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Semi final 2
Artist: Joci Papai (Pápai József)
Song: Origo (Origin)
Odds: $34

Word of the day:
huszonkilenc - twentynine
How many artists Pápai beat in A Dal to end up in Eurovision

The odds on this song are rather generous. This song has to beat eight other entries just to make the final. Sure the Gypsy connection will get him a few votes (from stolen mobile phones) from all across Europe, but will that be enough to qualify? Computer says no.

Pápai is a talent show reject. He made the top 16 on Megasztár (a Star Academy/Idol rip-off), but was in the group of 4 singers who failed to make the finals. This has not stopped Pápai achieving success in Hungary. Well he has released a few singles, if that is successful.

The translation of the song into English shows it is a rather interesting song. It is about how he loves a girl but then fins out he is not white enough for her. Instead of turning to skin bleaching creams, he turned to song writing and Eurovision is blessed to feature his talent.

Hungary's best result was at their first attempt at Eurovision. Though they have come close to their 4th place that they achieved in 1994, they have never surpassed it. that record will stay intact until next year at least.

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Previous entries: 13
Wins: 0
First Entry: Friderika Bayer - Kinek mondjam el vétkeimet?
Most Recent Entry: Boggie – Wars for Nothing
National Anthem: Himnusz


Freddie – Pioneer

Another ‘talent’ show loser hitting the Eurovision stage. Like a typical Factor/Idol/voice winner he has no substance. There is not even anything interesting in his biog. At least he is pretty, but unfortunately that is about it.

Watching the song I realise why I could never be a backing singer. Besides my lack of singing ability I am held back by my lack of coordination. The backing vocalist have perfectly synchronise their right foot rock with each other. They even clap with sticks. I would be a mess. These guys have talent.

This year’s theme appears to be ‘being accepted for being different’. There have been a number of sings with that kind of theme and none of them are highly accepted by the bookies. Freddie isn’t different though. He is cut from the same cloth as every other wannabe star. The bookies rate that just in the top 20

There is always a song that is worse. There were apparently two songs worse than Hungary in 1998:

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Population: 9 877 365
Area: 93 030 km2
Language: Hungarian
Eurovision Attendances: 12
Eurovision wins: 0

Boggie - Wars For Nothing

I keep misreading Boggie as Booggie and then I think ‘that snot good’, but then this song is ok. This is a pretty song. Not pretty enough to be favoured by the book makers but pretty enough to qualify for the final, just.

Peace songs usually qualify from the Semis, but they generally not likely to win. There are exceptions and how this will do depends on politics partially. With the current politics in Europe, this could be a sleeper and finish in the top half of the draw. Everything will depend on presentation and performance, and we know Hungary has improved in these areas in the last few years.

In the Hungarian national selection this song came second with the Jury, but is going to Eurovision based on the SMS and app voting. The song that came first with the jury was Szabó Ádám’s "Give me your love", but more interestingly the song that was 5th with the jury, "Ne engedj el" was by Hungary’s 2001 entrant Wolf Kati.

Anyway… I don’t know if They have heard of New Zealand’s Dave Dobbin in Hungary, but they sent someone in 1998 who looked a lot like him

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so the first semi is a few days away and the rehearsals are progressing nicely. this is the running order of the first semi. SPOILER WARNING: this has links to rehearsal clips and comments on the rehearsals.

full list of Eurovision semi 1 participants )

so I think Hungary and Estonia have the best performance this semi and the Netherlands and Moldova are auto non-qualifiers

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Hungary has never won a Eurovision but they keep trying. They have sent some interesting songs like “Unsubstantial Blues” and “Kedvesem” and again this year they have sent an interesting entry.

Artist: András Kállay-Saunders
Song: Running

This song is in and out the top 5 with the bookmakers, but currently within the top ten, so it is certainly in the mix. He can carry the song live, but the presentation will matter. After last year though, I think Hungary understand good staging so this could go either way at the moment.

The cynic in me thinks that this song would seem more genuine if the money raised from it went to domestic violence charities and support. I guess in part that would be up to the EBU though.

András appears to be descended from royalty. His mothers side (Kállay) is a famous noble house and his father (Fernando Saunders) is a legendary American musician. Very regal there. So important are those names that he often drops his christian name and is well known as Kállay Saunders.

Estonia were not content with just the kid of someone who was entrenched in American music, they got Dave Benton who had himself performed with some American music legends. It paid dividends in 2001 winning them the contest.

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Country: Hungary

Debut: 1994
Previous Appearances: 10
Wins: 0

Artist: ByeAlex
Song: Kedvesem

If Tim Burton wrote a lullaby for adults in Hungarian, I think this is what it would be. Not quite as interesting as it sounds, but I like the clip.

It is cute and lovely and sweet but the male vocal makes it sound dark and feels wrong. The title means 'Darling', and Darling, I think this will struggle.

The bookies don't rate it which might be harsh, but is the reality of Eurovision. There can be only one, and only 10 from the semi of 17

Most years at Eurovision I ask of Hungary MiƩrt kell, hogy elmenj?

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Performer: Compact Disco
Song: Sound of our Hearts

This is the sound of another summer Station ID ad for 7, or a song to advertise the hot, sexy new drama for next season. nothing about the song itself reaches in and grabs you but it uses the word heart and add that to any product and and you have advertising. Add it to Eurovision and you have a bit of a cliche.

I always worry about how they upbeat numbers will sound and will be preformed on the night. With this song though it probably doesn't matter. the bookies are considering it fairly mid-range so it will qualify but wont threaten anyone and I think thats a fair call. 

In the end though, this song isn't terrible, it is just.... done. t would have been a hot favourite 10 years ago but now, this style has been the song for summer. over it! 

Upbeat songs can look a little weird in an expensive dress, or even cheap gym gear, but at least it isn't a boy band from Hungary. 


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