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Semi final 1
Artist: Demy
Song: This is Love
Odds: $41

Word of the day
δημοφιλής - popular
In Greece maybe, at Eurovision less so...

Though this is pretty much a standard Eurovision track, there is one thing that ruins the whole song, the ending. Bette Midler said of Chapel of Love, “That is the pits ending for a really terrific song”. The ending of This is Love is worse. You are dancing away and suddenly the song almost stops. It has an attack of the Disney’s and ends. It should have been a lot better

This song has a lot of Euroivison power behind it. Song writer Dimitris Kontopoulos has worked with a number of Greek artists who have gone to Eurovision as well as being involved with entries from Belarus in 2007, Ukraine in 2008, Greece in 2009, and Russia in 2014. Demitris also collaborated with John Ballard, one of the other song writers, on Eurovision entries for Azerbaijan in 2013 and Russia last year. They are yet to get the choccies, but what is most surprising is that two of these songs finished 2nd, and neither of those was the good one.

Demy is a popular artist in Greece for both her music and the musicals she appears in. She was also a Teacher/Mentor in a short lived Greek TV series called The Music School, where a group of kids competed to get a scholarship into the Ωδείο Αθηνών (Athens Conservatoire). It appears that the scholarship took places from rich people who would pay for the tuition. Greece needs money more than talent shows so The Music School had to go. They are so in need of money it is a wonder hey can afford to go to Eurovision.

In 1984 Greece withdrew from Eurovision as there was nothing good enough to send to Luxembourg. Four years later they sent Clown. It is surprising that Greece has ever won Eurovision really.

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Previous Entries: 36
Wins: 1 2005 (H)Elena Paparitzou – My Number One
First Entry: 1974 Marinella - Krasi, thalassa kai t'agori mou (Κρασί, θάλασσα και τ' αγόρι μου)
Most Recent Entry: 2015 Maria Elena Kyriakou - One Last Breath
National anthem: Ύμνος εις την Ελευθερίαν


Argo - Utopian Land

Hip Hop never does well at Eurovision and Greece’s chances are accurately displayed in the odds for this year’s event. The bookmakers give Argo a snowballs chance in hell of even qualifying. It will need a really very good performance to have a chance and because this is Greece it will also need a good wax…

This is the first time since 2004 that Greece did not use a national selection to choose their Eurovision entry. ERT, the Greek Broadcaster chose to pick this year’s song without the help of the public and I cannot understand why. Greece is one of the few countries that have gone to the Eurovision grand Final every year since the Semi-final system came in. They obviously have a successful formula, why would you change it… unless you want to lose. Why pay the entry fee if you want to lose? I don’t understand

I cannot decide if this song is trying to be political or nonsensical but it is not fantastic. I rarely like the Greek entries (with the exception of The Alcohol is Free) and I do not like this song. It won’t qualify which is sad for such a proud Eurovision country.

I rarely like the Eurovision entries from Greece, not even the one from 1981

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Population 10 816 286
Area: 131 957 km2
Language: Greek
Eurovision attendances: 35
Eurovision wins: 1 (2005)

Maria-Elena Kyriakou - One Last Breath

Twelve points from Cyprus! Except that Cyprus is in the other semi so Greece will have to qualify for the final to cash in on those 12 points. Meh, this will likely qualify.

The vocals are style over substance. I have trouble making out some of the lyrics, particularly in the first verse because she diva-breathes at every opportunity. Why the Diva Breathing, oh she was a winner of The Voice. Well her mentor probably taught her something then…

Azerbaijan won a few years ago with a ‘yummy-mummy’, but she has the assistance of the twink. Can the Cypriot mother of 3 win for Greece? If you believe the bookmakers, then no. If you take it from me then Hell No!

I think there was another Cypriot who represented Greece a couple times at Eurovision…

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This is all of the semi final 2 performers this year. SPOILER ALERT this has details of their performances as well as a link to their rehearsals. If you want to keep how dire the acts are a surprise, please stop reading now

There is always one Eurovision semi that is far better than the other. This is not the better semi.


full list of second semi finalists )

so in short, I doubt anything from this semi will win or even come close. either the song is dire or the performance it not good enough to get it votes.
Best performances: well... possibly slovenia
Auto non-qualifiers: either greece or poland wont qualify or both,

the highlight of this semi is clearly Jessica Mauboy

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Greece really cant afford to enter Eurovision, but I guess if Germany is giving them the money, they can do anything. If Greece wins then Germany will be paying for the 2015 Eurovision in Greece, I doubt they will though with this

Artist: Freaky Fortune feat. RiskyKidd
Song: Rise Up

This song is likely popular in nightclubs across Europe is not the whole world, but it wont do well in Eurovision. The Eurovision Audience doesn't like club music or hip hop of any sort. Lets face it though, Greece are not in it to win it, they are just there to waste Germany's money.

Am always concerned with songs like this and how they can successfully reproduce their sound without using vocal loops. Vocals featured on the backing track are banned (1.2.2.E: Artists shall perform live on stage, accompanied by a recorded backing track which contains no vocals of any kind or any vocal imitations. The Host Broadcaster shall verify respect for this rule), however there is nothing to say a vocal cannot be recorded on stage and then looped, implied yes, but not expressly stated. Then in saying that, the average pop-princes could then also record her chorus vocal and play it in the last chorus to allow her to do vocal gymnastics over the vocal and allowing her to have 5 dancers on the stage rather than having to give up one dancer for a backing singer. It is an interesting scenario. Not amusing, but interesting.

So Greece wont win because no one votes for the poor countries. NEXT!

The only good thing about this song is that it is classier than what Austria sent in 2014

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Country: Greece

Debut: 1974
Previous Appearances: 33
Wins: 1 (2005 – Helena Paparizou 'My Number One')

Artist: Koza Mostra & Agathon Iakovidis
Song: Alcohol is Free

Lets face it, Greece wont win because they cannot afford to host a children’s tea party so forget eurovision, but I want this song to qualify for the final because it is fun.

The Alcohol has to be free in Greece because no one could buy it, except the politicians. Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol is free! You can sing any words in a ska song and it would still found fun. Try Murderous, murderous, knife wielding man in ska. See still fun!

The Bookies think this should qualify and so do I, but then who cares what I think so long as the Alcohol is free.

Ok thats it, time to Stop

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Performer: Eleftheria Eleftheriou
Song: Aphrodisiac

I understand what she is trying to do. She is imitating Helena Paparitzou's performance from 2005. She has 4 dancers, the hair and the ethnic influences (in sound and performance). The difference was My Number One was a good song with an excellent performance. If Paparitzou languished at the bottom of a discount bin for several years, this is how she could end up, but I doubt she could be this cheap and nasty.

Eleftheria lacks something that Helena had in abundance... talent, but I am sure she makes up for that by sleeping with the manager of the record company and anyone else she needs to. Maybe it is the platforms, but she can't dance! If you cant dance in platforms, don't wear them when performing a dance routine... simple. 

At least she will entertain us on the night. when we aren't taking cheap shots at how cheap she looks, we will be laughing at the commentators attempt to say her name. Eleftheria Eleftheriou... hell I am sure we will make a few attempts to say it while drunk which will only end badly, but we will get a laugh. 

The Greek entry this year could only hope to look as cheap as the Ukraine did in 2009, and Greece didn't always send affordable acts to Eurovision... 


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