song that came second actually beat the Ukraine in the semi).

The song and presentation are less than the singer deserves, but I think that's her own fault for being too malleable as an artist. It is something you see of a lot of artist who come up through Idol-esque competitions, they will do anything, any song to have a single. She is a rock singer with a pop song and try as she might she cannot make it rock enough.

Bad songs that use both English and the artists native language.. That's a little Like Georgia in 2012

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Country: Israel

Debut: 1973
Previous Appearances: 36
Wins: 3 (1978 - Izhar Cohen & the Alphabeta 'A-Ba-Ni-Bi', 1979 - Gali Atari & Milk and Honey 'Hallelujah', 1998 – Dana International 'Diva')

Artist: Moran Mazor
Song: Rak Bishvilo

This is just another nondescript ballad that sounds nice but really is just a toilet break.

I have to make the observation that she has put on a couple of kilos since her promo pictures and possibly between buying her dress and doing the performance that makes the clip. She still had the courage to wear the dress though so kudos there. I hope her boobs were taped in

The bookies don't care for this song and neither do I. It will be hard pressed to qualify for the final and even if it does, it wont do much.

In regards to this years act, I doubt anyone would want to say 'Natati La Khayay'

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Performer: Izabo
Song: Time

Maybe this song required more Time to grow on me. I am undecided though if listening to it more will make me like it more or it will make me homicidal. lest test it... 

The song sounds like something that would be used on an add to advertise health supplements or sugar filled snacks for kids.  I hope it is not used for any of these in Australia though.... for the sake of others advertisers, don't use it. 

I think this belongs in a Eurovision in the late 1970s, not in 2012. they are considered 'alternative', but they come across as being different for the sake of being different, but then it is still a standardly structured pop-song, just with annoying vocals in the chorus. This may qualify though unfortunately. 

So in 2003, it was the 80's coming back, now it is the 70's. Can Estonia send a band to sing that? Or maybe we can just get people who look like previous entries... I mean the lead singer of Izabo, his hair is almost as amazing as that as Israels 1975 entry. 


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