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Semi Final 1
Artist: Isaiah
Song: It Don’t come easy
Odds: $51

Word of the day:

Isaiah won X-Factor Australia last year and even before he won he was already the popular choice for Australia’s Eurovision entry. He is and good singer and a great story but this song has rightfully dropped in the odds in the last week because the package is not right. The singer, the look, the story, the song and the performance don’t gel. It is almost an epic fail.

The biggest issue is this song. SBS internally selected Isaiah and the song writers DNA. DNA provided a song that was perfect for Dami last year or an artist in their late 20s or early 30s. Isaiah is 17. How can he sing about multiple failed relationships when he is 17.

SBS appear to think that resolve this year’s glaring issues they should case internal selections and hold a national selection. On SBS, who is going to watch that? There will be more hard-core international Eurovision fans watching it than domestic viewers. On top of this no genuine artist will take part. At least with internal selection SBS can get a brown paper bag from a record company.

Dami was a good artist to song match. SBS should not get her back, but they should look artists who can provide their own song. Forget this year happened and thing of the good times of 2016

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And so it begins.

Previous entries: 1
Wins: Nil
First entry: 2015 Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again
Most recent entry: 2015 Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again
National Anthem: Advance Australia Fair


Dami Im - Sound of Silence.

I hate 'talent' show contestants, but I loved Dami on Australia's Got X-factor Idols (or whatever the show was). Everything that was put to her she would do but more than that, she seems so sweet and her new marriage (her husband was regularly in the audience) was played on a fair bit making her seem more than the one dimensional pop-star these shows usually create. She could also sing, which is a novelty in these shows.

I am fairly sure this song will be performed better at Eurovision than what the official version shows, the song is a bit crap though. It is obviously written by committee and the separately written parts are obvious. I also dislike songs which cannot use the natural rythm of the words and tries to force the words into the song. 'Silence', not 'si-Lence'.

On X-factor I was constantly surprised by the make-up and clothing decisions made for her on the show. If she gets the look right, she could win thins thing. The song is in the top 4 with the bookies atm so this entry could be an expensive exercise for SBS.

Austalia have only got one other Eurovision to look back on and though the result was not too shabby, it was another Idolist... Guy... The shame...

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Population 23 813 000
Area: 7 692 024 km2
Language: English
Eurovision attendances: 0
Eurovision wins: 0

Guy Sebastian - Tonight Again

As an Australian I must apologise. We can do better than this. It is one of the worst things about being Australian, every time we have a chance to shine on the international stage we display something that can only be described as an embarrassment, Guy is no exception

Seriously, Guy is a former Idol winner, one of the things I hate about Eurovision in the last decade. The song is catchy and it hard to hate but Guy just shits me. Please give us another shot at Eurovision so we can send something really good… Please.

The bookmakers are saying this is top 5, and I am sure we will secure a heap of votes only because Australia does not get to host the vote if we do win, we get to co-host the event in a European city. Yes Australia wins (at least part of) the cost of the 2016 Eurovision and the opportunity to send something of quality next year. It sounds a little like a booby prize…

Australia has not had a chance to compete before, but we have been given the opportunity to embarrass ourselves… Yay Australia...


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