May. 13th, 2017

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For Australians playing along at home who are watching the delayed telecast of the second semi, this has spoilers.

The Music World's Night of Nights begins in under 12 hours. 26 songs have been decided from a potential 43 (if you include Russia, which I do) and now we have to decide what is the best song in Europe.

The Favourite changed this morning from Italy, who have been top of the pops for 2 months, to Portugal. Personally I am still gutted that Finland and FYR Macedonia did not make the cut and I am going for Denmark and Armenia. Long shots, but I don't come easy.
So here are the 26

Israel: ($201) Was a bit shaky around the choruses in the semi, but the good looking boy in the sheer top trying to act butch was always going to get through.

Poland: ($251) Potential Barbara Dex, only because the other favorites didn't make the final.

Belarus: ($251) How the fuck did this qualify. Even if they had got the notes in the semi, this would still be the most annoying song in the competition

Austria: ($251) Nice song but not a threat. cannot get over the fact that he is 25. looks older

Armenia: ($81) Ticks most of the boxes. Wont win, but could take some votes from the more favoured songs

The Netherlands: ($101) The dutch WilsonPhillips wannabes, this is even structured like a WilsonPhillips song. Nice to listen to though

Moldova: ($81) Epic Sax Guy is back. So is the running man. Ok song, well staged, fun dance and complete with a gimmick or two. This will steal a few votes.

Hungary: ($201) less deserving song have won Eurovision.

Italy: (2.75) favourite until this morning. I think the Ape comes out too late. You have to get the most out of your gimmick.

Denmark: ($151) Freaking nailed it at the semi. Some of the camera angles are a bit strange. I would love to see this get up.

Portugal: ($2.50) Favourite since this morning. Can the kid wearing the jacket from his dads good suit win?

Azerbaijan: ($151) The camera angles do this no favours and neither does the draw. this was never going to win, but the draw gives it no chance. After Portugal an after the break. many people will miss this song all together.

Croatia: ($51) people have put money on Jacques love song to himself. A fool and his money...

Australia: ($201) Over sung and pitchy towards the end in the semi. Was lucky to qualify

Greece: ($301) Another song that was off key in the semi and was lucky to get through.

Spain: ($501) this would have not got through either Semi. Spain is lucky that it automatically qualified. I predict this will finish 26th.

Norway: $251)  really flat feeling performance. needs more energy.

United Kingdom: ($34) staging reminds me of San Marino in 2014. well sung though

Cyprus: ($301) only got through with 12 points from Greece. pitchy at the end in the semi. Good performance though Backdrop reminds me of Russia from last year... but in Kyiv we don't walk about Russia.

Romania: ($41) Surprisingly well done. still don't get the cannons

Germany: ($201) where is the performance? needs a performance. Germany is boring. 

Ukraine:($301) will be popular with the crowd in the venue until the laser beam eyes start taking people out. this song is the Ukrainian call to war.

Belgium: ($17) this got through only because it was a favourite. it was certainly not on the strength of the performance in the semi, which was dire. On that performance, this should not have qualified and Belgium took the place Finland should have got.

Sweden: ($31) more old school dance. It is just another Swedish pop song though and Eurovision is filled with those.

Bulgaria: ($4.33) The youngest performer this year could take this away. When you can't vote for Russia, you must vote for the Russian...

France: ($67) all things considered, well staged and performed. too little too late though. The Top three have gone through and everyone has decided their winner.

And that is it.


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