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Semi final 1
Artist: Lindita
Song: World
Odds: $151

Word of the day
Pushtet - Power

Lindita is a reject from both Albanian Idol (Ethet) and American Idol, so it was a natural progression that she would appear at Eurovision. It is also with great excitement that it is announced That Albania is giving us a Power Ballad. W00t.

This passionate and slightly political power ballad was the first confirmed complete entry (song and artist) for this year’s event, though the song has been updated and translated to English from the Albanian in the national final, Festivali i Këngës. From the Festivali i Këngës performance, it appears Lindita has learned from Jamala’s winning performance last year and is overdoing the fake emotion.

One of the writers of this song also Co-wrote the 2006 Albanian song. Who could forget that classic piece of Ethno-pop featuring the guy in the skirt and the bagpipes? If you can’t, try more grappa.

Albania’s first Eurovision entrant Anjeza Shahini from 2004 has tried to represent Albania a further 3 times and finished second in the national election every time. In December 2005 she was bridesmaid to the song written by Klodian Qafoku for the 2006 Eurovision, who also co-wrote this year’s song. At least she had 2004

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Previous entries: 12
Wins: Nil
First Entry: 2004 Anjeza Shahini – The Image of You
Most recent entry: 2015 Elhaida Dani – I’m Alive
National Anthem: Himni i Flamurit


Eneda Tarifa – Fairytale

In Albania the winner of the longstanding Festivali I Këngës goes on to compete in Eurovision. Eneda won last year’s event with was the 54th Festivali I Këngës, but she also competed in the 42nd and 46th events. So many Eurovision entries make it through persistence rather than talent. If the Festivali I Këngës performance was actually live though, she might be able to carry this off.

Going back through the history of Eurovision I cannot find an example of two songs with the same name (in the same language at least) winning. This does not bode well for Albania seeing a Fairytale won in 2009. It is probably a matter of time though before we get a winner with the same title as a previous winner but if the bookies are to be believed it will not be this year. I think the bookies rating somewhere near the bottom is a bit harsh myself but time will tell.

The title is not the only second-hand element of this song. There is an outfit in the promo clip that seems to be similar to the outfit worn by the Russian entrant in their first Eurovision in 1994. The vocals in this song also feature elements that are very similar to song that recorded Albania’s best result. Actually this song is like a commercial version of Suus. I don’t think it will get the same ovation that song got and it will not finish as high as 5th.

This year’s song may be full of passion but Europe did not Feel the Passion in 2011

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Population: 3 020 209
Area: 28 748
Language: Albanian
Eurovision Attendances: 11
Eurovision wins: 0

Elhaida Dani – I’m Alive

Originally Diell was going to be the song Elhaida Dani took to Eurovision, and I am glad that won’t be going because the vocal gymnastics shat me. I do find it weird though that after the writers withdrew permission for the song to go to Eurovision, they didn’t do another national final, the song is as important as the artist that is going after all. We have got what we have got through.

So this Albanian won the Italian version of the Voice. She can sing but can she win… probably not. The bookmakers have her top 20 and I think this is possibly better than that but not a winner.

Going back to the withdrawal of the original song, I thought to myself ‘why would they do that?’. Surely writers like the attention that having an entry to Eurovision can get them. With attention comes money, that it all good. Maybe however (and I perhaps rather cynical) they were piggy-backing off Eurovision without committing enough to sell out. They got all the promotion of Eurovision for a couple months but didn’t have to release their copyrite to the EBU (for the Eurovision CD etc). Could this become more common in the future? We will see in 2016.

I this this song is good, but my pre-show opinion doesn’t mean much. I didn’t think much of Albania in 2012, but when the song was sung on the night, I loved it. This is still Albania’s best result and it deserved better.

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so the first semi is a few days away and the rehearsals are progressing nicely. this is the running order of the first semi. SPOILER WARNING: this has links to rehearsal clips and comments on the rehearsals.

full list of Eurovision semi 1 participants )

so I think Hungary and Estonia have the best performance this semi and the Netherlands and Moldova are auto non-qualifiers

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Albania have gone to Eurovision ten times prior to this year. The best Albania has finished was 5th, with possibly one of the most amazing vocals ever seen at Eurovision, it was also one of the weirdest outfit and hairdo combos ever put on the Eurovision stage as well. Comparatively this year is rather normal.

Artist: Hersi
Song: One Night's Anger

The vocal styling is interesting. It is somewhere between Celine Dion and a country princess. She lists Celine Dion as one of her musical influences, I doubt she will do well as Celine did In Eurovision though. There might be some Kate Bush in there too, all the worst bits about her. Listening to the live version it is all Celine.

Some reviews call this song incomplete, and I agree it needs a bigger sound to be noticed at Eurovision. I am calling this song a toilet break

I read her bio and wondered if something was lost in translation in the line 'In 2010 she ranked first in the musical contest “Ars Kosova”.'

It is the little country twang in parts of this song that remind me of the first country band to compete in Eurovision. The year was 2006, the Country was Germany and the band will go down in history.

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Country: Albania

Debut: 2004
Previous Appearances: 9

Artist: Adrian Lulgjuraj & Bledar Sejko
Song: Identitet

A bit of Ethno-rock at Eurovision, there's something I didn't expect...

OK, this isn't bad, it is better than anything Bon Jovi has released in the last decade, but they have gone crap. At least the singer has a law degree to fall back on.

Albania is one of those countries that has to be better than good just to qualify, and really brilliant and interesting to win. This may be lucky to qualify

and to finish, The Image of You

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Performer: Rona NIshliu
Song: Suus

This song has a awesome build up, then stops... it is like getting foreplay, and then no nookie, there is no point. It is certainly one of the more interesting songs in this years contest, but is needs something after that build up... and not the loud/obnoxious noise that we hear... unless the point is a drink int the Eurovision drinking game

Promoting the top ten acts to the final from each semi when there is only 18 acts in each semi just rewards mediocraty, so this song should qualify. in qualifying, this song might damage Italys chance of winning because they appeal to a similar demographic. the songs aren't very much alike, but both the songs have a beauty and a sensuality about them. Italy is a sexy,  and boldly sensual, Albania is emotive in a 'tear me open and see whats inside', emotive sense and its emptiness is a womans emotion, not a girls. 

I don't care for this song. It could have been more and no doubt wonderful ways to abuse this song will be found, it just doesn't hit me. 

The song has a slight feeling of yesteryear, and it is more than the beehive. Acts of those days were... 1968, says it all. As for other things passed, I have to thank the punch for the reminder of this albanian classic 


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