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Semi final 1
Artist: Dihaj
Song: Skeletons
Odds: $41

Word of the day:
qorxu ruhlandırıcı - Awe Inspiring
Not particularly

Diana Hacıyeva, the lead vocalist of DiHaj, attempted to go to Eurovision in 2011 and lost in the national final, despite having the backing of the 2008 (and now also 2015) Azeri entrant Elnur Huseynov. Dianna lost but Azerbaijan went on to win. This year there was no arduous national selection and we have DiHaj (Diana, Anar and Ali) though internal selection.

The songwriters are credited with being involved with a number of Eurovision entries, including Azerbaijan’s 2011 win. They were also involved with Azerbaijan’s entries in 2010 and 2015 as well as Ukraine’s in 2014. None were particularly awe inspiring, not even the one that won Eurovision.

DiHaj is meant to be indi-pop, but the indi appears to be lacking in this song.Diana said "it's crucial for me to stay true to myself", but if she is indi then why is she singing something that sounds like it is from a major US movie sound-track. Maybe the recorded version just lacks the soul of the live performance... but it will need a really good live performance.

Azerbaijan have been in in the final in all of their 9 previous appearances. Since first entering Eurovision in 2008 Azerbaijans worst finish was 22nd in 2014... not particularly awe inspiring.

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Entries: 8
Wins: 1 2011 Ell & Nikki - Running Scared
First entry:2008 Elnur & Samir - Day After Day
Most recent entry: 2015 Elnur Hüseynov - Hour of the Wolf
national Anthem: Azərbaycan Marşı


Samra – Miracle

This song is like the 80’s crashed into Rhianna and resulted in terrible lyrics. This song is really terrible. The only outstanding thing about this is Samra’s hair. That is outstanding hair. I am jealous. Everything else is bad but the hair is amazing.

The promo clip for this song is certainly worth watching for the most over exaggerated lip-syncing you will ever see. This is almost the worst song Azerbaijan has ever sent to Eurovision, but unbelievably the bookmakers have this in the top 20. That’s politics for you.

Samra tried to get to Eurovision in 2012 when she was 16, but only managed 3rd in her heat, the first of 8. After listening to less than 1 minute of the song I am surprised she made third out of the 10 people in the heat. She then went on to do well on the Azerbaijan version of The Voice. I am really very surprised.

This year will crash and burn, I am sorry Azerbaijan. You should have sent Sabina Babayeva instead like you did in 2012

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Population: 9 494 600
Area: 86 660 km2
Language: Azerbaijani
Eurovision Attendances: 7
Eurovision wins: 1 (2011)

Elnur Huseynov - Hour of the wolf

We have our first repeat offender for 2015. I have to admit I like this song more than his last entry in Eurovision but then I did say of that song “ARGH! My Ears!!!! They're bleeding! ARGH! the noise! The pain! ARGH!”, so anything has got to be an improvement.

So what has Elnur done since we last saw him? Well he won The Voice in Turkey last year. It does not bode well for Turkey if they have to import singers to win their reality TV shows. It also makes me like Elnur a little less. I dislike repeat offenders enough, but I hate reality TV show winners.

This song sits in the top 10 with the bookmakers, but it is early days yet. The song goes well for commercial radio or as an ad for a luxury SUV. I can just see a champagne SUV driving through all kinds of terrain until it gets to the end of the ad where there is a couple embracing. The song is more useful than great, but it is not bad.

And now for the torture Elnur brought us with Samir in 2008. How did this qualify for the final?

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so the first semi is a few days away and the rehearsals are progressing nicely. this is the running order of the first semi. SPOILER WARNING: this has links to rehearsal clips and comments on the rehearsals.

full list of Eurovision semi 1 participants )

so I think Hungary and Estonia have the best performance this semi and the Netherlands and Moldova are auto non-qualifiers

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Azerbaijan want to “Start a Fire”, which is a power ballad. The title is not to be confused with the tag line from when Azerbaijan hosted Eurovision in 2012 which was “Light your fire”. Azerbaijan is known as the “Land of Fire”, which is better than being in the ring of fire is guess. This song is not exactly on fire though

Artist: Dilara Kazimova
Song: Start a Fire

I have no idea what this song is meant to be about, but the lyrics are pretty and the music and vocals are nice. It is a pity that the singer can't use her pretty voice to sing the lyrics in anything but engrish. I needed the lyrics sheet to understand two of the stanzas in this song.

This song will probably go top ten. Azerbaijan always sits in the top ten . Since they started entering Eurovision in 2008, their lowest final position has been 8th, which is about where this is sitting with the bookies.

I generally dislike previous contestants from reality shows appearing in Eurovision, but Dilara is a current contestant in the Ukrainian version of The Voice (Voice of the Country). She is not even on the team of former Eurovision entrant Ani Lorak. If someone can translate Ukrainian, I would love to know how Dilara Kazimova (or as they say it in Ukrainian Діляра Кязімова) is going.

Dilara Kazimova attempted to represent Azerbaijan in Eurovision in 2010 as part of a duo called Milk and Kisses. They came second in the National final. Milk has been a winner though at Eurovision back in 1979 when Israel sent Gali Atari & Milk & Honey to sing “Hallelujah”

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Country: Azerbaijan

Debut: 2008
Previous Appearances: 5
Wins: 1 (2011 – Ell and Nikki 'Running Scared')

Artist: Farid Mammadov
Song: Hold Me

Oooo Eastern Eurpean semi-power ballad. I can never get enough of these.... yes I am being sarcastic. Damn Eurovision clichès

This is a cliché eurovision style that is sung by a pretty young boy (21) and it really does nothing for me except remind me that it is time for a toilet break. Thankyou Azerbaijan for allowing me to break the seal at song 4 in the second Semi.

This star of the Azeri version of The Voice is expected by the bookies to qualify. That's great, I like the idea of an extra toilet break in the final.

Eurovision claims to be the best music in Europe. Sometimes that may be the case, but not Always

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Performer: Sabina Babayeva
Song: When the Music Dies

Plastic Surgery in Azerbaijan must be as cheap as chips. Two years of Azerbaijani women with what appears to be cheek and breast implants... seriously, those tits aren't real. If KFC used real breast meat in their nuggets, they would have the knives out for her right now... except eating her silicon boobs would kill you... KFC only leaves you retarded atm 

The song is just another Diva song that you would spot an idolist singing to show they have talent and respect for music. It is never true. Just because the Jazz-pop-RnB fusion sound can be done, doesn't mean it should.

I don't think she will be able to carry this off when she sings it live for real, mainly because I don't think she can really reach those low note. Miming while a backing singer sings the line though is within the rules though, isn't it?

When the Music Dies was the year that Azerbaijan came into the contest when Ireland sent Dustin... no, ok the music had been flogged to death long before then but the cheeks were once real. Well more real than now. 


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